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13 Things to Look for in a Used Cruiser Motorcycle

13 Things to Look for in a Used Cruiser Motorcycle

1. Introduction

Cruisers are one of the most beloved motorcycle categories, famous for their power and performance on the road. Harley Davidson, Honda, Triumph, Victory, Indian, and other motorcycle companies have a history of manufacturing cruiser lineups. Some cruisers have been discontinued while others are still in production. Many riders prefer buying used cruiser motorcycles rather than purchasing a new one.

Here are two reasons why riders prefer buying used cruisers:

  • Newer models are more expensive while used bikes can be bought at a cheaper price.
  • Certain models may have been discontinued by the company but used cruisers are available in the second-hand market.

No doubt used cruisers are cheaper but there are other factors to look for when considering which used cruiser to purchase. Here is a list of things to look for in a used cruiser motorcycle:

2. Things to Check

2.1 Distance Travel

The engine’s performance determines how much distance a cruiser can travel. Checking the current total distance of a used cruiser is important. A cruiser that has traveled less distance will usually be in better condition and has an engine still in good form. Used cruisers with less mileage also have tires that are in better condition. Ideally, a used cruiser should have at least traveled between 5,000 km – 15,000 km.

2.2 Motorcycle Record

It is important to check whether a used cruiser has ever been used in any kind of criminal activity or had previously been stolen. It is preferable to buy a used cruiser motorcycle from a trusted buyer or check a motorcycle’s record at the nearest police station.

2.3 Suspension

Normally, cruisers have reliable suspensions that can last a long time if handled with care. When inspecting a used cruiser, try to check the suspension by sitting on the motorcycle and checking whether the front or rear shocks are making any kind of springy sound. Because it is expensive to replace the shocks on a cruiser, it is better to check them before buying a used cruiser.

2.4 Tires

The condition of the tires can tell you how much a motorcycle has been ridden. Make sure that the tires are not worn out, ruptured, or flat.

2.5 Engine

The engine is the most important part of a cruiser since it is responsible for powering the vehicle and controlling the output and speed.

    • Check for any cracks or repair marks on the engine’s structure. If the engine needs to be replaced or repaired, it means the motorcycle was really old or not used with care.

    • Turn on the engine to make sure that no dark smoke comes out of the exhaust. If it does, it means the ring pistons need to be replaced.

  • The used cruiser should not be leaking oil. There can be several reasons why oil is leaking such as an oil seal being damaged, bolts not being tightly fastened, and the oil pipes being damaged.
  • Check whether the motorcycle has a proper throttle response because almost all cruisers should be able to deliver a high power output after pulling the throttle.

2.6 Transmission

  • Check that the transmission has smooth gear shifts while riding the used cruiser. There shouldn’t be any jumps or blockage when switching between gears. Any jumps or blockage indicates a problem with the clutch plates or gearbox.

2.7 Handlebars

The handlebars are the easiest part to check on cruisers.

  • The handlebars must be straight and properly aligned with the front tire. If they are not, it means the handlebars are loose or the grips of the handlebars need to be replaced.
  • The grips must properly fit and should not have any kind of gap when you rotate the grips.
  • Check whether the switches attached to the handlebars are working properly or not.
  • The brake and gear levers should not be too tight or too loose and brake fluid should not be leaking.

2.8 Chain and Gear

  • The teeth of the gear should not be broken, thin, or flattened. Although the chain gear set is readily available on the market and not very expensive, the chain and gear may need to be changed to ensure the motorcycle operates correctly.

2.9 Damage or Dents

Due to a previous accident, some used cruisers have dents and external damage on the chassis. Fixing dents and external damage can be costly depending on how big and severe the damage is.

  • Look closely at all the motorcycle’s parts, especially the front and rear mudguards, fuel tank, exhaust, and fairings.

2.10 Electrical Instruments or Gauges

    • If possible, remove the seat and check the wiring to see whether it is damaged or not.

  • Check the side indicators to confirm whether they are working or not.
  • Check all the gauges since older used cruisers may not provide accurate readings. It is recommended you check them before buying a used cruiser.

2.11 Brakes

Over time, brakes do need to be replaced to ensure you can stop yourself quickly if necessary.

  • Check to see if the brake discs are cracked or broken. If they are damaged, replace them immediately to avoid damage to the brake pads.
  • Check to see if there is any brake fluid leaking or not.

2.12 Rims

Rims are considered the most durable part of a cruiser, so they do not need to be replaced for a while unless they are severely damaged.

  • Check for any dents or cracks in the rims to avoid damage to the tires.
  • Check whether the rims are covered in rust. Rust on the rims means the motorcycle was not properly cleaned over time.

Because replacing the rims and tires can be expensive, it is recommended you check their condition before buying a used cruiser.

2.13 Others

  • If possible, check the motorcycle’s frame where the telescopic fork is attached to confirm whether it’s cracked or not. If the cruiser’s telescopic fork is damaged, there will be a crack along the frame.
  • Check the fork seals to make sure there is no leaking fluids.

3. Conclusion

Most riders prefer used cruisers because they are cheaper than newer models. If you wish to improve the safety features of your cruiser, there are ONLINE STORES that provide quality add-ons like LUGGAGE BAGS, LUGGAGE RACKS, SISSY BARS, CRASH BARS, BACKPACKS, HANDLEBARS, and SEATS.

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