Victory Motorcycle Luggage Racks

Between 1998 and 2017, during the years that Victory Motorcycles was active, this motorcycle company introduced many cruisers, touring motorbikes, and sport-touring motorbikes to the market. They were well-loved due to their designs balancing comfort, performance, and horsepower. Nowadays, few used Victory motorcycles are available at dealerships, and even fewer are still being ridden on the streets and highways. However, the few riders lucky enough to possess a Victory still in good condition can rely on these vehicles for transportation, going on trips, and carrying belongings. To safely transport their belongings, most Victory motorcycle owners prefer to place their items in saddlebags or similar luggage. But another means of storing your belongings on your Victory motorcycle is using the best Victory luggage racks.

The best aftermarket Victory racks offer a stable platform toward the motorcycle’s rear for you to place your excess baggage that is too bulky or cannot fit along the sides or toward the front. You will find that Victory motorcycle luggage racks are not just a handy accessory but also could improve the overall look of your ride. You can get to know Viking Bags’ Victory luggage racks by learning about their designs and features.

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Victory Luggage Racks Design

Victory motorcycle luggage racks have a wide and flat rectangular outline constructed from stainless steel bars. The stainless steel bars are composed of chrome and nickel, with the base coated with copper. They can come with either a chrome or a glossy black finish coating. Along its length are several rungs that form a barred bottom with several openings. Forming the legs that connect the luggage racks to the two-wheeler’s rear are four short pegs. Viking Bags’ Victory luggage racks are designed to be fitted atop of Tour-Pack lids. Viking Blade luggage racks have short wide fan-like rungs with a long streamlined shape. The curved top from front to bottom helps make the rungs more aerodynamic and reduces drag when riding at high speeds. The rungs have a wide surface area that allows you to lay small and medium luggage. However, the flat design means there is nothing to catch the luggage except with the help of mounting straps. The narrow space between rungs makes it hard to fit multiple mounting straps and fasten them in place.

Viking Voyage luggage racks have long thin rounded rungs that form a box shape. The round steel bars make them easy to grab hold of when carried during mounting and dismounting. The rungs have less surface area but are positioned close enough together that medium and large luggage will stay in place. The outer edges of the luggage racks curve upward so that there are walls that prevent your luggage from falling off.

Victory Motorcycle Luggage Racks Features

The stainless steel material that luggage racks for Victory motorcycles are built from is long-lasting, rustproof, and waterproof. The steel bars take a long time to wear out and can be kept in good condition for many years. If you make sure to provide maintenance regularly, you can potentially extend your Victory motorcycle luggage rack’s lifespan even further. Thanks to the chrome or glossy black finish painted over the exterior, the steel cannot be easily corroded by rust or become damaged by moisture. Also, the joints are welded together so that dust and debris cannot get into the equipment. Thus, the best aftermarket Victory racks can be ridden in almost any environment and weather condition. Finally, luggage racks for Victory motorcycles have a maximum weight capacity of 10 lbs.

Why You Should Buy Luggage Racks for Victory Motorcycles

Viking Bags has the best Victory luggage racks since they are easy to mount due to the mounting hardware and installation guide. Available at an affordable price, this equipment is well-constructed, has quality parts, and balances both functionality and customization. You should be able to browse for Victory Boardwalk luggage racks, Victory Jackpot luggage racks, Victory Hammer luggage racks, Victory Kingpin luggage racks, Victory V92C luggage racks, Victory Vegas luggage racks, Victory 8-Ball luggage racks, Victory Gunner luggage racks, Victory High Ball luggage racks, Victory Octane luggage racks, and Victory Judge luggage racks at Viking Bags.

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