Victory Motorcycle Handlebars

Victory Motorcycle Handlebars

When it comes to modifying or replacing motorcycle parts on a Victory model, most riders tend to focus more on the stylish components, such as the seats or fairings. While customizing your motorcycle’s appearance can be lots of fun, it does not necessarily improve your vehicle’s safety features. Whether you buy a new or older Victory motorcycle, they usually already have mandatory safety features necessary to be considered street legal. But that does not mean that they do not need your attention from time to time. Extended use and exposure can cause vital motorcycle components to become worn out. If essential parts like the handlebars, engine, and tires are no longer in good condition, your motorcycle’s performance will suffer. To ensure that you can steer and maintain control, make sure that you are using reliable Victory handlebars.

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Our lightweight and aerodynamic fairings will help you manage the wind efficiently while giving you bike a fuller. more customized aesthetic.

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Our patent-pending foldable sissy bars maintain the sleek look of sissy bars with a foldable luggage rack that can be used to carry luggage.

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Explore our wide variety of motorcycle handlebars designed to make each bike unique. Whether you like 14'' hangers or sporty z-bars, we got you covered.

Features of Viking Victory Handlebars

Viking Bags’ handlebars for Victory have an entire steel frame with durability comparable to a motorcycle’s chassis, plating, and framework. Fitted towards the front of your ride, Victory motorcycle handlebars are usually protected behind a windshield. However, since they are still somewhat exposed, they must be tough enough to handle being struck by tiny rocks, loose asphalt, and other random debris. Luckily, the Victory handlebars’ firm structure means that this equipment is difficult to bend, crack, or break apart. Because the steel frame is constructed from long-lasting materials, this equipment should remain usable for a couple of years as long as it is properly maintained. Though the Victory handlebars already have a lot going for them in terms of overall toughness, the finish painted over the exterior improves this equipment’s toughness even more. The finish gives the steel structure additional properties, including its resistance to rust, water damage, and physical damage.

Design of Victory Motorcycle Handlebars

Viking Bags’ Victory motorcycle handlebars have a structure comprised of long steel rods that can have an end rise between nine to 12 inches. This equipment is built with a wide V shape, with the ends of the handles pointed down and the bottom a straight horizontal steel rod. The steel rods all have a rounded shape and are fused into each other to create one piece of equipment rather than being assembled separately. Though the steel rods seem solid, they are hollow inside due to being built with DOM tubing. Aside from steering, handlebars for Victory connect to your motorcycle’s electrical system, allowing you to adjust controls and use the turn signals. Access to your motorcycle’s electrical system is only possible because you can insert the wiring starting from the motorcycle fork into the handlebars. Along the sides and bottom of the steel rods are pre-drilled holes that are evenly spaced apart, allowing you to access and pull the wiring from the base up to the ends of the handles. You have the option of picking out either a chrome or black color scheme for your Victory handlebars. You can also pick either a glossy or matte finish when determining the overall shine of the handlebars’ surface.

Why You Should Buy Handlebars for Victory Motorcycles

Though Victory motorcycle handlebars are heavily-built and have impressive longevity, they should still be handled with care. If your handlebars are dropped, struck with violent force, or left outside in bad weather, they will gradually become less effective. If your current handlebars do not swivel as quickly or cannot turn fully left or right, this may indicate that you need a new set of Victory motorcycle handlebars. If you are concerned about replacement Victory handlebars being too expensive, there is no need to worry. Viking Bags’ handlebars for Victory come at affordable prices, are built by skilled engineers and are made of high-quality parts. Viking Bags should be able to provide you with motorcycle handlebars for the following Victory models: Boardwalk, Hammer, Kingpin, V92C, Vegas, Gunner, High Ball, Judge, Octane, 8-Ball, and Jackpot.

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