Street/Sportbike Luggage Bags

Street/Sportbike Luggage Bags

Street bikes are some of the most attractively modern machines on the road, and pairing these motorcycles with the wrong accessories is a tragedy. Fortunately for you, we feature some of the coolest street bike luggage you can find anywhere on the Internet, an exclusive collections straight from Viking Bags. Check out our online selection of products here for more information, or drop us a message for any reason or question.

What Do You Ride?

Select your bike to see handpicked collection of products, curated just for you.

Engineered For Freedom

Aerodynamic Design

Designed with speed in mind, these products minimize drag and can be taken off in minutes.

Semi-Rigid Construction

Our Street line products have inner shells, giving them a unique semi-rigid construction. These will not sag, even after years of use.

Essential Storage Options

Choose from variety of small solutions such as tank bags, tail bags and backpacks if you only wish to carry the essentials.

Popular Collections

Luggage Compartments for Street Bikes

From the street bike saddlebags to the tail bags in our collection, you can mix and match many of these street bike luggage compartments for a more streamlined appearance and greater functionality. Because Viking's team of experienced engineers has designed these bags to complement each other nicely, you'll find that these aesthetically pleasing lines work perfectly coincide with your street bike's original appearance. And because on-bike performance such as handling and speed are such high factors when riding, we wanted to feature a lineup of luggage that allows you to remain free.

Constructed of high quality Cardura material and synthetic leathers, each of these Viking street bike luggage solutions is built to handle everything thrown its way. Weatherproof and asphalt resistant, you can push the limits of motorcycle riding even further than before and not worry about the contents you've stored away. Viking understands that on-bike luggage should never hinder the rider's ability to have fun at the same time, so these luggage compartments are built with that very idea in mind.

Key features of Viking Street Bike Luggage

With key features that set this street bike luggage collection apart from the rest of the competition, riders can make great use out of innovative Viking features. For example, the street bike saddlebags and tail bags feature top carry handles for better off-bike transportation. Of course, if you just want to store your smaller items in a convenient location without adding anymore luggage to your motorcycle, the street bike backpack makes a perfect solution. With adjustable and comfortable shoulder straps, riders can focus on gripping their handlebars and worry less about shifting around their personal items.

For the riders seeking the ultimate thrill and wish to travel a bit further on their street bikes, they'll be happy to know that each of these bags will work together. Yes, you can use the saddlebags, tail bags, backpack and tank bags together for a more comfortable ride. Keep your maps stored in an easy-to-view clear pouch on the front of your bike, right where you can see where you're headed. Store your wallet and other personal items in your backpack, making them easily accessible yet close to your persona at all times. The saddlebags and tail bags can store the larger items such as extra riding gear, clothing and electronics, items that may not be needed at every waking moment but can be locked away. Viking wanted to ensure that riders could pack down their street bikes with as many as essentials as possibly needed, while maintaining a sleek, aerodynamic motorcycle.

No matter what type of street bike bags you've selected for your ride, we want you to know that we stand behind your commitment to our products. We know you'll love our Viking Bags products, but we're also offering you a 30-day money back guarantee on everything you buy. If you're not completely satisfied with the product you've chosen, we're offering you a full refund or exchange policy to help make you happier. We offer plenty of advice when it comes to select your product, so place anything in the shopping cart you wish to order and give us a call. After all, we're only satisfied when you are!

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