Triumph Saddlebags

Triumph Saddlebags

The motorcycle Luggage industry is saturated with low quality saddlebags and products that don't last. Don't get tricked into purchasing anything less than premium saddlebags for your Triumph motorcycle. Choose from our huge selection of saddlebags for your triumph, we have many variations for almost every model. Our bags will fit your specific storage and traveling needs. Don't worry about the mounting hardware, it's included free with every saddlebag purchase. Live in an area where theres heavy rain? Our R&D department already took care of that, we test to make sure our saddlebags are 100% waterproof.

Engineered For Freedom


All our leather saddlebags and hard bags are lockable and come included with a pair of keys.


We offer saddlebags for each kind of rider. From our 2024 quick-disconnect series to time-tested hard bags, choose the one that fits your riding style.


Our Hard bags are made from durable composite materials and our saddlebags have internal hard shells to stand the test of time.

Tips for Triumph Motorycle Bags

Viking Bags are more resilient and attractively designed than competitor bags, and the Triumph saddlebag lineup is specifically tailored for every type of rider. We feature a full catalog of saddlebags and other luggage compartments made for your Triumph. Take a look inside of our online store and feel free to contact us with any questions you may have. Of course, we'll help you out in any way we can.

Viking Triumph Saddlebags are made with a hard shell that will guarantee shape retention. Our Triumph saddle bags are made of durable synthetic leather and are easy to clean in any weather environment. Each set of Viking Triumph bags include a free set of hard mount brackets. These Triumph saddle bags are perfect for long trips. We are so confident about our products that we offer a 30 day money back guarantee with every single item on our website. Best of all we offer a variety of styles and designs that met everyone's taste of style. Take a look at our shock cut out Viking Saddlebags for Triumph Motorcycles. They fit incredibly close to the shock leaving zero inches between the bike and Viking saddlebags.

There are ways that riders can choose their next pair of saddlebags, and understanding how to select your next pair will make the process that much easier. Triumph has a wide range of saddlebags to suit every make and model of motorcycles, so the choice in selection comes when you know how each of these Triumph saddlebags can better serve you. The various series of Triumph saddlebags include Triumph America, Triumph Rocket III Roadster, Triumph Rocket III Touring, Triumph Speedmaster, Triumph Thunderbird, Triumph Thunderbird 1700 Big Bore and Triumph Thunderbird SE. If you own one or more of these Triumph motorcycles, you'll be happy to know that many of these bags are universally designed to mount on multiple models. Customers who have purchase a Triumph Motorcycle luggage bag will receive a free set of mounting hardware.

So let's ask yourself a series of questions to ensure a proper match with a Viking Triumph saddlebag. For starters, what shape and size do you need for your daily travels? Depending on the structure of your motorcycle and your tastes and requirements you can choose from different shapes. Our Viking lineup of Triumph bags comes in various designs, such as slanted, quarter circle, concord, etc. Likewise, riders can choose between small, medium and large sizes, so no matter how much or how little they need hauled, Viking has it all. If your bike has external shocks to ensure that saddlebag fits well, buy Triumph saddlebags with shock cut outs.

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