Victory Motorcycle Crash Bars

Victory Motorcycle Crash Bars

Most Victory motorcycles have a frame and chassis built out of high-quality steel, giving these vehicles some level of durability. However, the steel plating tends not to be as robust or heavy as the exterior of most automobiles. After all, if the Victory motorcycles became weighed down by too much steel in their structure, they would not be able to perform as well. Though Victory motorcycles cannot be easily damaged, you may feel more at ease if you can find ways to fortify your vehicle. One such method is to fit onto your motorcycle a popular motorcycle aftermarket part known as a set of Victory motorcycle crash bars or engine guards.

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Features of Viking Victory Crash Bars

Viking Bags’ Victory crash bars form a solid frame positioned around the center of your motorcycle where the vital systems are located, including the engine, fuel tank, etc. Rather than being a clunky round shield, the Victory motorcycle crash bars are lightweight and rigid fixtures that provide adequate coverage for your vehicle’s center. The steel bars forming the edges of the Victory engine guards can withstand minor to moderate impacts without suffering any significant damage. Their overall structure is also rustproof and waterproof, making them suitable for travel even in rainy weather. Because the steel bars wear down slowly over several years, you can rest assured that they will work whether traveling in urban or natural regions. The open space inside the crash bars for Victory is wide enough that you can comfortably move your legs around. Being able to bend and stretch your legs means they will not cramp up as often and will reduce fatigue if you are traveling a long way.

Design of Victory Motorcycle Crash Bars

Viking Bags’ Victory crash bars are positioned perpendicularly to your motorcycle, attached to your motorcycle using the two mounting brackets on the top and bottom. You bolt on your Victory motorcycle crash bars to the center of the motorcycle’s front tire and against the bottom of the motorcycle fork. Though the installation can be done with simple tools, you can make use of the mounting hardware and instruction guide if you need help. The Victory engine guards are constructed from high-quality stainless steel rods. The steel rods are round which gives it a smooth and shiny texture but also makes them easy to grab onto when the Victory crash bars are being carried. This equipment only comes in black due to the powder-coat finish painted over the exterior. The copper base and powder-coat finish are responsible for the Victory crash bars’ longevity, as well as their resistance to rust and water damage.

Why You Should Get VB Victory Crash Bars

Considered one of Harley Davidson’s top competitors, Victory has grown in popularity in the American motorcycle market because of its impressive lineup of vehicles. From the Boardwalk to the Judge, every Victory motorcycle is built with a masterful design that perfectly balances comfort, handling, power, and maneuverability. With how smoothly they glide over asphalt roads and how easy most of them are to operate, it is hardly surprising why so many people are fans of Victory. But because crash bars do not come as a standard feature in the majority of Victory motorcycles, you will have to research for a set compatible with the specific model you own. Luckily, motorcycle crash bars are not difficult to find on the market, especially if you know the specifics of your motorcycle’s year, model, and vehicle type. Viking Bags’ Victory crash bars are manufactured to be accessible to almost every kind of rider regardless of their size, gender, and age. Plus, despite being put through high-quality production, Viking Bags’ Victory engine guards come at an affordably low price. You can get Victory crash bars for Boardwalk, Jackpot, Hammer, Kingpin, V92C, Vegas, 8-Ball, Gunner, High Ball, Octane, and Judge models.

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