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Indian Motorcycle Announces 2024 Model Year Lineup, Highlighted By Limited-Edition FTR X 100% R Carbon & Indian Challenger Elite

Indian Motorcycle Announces 2024 Model Year Lineup, Highlighted By Limited-Edition FTR X 100% R Carbon & Indian Challenger Elite

Alongside several improvements on the official website, the Indian Motorcycle has also announced its 2024 model year lineup with numerous enhancements and styling improvements in most of the models. However, the most highlighted variants of the new 2024 lineup include the Indian FTR and the Indian Challenger Elite. The company has worked harder to provide Indian motorcycles with a new vibe and feel to make riders, particularly Indian Motorcycle fans, go crazy over the new designs. Continue reading this news post to learn about the major changes in the Indian 2024 model year lineup, particularly the all-new Indian FTR X 100% R Carbon and the Indian Challenger Elite.

1. 2024 Indian FTR X 100% R Carbon

2024 Indian FTR X 100% R Carbon
Photo credit: @Indian Motorcycle

Almost every Indian FTR variant has been restyled and redesigned to make them look modern and different. However, the 2024 Indian FTR X 100 R Carbon stands out from the rest of the variants due to its more exclusive build.

1.1 Limited Edition Model in Collaboration with 100%

The 2024 Indian FTR X 100% R Carbon is a limited edition model built in collaboration with 100%, a European motocross company. Together with 100%, Indian Motorcycle has prepared one of the finest limited edition models with superior finish and bodywork. The 2024 Indian FTR X 100% R Carbon has received a blue candy carbon paint job with blacked-out engine parts, a white-painted frame, silver exhaust pipes, and red touches on different parts of the motorcycle.

Only 400 units of the 2024 Indian FTR X 100% R Carbon will be made available worldwide and the owners will also receive free sunglasses made by 100%.

1.2 Aesthetics

This motorcycle has been built to redefine the sports and performance cruiser category. It is a very well-balanced motorcycle with a compact look to ensure overall low weight. Regardless of its modern aesthetics, the 2024 Indian FTR X 100% R Carbon also carries a glimpse of a retro Indian FTR persona.

This motorbike features a sports-style solo ride seat and an elevated tail cowl. The 2024 Indian FTR X 100% R Carbon has similar handlebars as found on most sports-style Indian cruisers with a classic-style small round display screen.

1.3 73 cu in V-Twin

The 73 cu in (1,203 cc) V-twin engine is well-known for producing generous torque and power output. The impressive 88.26 kW of horsepower delivery and 87 ft-lbs of torque make the 2024 Indian FTR X 100% R Carbon perform brilliantly well on open roads and race tracks.

1.4 Built for Excellence

With a starting price of $18,999, the 2024 Indian FTR X 100% R Carbon features plenty of performance gadgets, contributing to its superior sporty performance. The ABS is a standard feature, along with switchable wheelie mitigation and traction control features to provide riders with a certain degree of command over the motorcycle. This bike also features three different riding modes to cope with multiple riding conditions, including rain, standard, and sport modes.

1.5 Öhlins Suspensions

Another exclusive ride-enhancing feature is the suspensions that came from the Öhlins, an expert in manufacturing high-performance suspensions. The 2024 Indian FTR X 100% R Carbon gets a 43 mm inverted fork with full adjustability, providing a wheel travel of 4.72 in. Towards the rear, a fully adjustable piggyback shock by Öhlins is installed with the capability of providing the same wheel travel as the front.

2. 2024 Indian Challenger Elite

2024 Indian Challenger Elite
Photo credit: @Indian Motorcycle

2.1 Elite Custom Features

Like Harley Davidson, Indian Motorcycle has also entered the world of factory customization with its all-new 2024 Indian Challenger Elite. This bagger is a completely redesigned model with custom appeal. The dual-tone charcoal candy and black candy custom paint job with silver metallic accents on the gas tank, saddlebags, and fairing opens the door for a unique factory-made custom bagger market.

2.2 Superior Handling

The Indian Challenger Elite is already well-known for its unmatched handling characteristics in the bagger category. Regardless of its bulky and bulbous appearance, it feels smooth and light while entering a corner.

The new Challenger Elite features an electronically controlled FOX mono-shock with the ability to provide wheel travel of 4.5 inches. Meanwhile, the 43 mm front fork has a wheel travel of 5.1 inches.

2.3 More Fun Audio System

The Indian Motorcycle has doubled the fun of baggers by introducing a more prominent audio system installed on the 2024 Indian Challenger Elite. As usual, two speakers are fixed in the large shark nose fairing and two additional speakers are located in the hard saddlebags to provide riders with a premium bagger vibe and sound quality. With more powerful PowerBand 6.5-inch speakers, you can make your touring experience more fun, memorable, and adventurous. You can easily tune and adjust their outputs depending on the riding conditions to ensure better sound quality and noise cancellation.

2.4 Mighty Power Plant

The Indian Challenger Elite is a humongous bagger with bulkier touring parts, including large, well-equipped fairing and saddlebags. To maneuver this motorcycle at its full potential, a mighty power plant with a displacement size of 108 cu in is required. The liquid-cooled 1,768 cc PowerPlus engine generates 89.7 kW of horsepower and 128 ft-lbs of torque at 3,800 rpm.

2.5 Extraordinarily Comfortable

The 2024 Indian Challenger Elite brings you the most relaxed ergonomics in the bagger class for long routes. You can easily travel on stretched roads and highways continuously for hours without being anxious about getting back pain. It offers a low seat height of 26.5 inches and a highly pulled-back handlebar position, making the rider sit in a relaxed posture. However, you cannot ignore a wet weight of 381 kg if you are planning to buy the Indian Challenger Elite.

2.6 Tons of Stock Equipment

The 2024 Indian Challenger Elite is a top-end bagger model in the Indian touring bike category. In its base form, it costs $38,499. Being a highly-priced motorcycle, it features almost everything that makes it extraordinary. The list of the standard equipment on the 2024 Indian Challenger Elite is endless. The bike features ABS, cruise control, heated grips, an electronically adjustable windscreen, ride modes, a tire-pressure monitoring system, rear cylinder deactivation, crash bars, supplementary fog lights, and much more.

Make sure that the lack of standard touring equipment does not stop you from enjoying long-haul tours. You can easily find motorcycle parts that fit your particular make and model from Viking Bags and enjoy riding comfortably on long-distance rides. A fairing, highway bars, sissy bars, backrests, and a few luggage options can completely transform your touring experience.

3. Wrap Up

Along with these top Indian motorcycles, the other existing models have also undergone several tweaks in their appearance, structure, and design. The 2024 model year lineup brings back the interest of American riders, particularly Indian Motorcycle fans. The new designs and approach are part of the modern-day branding strategy to keep the competition alive among the biggest American-made motorcycle companies.

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