Victory Motorcycle Seats

Victory Motorcycle Seats

What are the qualities you wish to find in your ultimate Victory motorcycle seat?

Welcome to Viking Bags, where you will not only find the answer to that question, but also discover an establishment that excels at designing the best motorcycle equipment and products.

You need a Victory seat not just because you must be seated to avoid being sent flying while you are operating your motorcycle. Your hindquarters will be unbelievably sore if you do not rest them on top of a flat and stable surface. To help you figure out the criteria for the most comfortable Victory seat, this page will give you tips on possible Victory motorcycle seats at Viking Bags.

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Victory Seats By Model

At Viking Bags, you will have your pick of the following Victory motorcycle seats designed for these specific models: 8-Ball, Boardwalk, Gunner, Hammer, High Ball, Jackpot, Judge, Kingpin, Octane, V92C, and Vegas.

  • 8-Ball: For 8-Ball models, the Victory seat is constructed from high-quality steel and covered in a powder coated finish to provide a protective coating. They are fitted with spacers to help prevent the paint from scratching.
  • Boardwalk: For Boardwalk models, the Victory seat is designed to reduce discomfort on your bottom, helps with blood circulation in your lower body, and lessens the intensity of vibrations while riding at high speed.
  • Gunner: For Gunner models, the Victory seat is positioned at a low height to help complement your ride with a slim design. Most versions extend all the way back to the fender, being able to contour around the curves and edges.
  • Hammer: For Hammer models, the Victory seat comes with a seat cover made of reflective leather or vinyl to reduce heating when exposed to harsh sunlight. The same materials ensure that this version is long-lasting and durable.
  • High Ball: For High Ball models, the Victory seat has a wide yet deep seat foam to allow for maximum comfort while taking inspiration from the classic look. It is designed to provide good back support and weight distribution.
  • Jackpot: For Jackpot models, the Victory seat is designed in a curved and contoured shape to help best fit your bent body when sitting. The wide surface area of the seat foam makes it easier to distribute your weight and lessen pressure on your bottom.
  • Judge: For Judge models, the Victory seat is fitted at a taller height so that you can fully extend his/her legs. If you plan to ride during chillier weather, the seat can come with a heating unit to help regulate your body temperature.
  • Kingpin: For Kingpin models, the Victory seat is positioned at a low height and allows for as much body contact with the seat as possible. It is designed to provide good back support and weight distribution.
  • Octane: For Octane models, the Victory seat is positioned at a low height so that it is easier to handle when riding. The design allows it to be fitted around the tank, chassis, and fender. This makes it ideal for traveling on long distance trips. 
  • V92C: For V92C models, the Victory seat is able to be fitted with most stock sissy bars which can help increase storage capacity. The seat foam tends to wide enough to allow airflow and cooling.
  • Vegas: For Vegas models, the Victory seat is built at an angle so that it is easier for you to reach the footrests. The angle also helps to prevent you from sliding thanks to the contoured surface and reduces rider fatigue.

Design of Victory Seats

  • Structure: The Victory motorcycle seat can be broken down into the following components: the baseplate, seat foam, and seat cover. At the bottom, the baseplate is responsible for supporting the entire structure. In the middle, the seat foam provides a buffer against the metal, providing a soft cushion for you to sit on. On the top, the seat cover stretches across the length of the Victory seat which helps ward off fragments that could cause damage.
  • Material: To help create a rigid structure, the baseplate, frame, and rungs are constructed from high-quality steel or fiberglass. Even the lighter components are built tough as the seat foam is made from soft yet dense foam padding while the seat cover is lined with leather or vinyl.
  • Stitch: If you wish to determine the look of your Victory seat, you can either choose the plain black, vertical, horizontal, or diamond stitch options. The plain option is typical of the standard Victory seats while the remaining choices tend to be used for aftermarket Victory seats.
  • Finish: Painted over the exposed metal frame of the Victory seat, the finish serves as a protective layer that adds onto the already durable steel material. Before you apply the finish, make sure you know which type you want from the following options: matte, gloss, or chrome.
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