Motorcycle Fairings

Though motorcycles are built out of steel or aluminum and can weigh more than a hundred pounds, they are surprisingly fragile. Though it is easy enough to move out of the way of obstacles or other vehicles, even the most skilled of riders may accidentally run into something. Unlike larger automobiles which can still drive away from an accident largely intact, motorcycles can become irreparably damaged after a severe impact. Most of a motorcycle’s functions are towards the front, including the instruments, handlebars, headlight, etc. Should the front half of a motorcycle break, the vehicle will become more or less inoperable. Luckily, it is possible to reinforce your vehicle’s chassis by attaching a reliable motorcycle aftermarket part: motorcycle fairings. Because they are not a standard feature in motorcycles, you will need to look for and install motorcycle fairings yourself; but this equipment is a worthwhile investment. Besides better protecting your vehicle, fairings for motorcycles are affordable and can complement your vehicle’s look.

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Features of Viking Motorcycle Fairings

Aftermarket motorcycle fairings are constructed from a few durable and long-lasting materials, including ABS plastic and fiberglass. These materials provide a smooth and reflective surface that allows rain to run off, deflects harsh sunlight, and reduces drag caused by wind resistance. The surface is also covered in a gel-coated finish that helps reduce the amount of UV radiation absorbed and prevent the surface from rusting. Because the surface is waterproof and sunproof, the paint applied to fairings for motorcycles does not peel off easily. Plus, reducing buffeting caused by high-speed winds helps make it easier to maintain your balance and improves traction. If you do not have wind or rain constantly in your face, you will be less fatigued during and after your ride is over. Because the ABS plastic and fiberglass form a layered and dense shell, the motorcycle fairings can deflect flying debris with minimal damage. It should also be capable of handling moderate to severe impacts with solid objects or other vehicles without cracking. The materials ensure that the motorcycle fairings are both impact-resistant and weather-resistant, making them suitable for use in any road environment and weather condition.

Design of Viking Motorcycle Fairings

Viking Bags motorcycle fairing are all designed with a rounded overall shape, a thin yet tough acrylic windshield at the top, and a large circular hole in the center. Due to the windshield protecting your head from wind, rain, debris, and flying insects, it is easier to see the road ahead and improves comfort while riding. The large circular hole in the center is large enough to fit over the headlight, allowing the light to shine through clearly when riding at night. The motorcycle fairing sold by Viking Bags comes in three designs with only slight variations in their shapes. The first design has the tallest height due to its rounded rectangular windshield; otherwise, the rest of the structure is a perfectly smooth surface. The second design is shorter and more compact, with grooves carved into the front of the fairings around the circular hole. The third design has a similar height as the second design but is more angular as the sides extend outward like fins. The fairings for motorcycles come in black or gray color schemes with either a matte or glossy finish applied to their surfaces. Both types of finishes offer a protective surface, but the glossy finish provides a shinier reflective surface while the matte finish is more muted. Both types of finishes also can be painted over, giving you the freedom to add other color schemes, stylish images, and motorcycle stickers to the motorcycle fairings. So that both installation and removal are quick and easy, the adjustable clamps along the back can be easily opened and closed around the motorcycle fork. You will also be provided a universal mounting kit and an installation guide to help speed up the process.

Things to Keep in Mind about Viking Motorcycle Fairings

Despite the ABS plastic and fiberglass being relatively lightweight, fitting your two-wheeler with motorcycle fairings will shift a lot of extra weight towards the front. You will have to be more careful when turning on tight corners or suddenly applying the brakes. Also, check that the motorcycle fairing’s weight does not cause your motorcycle to fall over when parked. If you need to apply maintenance or make repairs to your motorcycle’s front, it can be hard to do either while the motorcycle fairings are in the way. You will have to remove your motorcycle fairings to get an unobstructed view of your vehicle’s inner workings. Otherwise, even a simple check-up can be a long and arduous task if you cannot see past the motorcycle fairings.

Viking Motorcycle Fairings Per Brand

When browsing Viking Bags’ inventory, you should have little difficulty finding aftermarket motorcycle fairings suited to your specific model since they were all designed to be a universal fit. Listed below are the motorcycle series that Viking Bags has built motorcycle fairings for:

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