Indian Motorcycle Crash Bars

Indian Motorcycle Crash Bars

Though many Indian motorcycles are renowned for their performance on a race course, most Indian motorcycle fans are just looking for a reliable vehicle for commutes to work, able to carry luggage, and suitable for going on long vacations. Since the average Indian motorcycle’s framework is streamlined and lightly built, they are vulnerable to heavy impacts common in accidents. Luckily, Indian motorcycles are customizable and can be fitted with extra protective gear if you know what kind of motorcycle aftermarket parts you are looking for. A motorcycle aftermarket part that can help you improve your motorcycle’s features is a set of Indian motorcycle crash bars or engine guards.

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Features of Viking Bags Indian Crash Bars

Viking Bags’ Indian crash bars function like an open protective cage that forms a perimeter around your motorcycle’s core. The area that the Indian motorcycle crash bars protect includes the engine, fuel tank, and chassis. Should your motorcycle run into another motor vehicle, a large stationary object on or off the road, or on the sidewalk or road, the bars should reduce the shock and prevent it from damaging your motorcycle’s core.There is enough space within the dimensions of the Indian engine guards that you can swing, bend, or stretch your legs without issue. Better comfort for your legs will help you stay focused and reduce fatigue while riding. Also, should your motorcycle start to fall over, the crash bars for Indian will catch it before it crashes onto its side and prevent it from crushing your legs. However, the open space inside the Indian motorcycle crash bars leaves your motorcycle’s vital systems vulnerable to random flying debris.

Design of Viking Bags Indian Crash Bars

Because they need to be able to surround your motorcycle and extend out towards the sides to prevent your vehicle from falling over, Viking Bags’ Indian crash bars are built with wide dimensions. The steel rods form the outline of the Indian crash bars’ frame to create an angular polygonal shape. The steel rods have a tube diameter of 1.25 inches to ensure that the rim of the Indian engine guards covers enough of your motorcycle’s core. Their thick build also makes it hard to dent them unless extreme pressure is exerted against them. Though the stainless steel rods are heavy and thick, they have a round, smooth, and clean look. Much of the sheen comes from the glossy powder-coat finish painted over the entire surface. Aside from giving the Indian motorcycle crash bars their black color scheme, the finish is also responsible for making this equipment rustproof and waterproof.
At the top of the Indian motorcycle crash bars are two rubber fittings. These rubber fittings function as footrests, the rubbery texture making sure the soles of your shoes stay in place even when riding at high speed or over bumpy roads. If you are a shorter rider, you can use the rubber fittings on the Indian engine guards to relax your feet instead of the footrests that are part of your motorcycle.

Why You Should Get Viking Bags Indian Crash Bars

Viking Bags’ Indian crash bars may have a simple design and paint job, which doesn’t leave much room for customization. However, this equipment is easy to install and release from your motorcycle, saving precious time that could be spent operating your vehicle. The Indian motorcycle crash bars also have multiple functions despite mainly being designed to fortify your motorcycle’s body, all of which are available at a low and affordable price. It is possible to get Indian crash bars for Chief Standard, Chief Bomber, Chief Vintage, Chief Classic, Chief Deluxe, Chief Roadmaster, Chief Dark Horse, Scout, Scout Sixty, Springfield, Springfield Dark Horse, Scout Bobber, and Scout Bobber Twenty models.

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