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How to Sell a Motorcycle Online

How to Sell a Motorcycle Online

Selling a used motorcycle can be difficult the first time. If it is your first motorcycle that you are trying to sell, this becomes even harder since an emotional attachment could cause you to delay selling it. However, using the internet can help you sell your motorcycle fast. The internet has transformed how people communicate and make transactions. Gone are the days when people used to sell motorcycles through traditional means due to being time-consuming and less reliable. Nowadays, selling a motorcycle is easy thanks to the online platforms that connect countless sellers and interested buyers. If you are planning to sell your motorcycle and want to find a serious buyer, read this article to learn how to sell a motorcycle online.

1. Why Sell a Motorcycle Online?

  • In this technological era, online platforms have gained immense popularity and the number of users has increased tremendously.
  • Verified sellers and buyers make online platforms a safe place to sell and buy products.
  • Most online platforms are secure as the users are registered and companies that run online networks can track data if required.
  • As a seller, you can access countless users interested in buying your motorcycle who may offer good prices.
  • You can filter the interested buyers to help make it easier to arrange a meeting and show off your motorcycle.
  • You can sell your motorcycle online quickly without much effort.
  • You can post an ad with good pictures and a description of your motorcycle so interested buyers can contact you.

2. How to Sell a Motorcycle Online

Selling a motorcycle online is a long process with multiple steps that must be followed carefully to ensure quick responses from interested buyers.

2.1 Choose the Right Online Marketplace

Motorcycles can be sold on many online marketplaces. Do some research to find the best platform, taking into account any service fees, target audiences, and services provided. Examples of online marketplaces include eBay, Facebook marketplace, and Craigslist.


eBay is one of the most secure and widely used online marketplaces for buying and selling used motorcycles. There are a large number of active registered users on this platform.

Facebook Marketplace

One of the most popular social media platforms with millions of active users, Facebook has become a marketplace to sell and buy products. You can quickly sell a motorcycle on the Facebook marketplace without paying any service fee.


Craigslist is another e-commerce marketplace to sell your motorcycle online. However, make sure to avoid scammers. Numerous thefts have occurred on Craigslist, raising concerns about the platform’s safety.

Other Specialized Online Marketplaces for Motorcycles

Other online marketplaces that specifically deal with selling and buying motorcycles include ChopperExchange, Cycle Crunch, and Cycle Trader. These online marketplaces charge service fees to list your motorcycle on their websites.

ChopperExchange is the right platform to sell an American motorcycle with a V-Twin engine. Meanwhile, you can sell sports motorcycles at decent rates on Cycle Trader.

2.2 Your Motorcycle Must Be Well-Maintained

No matter how old your motorcycle is, it must be well-maintained and without issues to ensure a good value.

2.3 Make Your Motorcycle Look New

Properly wash and clean your motorcycle to remove any dirt and watermarks completely. Use polishers and cleaning products to make the paint and chrome surface look shinier. If there are damaged spots and scratches, fix them before showing your motorbike to a buyer.

2.4 Take Clear Pictures

Pictures can help attract buyers on online platforms. Make sure to take clear pictures from all angles with a plain background, then upload them online.

2.5 Add a Description

After uploading pictures, add a brief description to give any buyers basic information about your motorcycle. The description must include the make, model, year manufactured, engine size, horsepower, torque, wet weight, seat height, and other specs. You can also add details you want the buyer to know about your motorcycle.

2.6 Do Not Exaggerate

Do not exaggerate your motorcycle’s specs, performance, and condition in the description.

2.7 Use Keywords

While adding a description and title to your ad post, include relevant keywords to help your advertisement stand out and be more visible to potential buyers.

2.8 List a Fair Price

If you want to sell your motorcycle fast, list a fair price. Listing a high price will limit the number of buyers who can afford your motorcycle and many potential buyers may not bother to check a motorcycle with an expensive price tag.

2.9 Respond Politely

When you get a response on the ad post, respond to buyers in a timely and polite manner. Invite them to a neutral venue where they can inspect the motorcycle and make a deal. It is natural for buyers to ask several questions. However, you must answer them with a smile. Most buyers will leave without buying your motorcycle and waste your time. Being patient and polite will help you seal the deal at a reasonable price.

2.10 Do Not Invite a Buyer to Your Home

For safety, never invite a buyer to your home. There have been incidents where the seller got robbed at the time of the transaction. Meet a buyer at a public place or near a police station to be on the safe side.

2.11 Do Not Allow a Test Ride

Never allow a test ride, especially if the buyer is inexperienced. A buyer could hit an obstacle and cause your motorcycle to become damaged, reducing its value, and later decide not to buy it. Avoid allowing buyers to ride your motorcycle before the payment.

3. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

3.1 What is the Best Form of Payment When Selling a Motorcycle?

When selling a motorcycle, receive the payment in cash since it is the safest payment method. Avoid taking checks because scammers can use fake checks or ask their banks for a refund.

3.2 How to Improve the Resale Value of Your Motorcycle?

You can improve the resale value of your motorcycle by keeping it well-maintained and in good condition. To improve your motorcycle’s performance and look, install universal aftermarket parts. Viking Bags has a variety of good-quality saddlebags, sissy bars, backrests, crash bars, fairings, and handlebars. If you plan to sell your motorcycle, do not customize or style it according to your personal taste and liking.

4. Takeaway

Selling a used motorcycle online can be tricky, but it is the easiest method to find interested buyers quickly. If you are not a moto vlogger or a part of a motorcycling community, selling a motorcycle can be difficult. Luckily, selling a motorcycle has become easier thanks to online marketplaces, including eBay, Facebook Marketplace, Craigslist, and others. The online platforms and tips mentioned in this article can help you find an interested buyer quickly and get a reasonable price for your motorcycle. Follow the complete step-by-step procedure and be realistic, nice, and professional while dealing with buyers.

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