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Victory Jackpot Motorcycle: Detailed Specs, Background, Performance, and More

Victory Jackpot Motorcycle: Detailed Specs, Background, Performance, and More

Victory Motorcycles is all about providing the ultimate riding experience by fitting its bikes with powerful engines, unique features, and custom looks. This brand always aimed to build high-quality bikes with competitive prices and attractive appearances. Every motorcycle from the Victory company has its distinct features and identity.

In this article we’ll be discussing a motorcycle known for its powerful Freedom V-twin engine, low-slung looks, stretched shape, fat rear tire, and amazing color schemes, the Victory Jackpot. A custom cruiser with a strong image, it looks like it just came out from a custom shop. A stunning creation in Victory’s collection.

Read on to find out everything about the Victory Jackpot, including technical specifications, history, performance, and more.

1. A Brief History Of Victory Jackpot Motorcycle

The Victory was a famous American cruiser brand launched by Polaris Industries in 1998. The Victory was launched when Polaris decided to manufacture a complete American motorcycle. With this admirable objective in mind, Polaris established a unique branch called Victory Motorcycles.

The primary goal of Victory Motorcycles was to create and produce motorcycles that could compete in the American cruiser market which was dominated by Harley-Davidson at the time. Victory presented itself with the first model known as the V92C which looked like a bike from the 1950s. This motorcycle with its unique appearance brought much success to Victory Motorcycles.

After receiving a great response from the customers following the V92C’s release, the company decided to build a sports cruiser. Victory made some technical advancements to its debut motorcycle, including a larger wheel, a new rider’s seat, and increased ground clearance. In 2000, the company launched its first sports cruiser known as the V92SC. Unfortunately, this model didn’t receive as much success because of a lack of interest in sports cruisers by the public.

After this disinterested response, Victory continued to research new projects and innovations for providing better machines. Victory took a successful step after the start of the 2000s, inventing a new engine called Freedom. These were unique engines in terms of design and features. This innovation helped Victory to expand the variety of its motorcycles.

In 2003, Victory produced an award-winning cruiser with unique styling and a standard engine matted with a five-gear transmission known as the Victory Vegas. The Vegas was a famous motorcycle nominated for many awards including “Cruiser Of The Year,” “Best Bike,” and “Best V-Twin Bike.”

Afterward, Victory again rose in popularity after manufacturing a new custom cruiser known as the Victory Vegas Jackpot in 2006. During this year, Victory was also awarded with the Forbes Best American Bike category. Its other motorcycles, including the Vegas, Kingpin, and Kingpin Deluxe received upgraded engines and six-speed transmissions.

The Vegas Jackpot was listed as an extreme custom bike in Victory’s lineup. The bike’s prominent features were a big 250mm rear tire and a 100-cubic inch V-twin engine with a six-speed transmission. The company continued to expand its lineup with newer models every year.

Later, Victory introduced the new Jackpot, a four-stroke, V2 cruiser in 2010. This motorcycle was loaded with a new 1731cc, four-stroke, air-cooled engine powered by a six-speed overdrive transmission. This motorcycle was famous for its features, including its custom appearance, fat 250 mm rear tire, five-spoke, 21-inch billet front wheel, and elevated spine.

The Jackpot was the most unique and custom-looking cruiser of all the Victory models. Its numerous paint jobs and graphic choices were other distinguishing factors that greatly enhanced its appeal among modern cruiser admirers. A touch of nostalgia was added by applying chrome plating to the wheels, fork, and exhaust.

The Victory Jackpot stayed in production from 2010 to 2015 with minor advancements and attractive color schemes.

Model Color Options
2010 Victory Jackpot Solid Black, Tequila Gold w/ Extreme Graphics
2013 Victory Jackpot Orange Madness w/ Graphics
2014 Victory Jackpot Gloss Sunset Red with Two-Tone Tank

2. Victory Jackpot Motorcycle At First Glance

Victory Jackpot Styling

The Victory Jackpot’s chassis is designed with an elevated spine lined along the center of the motorcycle, the length of the sculpted, split-tail fuel tank and fenders. Moreover, it features a fresh design due to having a sunset red & gloss black paint job.

Victory Jackpot Wheels In Black Stingray

The Jackpot has a tall, 21-inch Stingray Wheel with a custom appearance. It rides down the street with its high contrast wheels that enhance the custom styling and provide easy handling with a comfortable ride.

Victory Jackpot Freedom V-Twin Engine

The Victory Jackpot has a 106-cubic inch V-twin engine that is extremely powerful, smooth, and efficient. This counter-balanced, fuel-injected power plant produces 110 ft/lb of torque, which allows for excellent cruising. The Jackpot’s engine is responsive and has amazing power when you pull the throttle.

Victory Jackpot Overdrive Six-Speed Transmission

The Jackpot’s Freedom V-twin engine is matted with an overdrive six-speed transmission responsible for smooth shifting between gears. The sixth gear is an overdrive gear that lowers rpm and improves performance during interstate travel.

Victory Jackpot Fat Rear Tire

The Victory Jackpot is fitted with fat 250mm tires which enhances its unique styling and extended custom look. Its rear fender showcases the aggressive tread pattern of its fat rear tire. Because this wide tire was created especially for Victory, it offers a comfortable ride, simple handling, and a custom cruiser look that is exclusive to the Victory Jackpot.

Victory Jackpot Suspension

The Victory Jackpot’s suspension features a 43 mm traditional telescopic fork in the front that allows 130 mm of wheel travel and a single, mono-tube gas shock absorber at the rear which delivers 75 mm of wheel travel.

Victory Jackpot Brakes

The Jackpot has impressive braking power from its 300 mm disc brakes with four-piston calipers at the front and two-piston calipers at the back.

3. Victory Jackpot Motorcycle: A Buyer’s Guide

3.1 What Engine Size does a Victory Jackpot have?

The Victory Jackpot is powered by a 106 cubic inch V-Twin engine that is both powerful and efficient. This counter-balanced, fuel-injected engine produces 110 ft/lb of torque which allows for excellent cruising.

3.2 How much does a Victory Jackpot Weigh?

It is estimated that the Jackpot weighs around 296 kg or 653 lbs dry.

3.3 What is the Cost of a Victory Jackpot Motorcycle?

Since the Jackpot was discontinued by Victory in 2015, it is difficult to list an exact price for this motorcycle. But you can look for this bike in the secondhand market or rent it from your nearest rental service to determine whether purchasing this bike is a wise investment or not.

4. Technical Specifications (2014 Victory Jackpot)

4.1 Identification

Class Custom Cruiser
Model Victory Jackpot
Year 2014

4.2 Suspension & Chassis Specs

Trail 4.9 in / 125 mm
Rake 33°
Suspension (Front) 43 mm diameter, traditional telescopic fork, 130mm / 5.1 inches of wheel travel
Suspension (Rear) Cast aluminum with increasing rate linkage, mono-tube gas, single, 75 mm / 3.0 inches of wheel travel, preload adjustable spring

4.3 Engine & Gearbox Specs

Valve Train Hydraulic filters, self-adjusting cam chains
Engine Type 50° four-stroke, V-twin
Cubic Size 106 cu in / 1731 cc
Bore & Stroke 101 & 108 mm
Torque 12 Nm
Compression 9.4:1
Fuel Control SOHC (Single Overhead Cams)
Valves Per Cylinder Four
Fuel System Electronic Fuel Injection with dual 45mm throttle body
Transmission Type Belt
Gearbox Six-speed
Cooling System Air / Oil
Exhaust System Staggered slash-cut dual exhaust with crossover
Driveline Carbon Fiber Reinforced Belt
Clutch Wet, multi-plate

4.4 Dimensions, Capacities & Weight

Oil Capacity 4.73 L / 5.0 US quarts
Seat Height 25.7 in / 653 mm
Wheelbase 67.1 in / 1705 mm
Ground Clearance 5.3 in / 135 mm
Length (Overall) 97 in / 2464 mm
Fuel Capacity 17 L / 4.5 US gal
Weight (Dry) 296 kg / 653 lbs

4.5 Brakes, Wheels & Tires

Wheels Dunlop Elite 3 tires
Front Tire 90/90-21
Rear Tire 250/40-R18
Front Brakes Discs, 300 mm floating rotor with four-piston calipers
Diameter 11.8 in / 300 mm
Rear Brakes Discs, 300 mm floating rotor with two-piston caliper
Diameter 11.8 in / 300 mm

4.6 Electrical Parts & Color Choice

Electrical 18 amp hours battery / 12 volts
Charging System 38 amps max output
Color Gloss Sunset Red with Two-Tone Tank

5. Luggage Options & Aftermarket Parts for Victory Jackpot Motorcycle

The Victory Jackpot is an attractive cruiser built for riders who prefer a unique, custom look but don’t want to pay a large payment that typically comes with an expensive two-wheeler. The Jackpot has a comfortable riding position thanks to its low seat height and pulled-back handlebars. The most amazing feature of the Jackpot is it can easily be converted into a light tourer by adding extra components like a windscreen and saddlebags.

There are many other  aftermarket parts available at Viking Bags that you can buy to outfit your motorcycle to suit your riding style. You can always look for the rider or passenger backrests, handlebars, crash bars, fairings, luggage racks, and more at Viking Bags.

The Jackpot is a motorcycle suitable for going on tours and traveling scenic highways. But before departing on your trips, fit your motorcycle with good quality luggage bags to carry your belongings with you and install a sissy bar to provide back support.

Also, you can instantly boost your ride’s level of comfort and looks by replacing your old seat with a new, comfortable one and fitting a pair of quality saddlebags. By making some slight customizations, you can enjoy your rides with peace of mind.

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