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Victory V92C: Specs, Features, Background, Performance & More

Victory V92C Specs, Features, Background, Performance & More

American motorcycle enthusiasts are obsessed with powerful American-made muscle cruisers. Originally, the only options available were Harley Davidson motorcycles, but not everyone could afford these trendy bikes.

Finally, in 1999, Victory by Polaris Industries introduced its V92C cruiser lineup. These bikes had the second largest engine with a displacement of 1510 cc and proved to be good competition against Harley ’s Sportsters. With Italian brakes and a fuel injection system made of GM parts, the bikes were exactly what the American riders needed and wanted at the time.

With its large five-gallon fuel tank and a mileage of 41.5 mpg, this bike also proved to be a reliable tourer. Bold chunky styling, pullback handlebars, moderate use of chrome, and a comfortable seat  stunned riders.

Through the Victory V92C, riders found a bike that combined the best of both the cruiser and tourer worlds. To help you find out whether this bike can be your perfect ride, we will discuss the V92C’s specs, features, background, performance, and price changes in this article.

1. A Brief Background of Victory V92C

In 1997, Victory entered the cruiser market with its V92C motorcycles. The bikes made their debut in the Mall of America where it was announced that production would begin officially in 1998 and motorcycles would be launched in the market in 1999.

In 1999, the highly-anticipated V92C with its 1510 cc engine graced the cruiser market. The V92C featured Brembo brakes from Italy and an electronic fuel injection system made in Britain. The rest of the parts were made in Minnesota and Iowa.

Interestingly, the V92C triggered a new competition among other motorcycle companies to manufacture bigger and better engines.

The V92C’s V-twin engine was fuel injected and had SOHC configuration, hydraulic lifters, and connecting rods. The low-maintenance engine was easy to tune and had a simple design so that the rider could fix it on his own in case of an unexpected breakdown.

Moreover, the V92C’s engine was manufactured in Wisconsin and weighed approximately 650 lbs. It generated 55 hp initially, but engineers later added performance-boosting cams and pistons to increase the horsepower to 83 hp. The engine and could produce 117 Nm of torque.

Even with these upgrades, the motorcycle company ensured this bike had an affordable base price so it could be available to a larger audience.

1999-2000 Victory V92C Base Price
Year Price
1999 $12,995
2000 $13,999

In 2000 and 2001, new Deluxe models were introduced that featured factory-installed windshield and saddlebags. In this time frame, V92SC sport cruiser variants were also added to the lineup.

These bikes came with sporty styling cues, 50 mm front forks, an advanced fuel injection mapping system, a better front brake, and new cams. Unfortunately, it did not do as well in the market.

In 2002, the V92C was fitted with an upgraded Freedom engine. The engine looked stunning and generated greater power outputs. From here on, the V92C was designated as the V92C Classic Cruiser. Some new color schemes were also introduced for the 2002 and 2003 models.

2002- 2003 Victory V92C
Year Price Colors
2002 $15,499 Black
2003 $13,699

From 2002 to 2006, the V92TC was added to the V92C lineup to provide more options for Victory fans. The touring variants featured the Freedom engine, hard saddlebags, a stylish seat, and an improved ergonomic design suitable for all riders. The engine displacement remained the same at 1510 cc but it now featured a 1600 bore kit and an advanced exhaust for greater power and torque.

The new V92TC models had rubber-mounted handlebars and improved suspensions.

All Victory V92C models were equipped with a five-speed transmission system. Victory finally replaced the five-speed transmission with a six-speed transmission in 2011 after the launch of the Victory Vegas lineup.

In 2003, the V92C lineup was discontinued the same year Victory introduced the Victory Vegas lineup.

In 2006, the V92TC was also discontinued, bringing the manufacturing of the V92C series to an end.

2. Victory V92C at First Glance

Victory V92C Styling

The V92C has traditional American looks with ample use of chrome on the exhaust, headlight, engine parts, mirrors, handlebars, floorboards, wheels, and front forks. The bike features an attractive paint job that is neither glossy or matte, but has a high-quality finish. The thick front and rear tires enhance the muscular look of the bike.

The pullback style handlebars, typical round-shaped headlight, large fenders, and large fuel tank with the Victory emblem printed on are the most prominent features of the bike.

The leather seat is plush and simple with no chrome plating.

The design team kept the minimalist style but made the frame more bulky. Some riders may find this typical cruiser look old-fashioned or boring, but a few add-ons can easily improve the look.

Victory V92C Engine

The 1999 to 2001 models of the V92C featured a 1510 cc engine which generated 57 hp at the rear wheel. Then in 2002, the motorcycles were fitted with an advanced Freedom engine, a V-twin SOHC 1510 cc engine that produced 67 hp at 5500 rpm.

Though the V92C is not a tourer, its engine contributes to its exceptional touring capability. The engine generates low-end to mid-range torque that can reach 116 Nm at 3000 rpm.

The ample torque produced ensures a satisfying long-distance cruising experience.

The V92C’s engine features an electronic fuel injection with throttle bodies. The fuel induction system offers a precise supply of air and fuel to the engine for better power output and fuel economy.

The big-bore engine produces heavy vibrations and deafening noise. To curb this problem, counterbalancers are affixed to the engine.

The two-into-two exhaust optimizes air flow and supports better torque production for a smoother ride. The engine rumble is a rhythmic sound emitted from the exhaust.

Victory V92C Handling

The Victory V92C is a heavyweight cruiser, but is surprisingly agile despite its weight. The lightweight steel frame and handlebars make steering easier. The clutch system allows smooth and quiet gear transitions. The five-speed transmission delivers engine power to the belt drive and rear wheel, ensuring an uninterrupted and smooth riding experience.

The front and rear suspensions are well-damped, offering plush wheel travel. Due to its strong suspension, the bike glides over rugged and rough patches without any jerky movement. The sturdy suspension springs absorb any bumps in the road.

Victory V92C Brakes

The V92C’s brakes come with beautiful steel hoses. The front and rear disc brakes are 300 mm in diameter and feature floating rotors. Both of the brakes are reliable and bring the motorcycle to an immediate stop when necessary.

Victory V92C Wheels

The V92C’s wheels are durable and feature a 90 mm front tire and a thick 160 mm rear tire. The tires offer great traction and slow-speed maneuverability on turns.

Victory V92C Comfort

The Victory V92C’s ergonomic features suit riders of all heights and sizes. The handlebar, rider seat, and floorboard triangle offers a relaxed posture for long hauls. The seat is low-slung but adjustable with a maximum height of 28 inches. The pullback handlebars are within reach and the mid-mounted floorboards keep the feet secured as you ride on dense urban streets or open freeways.

Victory V92C Instruments & Lighting

The instrument panel includes a tachometer, a speedometer, fuel gauge, a clock, trip meters, voltmeter, and odometer.

The headlight, tail light, and turn signals offer maximum visibility at night.

3. Victory V92C: A Buyer’s Guide

3.1 How Fast Is the Victory V92C Motorcycle?

The Victory V92C motorcycles have an estimated top speed of 105 mph.

3.2 How Much Horsepower Does the Victory V92C Have?

The 1510 cc V-twin engine produces a peak horsepower of 67 hp at 5500 rpm.

3.3 How Many Miles Per Gallon Does the Victory V92C Get?

The V92C has an estimated mileage of 41.5 mg.

3.4 Is the Victory V92C a Reliable Bike?

The Victory V92C is a heavy cruiser with a low maintenance yet powerful engine that is easy to tune, a clean belt drive, and a smooth five-speed transmission. The brakes offer sufficient stopping power, allowing you to rev the engine and hit top speeds. With a comfortable seating position and large fuel tank, the Victory V92C is stylish and comfortable. Many riders have owned this bike for years without reporting major mechanical issues. All things considered, the V92C has been proven to be a highly reliable motorcycle.

4. Detailed Specifications (Victory V92C Specs)

4.1 General

Manufacturer Victory
Production Years  2013 - 2017
Victory V92C
Model Victory V92C
Category Cruiser
Colors Black
Price $13,699
Touring Ability High
Other Variants 2000-2001
Victory V92SC
(Sport Cruiser)
2002- 2006
Victory V92TC

4.2 Dimensions

Max. Weight 685 lbs / 310.7 kg
Max. Seat Height 28 in / 711 mm
Rake 30°
Wheel Base 63.3 in / 1608 mm
Ground Clearance 4.8 in / 121 mm
Fuel Capacity 5.10 gal / 19.30 L
Fuel Economy/Mileage 41.05 mpg

4.3 Chassis

Frame Steel Double Cradle
Suspension (Front) 45 mm fork
Wheel Travel (Front) 5.1 in / 130 mm
Suspension (Rear) Fox - Mono shock
Wheel Travel (Rear) 4 in / 102 mm
Front Tire Size MT90/16
Rear Tire Size 160/80 - 16
Brake Type (Front & Rear) Brembo Disc (single) w/ floating rotors
Size: 11.8 in / 300 mm
Brake Calipers (Front) Four-piston calipers
Brake Calipers (Rear) Two-piston calipers

4.4 Engine

Type Four-stroke, Air-cooled
Bore 97.0 mm / 3.8 in
Stroke 102 mm /4 in
Displacement 1510 cc
Engine Details V-Twin
Compression 9.2:1
Valve Train Four valves per cylinder
Fuel System/ Induction Fuel injection
Throttle bodies: 44 mm
Exhaust system Two-into-one exhaust
Lubrication via Hydraulic Valves

4.5 Performance

Maximum Power 67 hp at 5500 rpm
Maximum Torque 116 Nm at 3000 rpm
Top Speed 105 mph
Acceleration 4.8 secs

4.6 DriveTrain

Clutch System Multi-plate Clutch; Wet
Transmission Five-Speed
Final Drive Belt

4.7 Electrical

Ignition Digitalized
Starter Electric

5. Aftermarket Parts & Modification Options for Victory V92C

The V92C was introduced as a classic custom cruiser with minimal styling and a high-performance engine. Much later, after the first V92C was introduced into the market, a tourer version was added to the lineup. These tourers had the same technical specs as the standard V92C bikes but were more expensive as they featured touring amenities. Moreover, their factory-installed saddlebags and windshield robbed owners their chance to customize the bikes.

Only used Victory V92C bikes are available on the second-hand market. If you enjoy customizing your bike to suit your personal tastes, it is suggested that you opt for the non-tourer version and equip it with aftermarket Victory parts and touring accessories.

The best way to make your bike worthy for travel is to add Victory motorcycle luggage to it. The Victory motorcycles are add-on friendly so you shouldn’t have any trouble mounting the right luggage racks and luggage bags.

Stylish tank bags, handlebar bags, windshield bags, and sissy bar bags make packing and lugging your essentials around an effortless task.

New fairing and crash bars can also be added to enhance the bike’s looks. The V92C seats are comfortable, but if you are buying a used bike, chances are the seat won't be as firm anymore. So consider replacing the seat or adding rider and passenger backrests and sissy bars for better comfort.

With these few budget-friendly parts, you can make your V92C more suited for your touring and daily needs.

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