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Here's All You Need to Know Before Buying A Cruiser Bike

Here's All You Need to Know Before Buying A Cruiser Bike

If you’re thinking of buying a cruiser bike for yourself, you need to know a few things.

Cruisers aren’t like other bikes. You’re not looking for incredible power or the most luxurious experience you can have on the road. You probably don’t have a big budget and are considering buying a cruiser simply because it’s inexpensive compared to other types of bikes.

Regardless of the reason, cruisers can be serious investments that require careful consideration. If you’re a beginner who doesn’t know what they should be riding, a cruiser could be a good fit for you provided that you don’t go for too much power.

These bikes come in various shapes and sizes, enough to make you sometimes question how it’s a cruiser at all. (Kawasaki Mean Streak cruiser Pic related)

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With almost every manufacturer offering top-tier cruiser motorcycles that offer features that leave you spoilt for choice between options varying from cutting-edge technologically advanced comfort to sleek high-powered adventures.

You need to understand what makes cruiser bikes unique in order to be able to make a judgment call on what you want. Because, as confirmed earlier, it is an investment you ought to think about.

Don’t just jump on an 883 Iron because it looks cool as hell. Especially if you’re a beginner. Regardless of how awesome you think you might be (we’re sure you are), these bikes don’t really offer much learning curve to riders because they are ergonomically designed for experienced riders.

And considering that a new 883 Iron costs more than $10k now means you’re going to be putting a dent in that cash value any time you trip over or get a scratch or two.

So, maybe try to look around for a few low-cost cruisers before you ask around for the best hog.

Before You Buy a Cruiser Bike…

A cruiser can be the best or a really bad (never the worst) decision you can make with your life as well as investment. If you’re not interested in the idea of comfortably riding long-distance and prefer the thrill over the calm, you probably won’t like a cruiser.

Once you have your bearings straight, you can proceed to read about all you should know before buying a cruiser bike for yourself.

1. What should I look for when buying a cruiser bike?

You need to consider your budget before anything else. After that, look for the weight, the style as per your height and body type, and most importantly, the purpose for which you’re looking to drive the bike.

Obviously, if you’re looking for long-road journeys and camping adventures in the wild, you would do well looking for comfortable options that also identify as the classiest and sexiest bikes ever.

Whereas, if you’re just looking to drive something to work and back and want to turn heads, you ought to look for something that’s easy to handle and looks like the meanest beast on the road.

Inevitably, with all the choices in the market, you are going to be making a decision based on your preferences. Almost no bike (other than a fully stripped-down chopper) is uncomfortable or a bad experience to ride.

Other than the obvious technological innovations in the design or features offered by the later models, the only thing that varies is rider preferences that are left as criticism.

This means that regardless of whether you go for an Indian or a Harley, you’re going to get the same cruiser experience on the road. Though, what’s better is entirely based on what you consider to be appealing.

2. Do cruiser motorcycles have a lot of problems?

Cruiser bikes are some of the longest-lasting motorcycles in the market. Other than touring, it’d be safe to say that Cruiser motorcycles have the highest number of miles on their meters. It’s not hard to find a 30-year-old Harley, but you can’t spot that many enduro or sportbikes 2-to-3 decades old. This speculation alone says a lot about the longevity of different types of bikes.

As for cruiser motorcycle problems, you can be sure that unless you’ve been ripped off, every bike is likely to give you a fairly easy time.

Do cruisers get flat tires? As much as the next vehicle on the road. Is that a reason to buy or not buy a cruiser bike? Certainly not.

Do cruiser motorcycles often have serious mechanical problems like broken sprockets? That really depends on the maintenance you put on the bike. And this doesn’t have to do with any specific brand either. Unless you’re taking care of your bike, a Harley is no different than Hyosung, Victory, Kawasaki, or any other manufacturer for that matter.

All bikes require maintenance. Even if you think you’re not riding them enough, you ought to be taking out the time to check your bike and oiling everything up. Otherwise, you’re not going to have a good time riding, and needless to say, you won’t be a good rider either.

3. Are Cruiser Motorcycles Safer?

There is a reason why Cruiser Motorcycles are heavily sought out by beginners, and that is the incredible degree of stability and safety that they offer. The smaller, entry-level cruisers are quite beginner-friendly and an ideal choice for those who are in their initial learning stages.

The seats of most Cruiser Motorcycles are situated at a lower height to give the rider a comparatively lower center of gravity. This feature makes it easier for the rider to remain stable and makes the whole riding experience less dangerous.

The higher seat height of other motorbikes usually makes it harder for riders with short height to mount or unmount the bike. This increases the chances of them falling or accidentally tipping the bike over on top of themselves.

This can lead to serious injuries and infections through skin abrasions. Therefore, riders with short height particularly prefer Cruiser Motorbikes because their low seat allows them to touch the ground more easily when needed.

4. Why do cruiser bikes have smaller rear tires?

This is because cruiser bikes have a lower seat design. With smaller tires, it’s possible to adjust the seat with a smaller diameter of the rim. However, this is compensated for by the width and length of the tire which gives every cruiser the impression of choppers.

The smaller rear tires might seem a bit weird to others, but for riders, it’s one of the best things about being on a cruiser. Not having to duck down as you would on a sportbike or stand half the time as if you’re off-roading in Moto Cross, the laid-back seat design allows riders to travel further without causing backaches or skeletal problems.

Moreover, since these bikes have a lot of control and road grip, you can easily hang motorcycle luggage options on the sides, the rear, or even the front. Compared to others, cruisers have proven the best camping trip companions.

Cruisers are easily turned into baggers and are notoriously well-known for their awesome aesthetics and customizations as bagger bikes because of their small rear tires that easily hide away behind giant stylish bags.

In fact, if you’re looking for a motorcycle type that can get you across states in style and comfort, a cruiser just might be what you’re looking for. Though not as well equipped as a tourer, cruisers are the next best thing for long riders.

5. Can I Go On Camping Trips On My Cruiser?

Yes. You can turn your cruiser into a bagger and go on camping trips. All you have to do is equip them with cruiser luggage options that will provide you with sufficient space to take anything and everything you want. Here’s a list of motorcycle luggage options you can choose from:

6. What is the difference between Cruiser & standard bikes?

You might think that Cruiser motorbikes are not very different from standard motorbikes, since after all, they are just a type of motorbike. However, while it may look like they have a few things in common, there is still a lot that sets them apart.

6.1. Standard Motorcycles

Standard motorbikes generally have a very good compact build and are meant to be used as an all-around bike. These can be used for casual entertainment purposes such as sports or races and can also serve as a means for daily commute.

They mostly have a standard mid-size engine which is not too powerful. So you do not have to worry about a loud throttling sound in front of your colleagues when you are heading back from work. Neither do you have to worry about the engine being weak to not be able to get you to work in time.

Additionally, the seating position of a standard motorbike is set in a way that allows the steering to be more accurately and easily controllable. This is what makes the standard bikes ideal for use in a city area where there is a lot of traffic, and occasionally pedestrians, to be careful of.

6.2. Cruisers

On the other hand, when we take a look at cruiser motorbikes, we can notice a lot of visible differences. The seating position, for instance, is considerably relaxed in comparison to that in a standard motorbike. The seats are placed at a lower height, which allows the rider to have a more comfortable and laid-back seating position.

The comfort alone accounts for more than just a reason people want to buy a cruiser motorcycle.

Additionally, the lower placement of seats helps riders with short height to easily mount or unmount the motorbike without any discomfort. Unfortunately, while the long and low structure of the motorbikes might provide comfort, it, however, does not allow it to manage suspension level fairly well.

The handlebars of a cruiser motorbike are wider and placed higher so that the riders can easily lay their hands on them. This placement of the arms prevents them from getting burned out from fatigue.

6.3. The Verdict

Considering all of this, it is very evident that comfort is prioritized more in the manufacturing of a cruiser motorbike as compared to that of a standard one. There is actually a reason why Cruiser motorbikes are meant to allow for a more relaxed riding experience. This is because, as their name suggests, they are made especially for going on long cruise trips.

It is not possible for anyone to travel long distances in a vehicle that is very uncomfortable. If you already have a standard motorbike and are planning to go on a long bike ride on the highways soon, you might think that your bike will work just fine for that purpose.

You will probably hesitate to invest in a cruiser bike thinking you do not need to get another bike since you already have one. However, the problem is that standard bikes are not built to support long-distance travel.

You might think you are saving money and making the wiser decision in using your standard bike for touring instead of investing in a new cruiser motorbike. However, you will probably end up paying in terms of days lost to exhaustion, sickness, and medical bills to manage the pain you will suffer.

Cruiser Motorbikes are specifically designed to make the riding experience more comfortable and enjoyable. The laid-back riding position that these motorbikes offer prevents your back muscles and spine from being strained easily. Therefore, you are less likely to develop fatigue if you go on a long-distance tour on a cruiser motorbike instead of any other standard ones.

However, Cruiser Motorbikes are heavier in weight as compared to a standard bike. Where standard bikes have a more compact structure aiding performance, cruiser motorbikes have a lot of travel accessories to accommodate travelers.

These accessories usually include touring bags, radios, wind fairings, and extended seats, all of which end up making these cruiser motorbikes significantly heavier than standard ones. Some standard motorcycles may also have a couple of hard containers but they do not offer as much storage capacity as Cruisers do. The extra space for storing luggage makes cruiser motorbikes more convenient for long-distance travel.

Although, when it comes to engine power and capacity, both of these motorbikes stand on nearly equal parameters. Standard motorbikes have mid-sized engines which are good for daily use. Similarly, cruiser motorbikes also have low-end engines, which instead of increasing acceleration, focus more on providing a more controllable torque.

7. What's the best beginner cruiser motorcycle?

Although preferences might differ, there are several things that a beginner needs to understand before they think about getting themselves a cruiser motorcycle. To make it simple, let’s just say that from your budget to your physique, a lot of things can factor in the decision of choosing a motorcycle.

A good beginner motorcycle could be a Honda Rebel 500 or a Yamaha Scout Sixty for most. However, for some, these bikes could prove substantially difficult to maneuver. For a better understanding,

You’ll come to know that just like a bike can be regarded as the best for a beginner, some bikes are known as the worst for newbies.

These aren’t bad bikes. They’re just too powerful or insanely performative, lowering the learning curve you’re allowed to have in terms of margin for error. That is to say, if you go for a small cruiser bike, chances are that you were never going around at high speeds anyway.

However, with powerful beasts like the 883, you’re bound to let loose every now and then just to watch things speed on by. And though this might incur risks of getting pulled over, the most important is the danger to your life and your bike.

And though an 883 is an iconic masterpiece, it’s one of the worst cruisers for beginners.

8. Which motorcycle brand has the most long-term quality?

This question might be the most asked one in the history of the motorcycle universe. The debate lingers on and needless to say, although a lot of people raise very compelling points, it’s difficult to rank manufacturers because ultimately, it’s all about buyer preferences.

For instance, there’s a global consensus that Yamaha is the biggest motorcycle manufacturing company in the whole world, followed by Kawasaki and Suzuki. However, if we take a look at brand identity, there are several people who might not be able to spot the difference between a Ninja or a Hayabusa but can definitely recognize a Harley.

And considering the fact that all bikes are ultimately marvels of mechanical engineering, it’s hardly the fault of the machinery or its assembling if the rider is careless. All vehicles require maintenance and a motorcycle is no different. Though the engine might not be as powerful, the mechanics, ergonomics, and features that come with motorcycles are liable to face problems as much as your car.

Since all motorcycles can retain their grace, style, performance, and visuals with proper maintenance for decades on end, it’s all about how much you work to ensure it stays that way. On the road, you’ll find 30-40-year-old Yamahas, Harleys, and even Hondas. However, at the same time, you’ll also find wrecked and destroyed contemporary flagship models as well.

Therefore, it’d be wrong to assume that any bike is unreliable in terms of quality. As long as you’re satisfied with the bike’s performance and are working to maintain it, a cruiser will remain the most reliable companion for long travels.

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