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10 Motorcycle Helmet Storage Ideas

10 Motorcycle Helmet Storage Ideas

Storing your motorcycle helmet in an appropriate place helps keep it intact and in good condition. Because helmets reduce the risk of severe head injuries and ensure the safety of riders, it is important to keep them safe. In this article, you will learn various stylish ways through which you can store your helmets safely.

1. Motorcycle Helmet Storage Ideas

A good motorcyclist pays special attention to the protection and maintenance of their motorcycle gear. The helmet is an essential part of your riding apparel since it protects the head and mainly contributes to the motorcyclist's safety. Storing your motorcycle helmet in a safe place will keep it from becoming cracked or scratched. This can also provide some aesthetics to your collection of motorcycle accessories.

10 Motorcycle Helmet Storage Ideas

1.1 Helmet Rack

Helmet Rack

Photo Credit: @housetodecor

A helmet rack is the best way to store your motorcycle helmet. You can make it more presentable by painting it with your favorite color. You can also add neon lights to the rack to improve its aesthetics. Every compartment has enough space to ensure the helmet does not scrape against the metal frame. It makes your helmets look organized. They are very durable and strong.

1.2 Wooden Wall Shelves

Wooden Wall Shelves

Photo Credit: @housetodecor

You can get wooden wall shelves for motorcycle helmets by ordering online or building and customizing your own. You can also add more compartments for your other motorcycle gear, like your gloves. Wooden wall shelves are stronger than plastic. They don’t lose their original shape with the passage of time nor does their color fade. There is a wide range of versatility when it comes to wooden shelves.

1.3 Helmet Hooks

Helmet Hooks

Photo Credit: @housetodecor

Helmet hooks are convenient since you don’t have to clear space inside your closet or buy a new rack. You only have to affix the hooks onto the wall and leave your helmet hanging on one. This also allows the inside of your helmet to air out. There are different types of motorcycle hooks with unique designs, such as in the shapes of dummies, wrenches and even a hanging motorcycle rack etc.

1.4 Helmet Bags

Helmet Bags

Photo Credit: @Formosa Covers

Helmet bags can carry and protect your helmets from being scratched and coated in dust. A helmet bag is padded and has a strap so you can hang it. These bags are portable, allowing you to carry them with you almost anywhere. These bags are made up of nylon fabric and heavy duty zippers. It also contains internal and external pockets that can store your other equipment. The bag gives a two way protection to the helmet. Inside the zipper, the helmet is encased in a lightweight nylon polyester layer that provides greater protection.

1.5 Portable Helmet Storage Box

Portable Helmet Storage Box

Though helmet bags are portable and efficient, you might need an additional accessory, a helmet storage box. A helmet storage box is built in the shape of your helmet and can be installed on your motorcycle. It includes a heavy lid and can be locked to make it difficult for thieves to steal your helmet. A portable helmet storage box is composed of black polyester with a PVC coating on the inside and the bottom. The handle of the box contains PVC reinforcement. In the cover of the box, there are many holes that keep the box airy and free from any smell.

1.6 Mannequin Head

Mannequin Head

 A mannequin head is composed of fiberglass and plastic. You can secure your helmet on a mannequin head. It is a fun way to store and display your helmet in your garage or at home. Make sure to buy a mannequin head the same size as yours to ensure your helmet fits correctly else the interior of the helmet will deteriorate with the passage of time. This is because the plastic of the mannequin will deteriorate the thick layer of expanded polystyrene of the helmet. This expanded polystyrene, EPS, is responsible for absorbing a sudden impact of force in case of an accident.

1.7 Rear Motorcycle Trunk

Rear Motorcycle Trunk

When riding a motorcycle, never hang your helmet on one end of the handlebars. Store your helmet in the motorcycle trunk.

1.8 Wall Mounted Shelf

Wall Mounted Shelf

Photo Credit: @Woodshop32

Wall mounted shelves are easy to install and remodel when necessary. They can improve your house’s interior decor and take up minimal space on the wall. These shelves are positioned slightly vertical to improve the look of the room. These shelves store helmets and keep them in a balanced state despite being in a little vertical state. They also provide a little extra storage space for your keys and gloves. These shelves don’t take much space and you can easily clean your helmets as they are in your reach.

1.9 Motorcycle Helmet Premium Cases

Motorcycle Helmet Premium Cases

Photo Credit: aliexpress

Motorcycle helmet premium cases are built with more durability to better ensure the safety of your helmet. The only downside is that this equipment is highly expensive. They are costly but one shouldn't compromise when it comes to helmet safety. Who wouldn't want a bag that enhances protection and is ideal for comfort? Premium cases come in different varieties of sizes and colors. Or you can customize the case of your choice to make it aesthetically appealing.

1.10 Storing with Other Motorcycle Accessories

Storing with Other Motorcycle Accessories

Photo Credit: @Bernabe Hernández

Storing your helmet with your other motorcycle accessories in the garage, closet, locker, etc. will help keep you from losing it and ensure all your motorcycle equipment can be found in one place.

2. Customize Your Motorcycle Helmet Rack

Customize Your Motorcycle Helmet Rack

You can get a helmet storage closet or hooks from any motorcycle shop or online market. If you don’t like the original designs available, you can customize the motorcycle helmet rack by adding neon or flashy lights. You can also approach and explain to a custom builder how you want your helmet rack to look.

3. FAQs

3.1 Are Helmet Bays Useful?

Helmet bays are shelves specifically used to store helmets. They have sides on the edges that prevent helmets from sliding and falling off by accident.

3.2 Can I Store My Helmet in the Attic?

The attic is not a safe place for your helmet since the heat can damage the internal material and insects may find a place to live inside the padding.

3.3 Which Temperature is Best for Helmets, Hot or Cold?

Room temperature is best for helmets. Too hot or cold temperatures can cause the material inside the helmet to deteriorate.

4. Conclusion

There are various ways to store your helmets in style. Helmet racks are the best way to store your helmet or you can use wooden shelves to free up space on the ground. Helmet storage bags protect helmets from unwanted scratches and dust. You can place a mannequin head on a table and place your helmet on top of it. Helmet bags and premium cases provide more protection to your expensive helmet. Wall-mounted shelves are more aesthetically appealing as you can paint them with the color of your choice. Viking Bags has many parts and luggage options you can install for a better riding experience, including sissy bars, fairing, handlebars, crash bars, sissy bar bags, and saddlebags.

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