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Unique Custom Motorcycle Paint Jobs

Unique Custom Motorcycle Paint Jobs

For motorcycle enthusiasts, their motorcycles’ aesthetics are just as important as their performance. Many motorcyclists want their motorcycles to stand out. The best way to make your motorcycle look unique is via a custom paint job. There are a variety of custom paint jobs that can completely transform your motorcycle’s look. Read this article to learn about unique custom motorcycle paint jobs.


1. Unique Custom Motorcycle Paint Jobs

1.1 Neon Color Paint Job

Neon Color Paint Job

Photo Credit: @Pinterest

Neon paint jobs are not common on motorcycles, often being painted only on the rims and fairings. Neon paint jobs can give a motorcycle a vibrant look. Neon paint can also improve visibility, making it easier to spot your motorcycle in the dark. It is possible to customize your motorcycle with a combination of neon and dull paints. For example, combining the color black with any neon color, including green, yellow, and orange, can make the motorcycle look more appealing.

1.2 Chameleon Paint Job

Chameleon Paint Job

Photo Credit: @Cool Vehicle Fanatic

A chameleon paint job is a unique paint with constantly changing shades of color when viewed from different angles. It creates a lustrous, colorful finish and is widely used in motorcycle customization. The chameleon motorcycle paint has a pearl pigment that reflects light on the surface in a unique way. A chameleon paint job requires a black base layer as the first coat, then the chameleon coat and clear coat are applied afterward for better adhesion and finishing. Despite looking like a complex paint job, a chameleon paint job can be easily applied by following the instructions listed on the spray can.


1.3 Metallic Paint Job

Metallic Paint Job

Photo Credit: @Paint with Pearl

A metallic paint job can give your motorcycle a simple and shinier look. Applying a metallic finish on top of the existing paint is a good way to customize your motorcycle. You can also give your motorcycle a unique look by adding metal flakes to give it a metallic texture.


1.4 Candy Paint Job

Candy Paint Job

Photo Credit: @Web Bike World

A candy paint job is a clear coat with a tint that creates a lustrous look. You can add it on top of a metallic paint job, creating a glossy layer that better reflects light.

1.5 Graffiti Paint Job

Graffiti Paint Job

Photo Credit: @Stars and Chrome Custombikes GmbH

Graffiti is one of the oldest forms of art, often painting words and images on walls. Custom motorcycle painters use graffiti to decorate motorcycles. It is one of the most complex motorcycle paint jobs as it requires multiple layers of paint to add colors and graphics. A graffiti paint job adds more color to your motorcycle and can feature characters, creatures, and writing.

1.6 Holographic Paint Job

Holographic Paint Job

Photo Credit: @Star Dust Colors

Holographic paint is a clear coat applied after the color base coat. When light hits a holographic finish, it reflects a rainbow and gives the motorcycle a unique look. You can apply a holographic finish coat on dark and bright base paint coats.

1.7 Character Paint Job

Character Paint Job

Photo Credit: @Custom Elements

Motorcycles have become a popular means of depicting art by serving as a blank canvas. You can paint a popular superhero character or pay tribute to a legend by painting an image on your motorcycle. Depending on the theme of your motorcycle paint job, you can also paint a zombie or a monster to give it a horror theme.

1.8 Matte Paint Job

Matte Paint Job

Photo Credit: @Web Bike World

The matte paint job is becoming one of the most popular choices among motorcycle enthusiasts. Most modern motorcycles come with a matte paint job as younger riders are bored by the traditional look of a chrome finish. The matte paint job offers a rough finish and does not reflect light, creating a dull look. Most riders prefer black matte paint on their motorcycles. However, you can also try light and muted colors, including grey, dark green, and brown.

1.9 Retro-Style Paint Job

Retro-Style Paint Job

If you want your motorcycle to have a retro look, a professional motorcycle painter can paint your motorcycle to make it look vintage. Old motorcycle styles are still popular, especially red and chrome from the 1950s.

1.10 3D Paint Job

3D Paint Job

Photo Credit: @Pinterest

There are talented motorcycle painters who can make your motorcycle look appealing by painting it with 3D characters and images.

1.11 Rust-Style Paint Job

Rust-Style Paint Job

Photo Credit: @Motorcycle Cruiser

Riders hate to have rust on their motorcycle’s metal parts. However, if you want your motorcycle to have a unique look, rust-style paint is available in stores to make your vehicle look rough and rugged.


2. Conclusion

If you want to restore your motorcycle or give it a new look, you have several unique paint job options to help make it stand out. If you want your motorcycle to have a simple yet unique look, matte paint job, chameleon paint job, holographic paint job, retro-style paint job, and metallic paint job are good options. If you want brighter colors with a glossy finish, candy paint job, and neon colors are good options. Meanwhile, if you want to be creative, you can choose from graffiti and 3D paint jobs.

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