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How to Equip Your Bagger Motorcycle for Tours

How to Equip Your Bagger Motorcycle for Tours

Heading out on a motorcycle trip? It’s one thing to think of going for an adventure, it’s another to actually prepare for everything you’ll encounter on it. Sure, many will say that half the fun is in not knowing. Half of these people are either going to get lost or end up in very inconvenient situations, so let’s not listen to them. Let’s listen to logic and logic tells us to prepare, even if what you’re preparing for is to have fun.

Getting ready for a motorcycle camping trip will require a carefully planned itinerary as well as inventory. You can’t have fun if you’re worried about not getting pneumonia hundreds of miles away from home or even remote facilities. That means you need to carry everything you can possibly need.

Unfortunately, you can’t just hitch a trailer behind your bike even if it’s a V-twin cruiser with incredible power. You’ll have to rely on aftermarket motorcycle luggage options such as the ones described below.

1. Motorcycle Saddlebags

Motorcycle saddlebags are hard storage boxes that are custom made for every bike keeping in mind its unique dimensions and ergonomic performance. One of the most important things with motorcycle luggage is that you can’t just hang anything around the sides.

You’ll need to balance it out and unless you’re a certified professional who knows how to calibrate the weight distribution, it’s best that you refer to Viking Bags who’ll do everything from providing you with your motorcycle-specific saddlebags to handing you the mounting hardware you’ll need to install it on your motorcycle.

These panniers or saddlebags will allow you to travel safely without worrying about your inventory or your luggage because these handpicked weather-resistant, hard, as well as soft leather-covered saddlebags, come with key lockable security as well as their own mounting hardware. The best part? They’re the cheapest alternatives on the market of their quality. The catch? None.

You can even get these saddlebags in matte-black or painted designs. The fact that their hard body shells are sag-proof guarantees that they won’t just survive this trip or the next one at that, but they’ll retain their shape and last a substantially long time.

2. Motorcycle Sissy Bar Bags

Sissy bars are the long back supports on the rear end of a bike’s seat. Although it was originally meant to be a questionably comfortable backrest for the rear passenger, the most obvious other use of a sissy bar was to hang your luggage on it.

And given how tall some sissy bars can go, it’d be great to latch on two or three small luggage items or a ready-made sissy bar bag that also comes with all the storage space you need, along with the security and weather resistance you need to remain worry-free throughout your camping trip.

Once again, you can rely on Viking Bags to provide you with a large variety of sissy bar bags that come in gorgeous designs. You’ll find their sleek and cutting-edge look a class apart.

Not to mention that these bags come with compartmentalized and organized pockets that are designated for specific inventory items such as your clothing, gadgets, hygiene-related cosmetics, etc.

3. Motorcycle Backpacks

Sure, your ordinary bags can be worn on a short trip but if you think that you can literally shoulder the weight and rely on these bags to endure the weather conditions, you’re likely to encounter on your way, you’d best reconsider.

There’s a reason why motorcycle backpacks exist. It’s impossible to exaggerate the potential hazards something as simple as some air drag can cause just because your bag isn’t designed to be worn at 60-70 mph speeds.

Whereas, motorcycle bags are specifically designed to be the ideal companion for a rider with their fiberglass and polyester construction. Moreover, the motorcycle backpacks offered by Viking Bags also offer expandability on top of their already large storage volume.

You can’t prepare more readily for a rainy day than getting yourself weather-resistant motorcycle backpacks that come organized to hold your laptops, clothes, smartphones, power banks, clothes, first aid kit, and even necessary tools.

4. Motorcycle Tank Bags

If you think that this is the extent of what you can carry on your bike, you’re dead wrong. There’s a huge tank in between your legs that is still serving no purpose other than looking pretty sick. However, on a motorcycle camping trip, you’re not looking to appear cool, you’re looking to have a stress-free and hassle-free adventure.

This is why you should get yourself a motorcycle tank bag that can go with cruisers, sportbikes, and even street bikes. Luckily, Viking Bags is offering motorcycle tank bags that come with Cordura construction, making them weather-resistant. These bags have quick detachability as they can be mounted via straps that come with your purchase. In fact, you can even use the straps and wear the tank bag on your back whenever you get off your bike.

5. How to Order Motorcycle Luggage from Viking Bags?

You must be asking, why Viking Bags? A reputable name in the motorcycle luggage industry operating for decades, Viking Bags offers one of the largest collections of custom-built and designed motorcycle saddlebags, sissy bar bags, tank bags, trunks, handlebar bags, and almost every other luggage option you can think of.

These motorcycle storage options come for all major motorcycle brands and their models such as Harley’s Sportster, Dyna, Street, Softail, Touring and Cruiser series. Some of the other notable motorcycle makes that Viking offers its amazing luggage for include:

All you have to do is log on to Viking Bags. There, you’ll have the option to browse by bike or by luggage. We recommend choosing your motorcycle manufacturer and narrowing down your choice by selecting your make and model.

This will bring up all the possible motorcycle luggage options available for your bike. Since you’re buying from Viking Bags, you can be sure that you’ll get more than you’re bargaining for in the form of necessary mounting hardware or additional features that are signature to the Viking brand’s service.

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