Indian Motorcycle Parts

The type and number of motorcycle parts installed on an Indian motorcycle will determine its performance, dimensions, and technological features. Stripping your Indian model to its bare minimum components will reduce the overall weight. Having extra features will improve its durability and increase storage capacity. Though most Indian models have stock designs already fitted with adequate braking, steering, and instruments, it is possible to improve their capabilities further. Riders can have many reasons to want to customize their Indian motorcycles, whether to adjust the seat position, upgrade the braking, or give the vehicle a unique style. But to be able to do so, motorcyclists have to know what are the best Indian parts available.

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Types of Viking Triumph Motorcycle Parts

Indian Seats

If you find a stock seat too stiff and uncomfortable, an Indian seat may provide a more comfy alternative. The Indian motorcycle seat only has enough room for the rider, having a slight dip in the center to ensure that your bottom rests securely. The base that attaches to your motorcycle’s frame is constructed from fiberglass and steel. The cushion is made of a plush shape-retaining foam that compresses when weight is applied but returns to its original shape after you dismount from the seat. The seat cover is made out of durable, weather-resistant Viking leather. The Indian seat can come with a plain, diamond, vertical, or horizontal stitch.

Indian Sissy Bars

Mounted at the back atop the rear fender are Indian sissy bars, tall and wide stainless steel bars with either a V- or U-shaped tip at the top. Constructed from ⅝-inch round steel bars, these thick pillars are difficult to damage and are easy to grip when carried, mounted, or dismounted. Standing at a height of 25 inches, these aftermarket Indian parts offer extra space for you to secure additional luggage that uses straps, such as backpacks or sissy bar bags. The U-shaped tip makes it easier to slide the straps down the length of the sissy bars, while the V-shaped tip helps catch the luggage before it can tumble off. The Indian sissy bars either come covered in chrome or matte black finish.

Indian Luggage Racks

Indian luggage racks can be affixed on top of a Tour-Pak lid at the rear of your motorcycle. Also providing an extra spot for you to secure additional luggage, this product is constructed out of stainless steel. Made of a combination of copper and nickel, the Indian luggage racks are resistant to rust and water damage. There are two versions: the first is a flat accessory with fat, blade-shaped rungs evenly spaced apart, and the second has thinner rungs with large spaces in between and curved upward rims to catch luggage before it falls over the sides.

Indian Fairings

Indian fairings are ideal Indian motorcycle parts if you wish to protect your motorcycle’s chassis and provide extra wind protection. Fitted towards the front atop the headlight, the Indian fairings are made from fiberglass and ABS plastic that helps deflect any incoming debris. The shaded windshield gives you an unobscured view of the road ahead while keeping wind, rain, and debris from hitting your head.

Indian Crash Bars

Indian crash bars form a bracket around your engine, leaving enough legroom so you can stretch your legs and bend your knees. The lightweight yet durable steel bars help prevent stationary obstacles or fenders from impacting your motorcycle’s vital components. The rubber pegs along the top can serve as footrests.

Indian Handlebars

Though almost all factory-made Indian models are already fitted with handlebars, custom Indian handlebars can replace the stock versions to better accommodate your height, arm length, and seating position. They combine the upright position of the mini-ape bar, the narrow width of the drag bar, and the style of the Z-bar.

Indian Passenger Backrests & Sissy Bar Pads

If you are looking for parts for Indian motorcycles that offer better passenger comfort, Indian passenger backrests or Indian sissy bar pads can be attached to the back of a passenger seat or the space at the center of the sissy bars. Built with a crescent shape, the Viking leather cover makes it resistant to tearing and is fitted with a shape-retaining foam cushion.

Why You Should Get Viking Parts for Indian Motorcycle

At Viking Bags, you can rest assured of the quality and utility of the aftermarket Indian parts. Though each category has varying designs and fulfills different functions, each Viking Bag product is long-lasting, carefully constructed, and easy to maintain. If you are concerned about whether the best Indian parts on the market will fit your budget, don’t worry, you will not find more affordable motorcycle add-ons. You should be able to find the best Indian parts for the following categories: Chief parts and Scout parts .

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