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When is the Best Time to Sell a Motorcycle?

When is the Best Time to Sell a Motorcycle?

1. Introduction

Every year at the launch of a new motorcycle model, many people buy the latest model on the spot. However, others get stuck figuring out how to sell their old motorcycles at a good price to make room for a new motorcycle. Depending on the time of year, you may be able to sell your motorcycle for a good price.

Before selling the motorcycle, here are a couple of tips that can help you sell your motorcycle at a good price:

  • Clean your motorcycle properly before selling it.
  • If there is any crack or damage present on the motorcycle, try to fix it before selling.
  • Pick a public place when meeting with the buyer.
  • Be aware of wire transactions (bank account transfers) especially, if the buyer is a stranger.
  • If the deal is successful, legally transfer ownership of the motorcycle to the buyer.

Here is the list of best times throughout the year that you can sell a motorcycle:

1.1 In the Spring Season

During the spring, riders are eager to go for rides after having to wait for winter weather to pass, especially in regions where there is heavy snowfall. Spring is when many riders go for long rides to different states so the demand for motorcycles is high. Demand for motorcycles creates good opportunities to sell motorcycles at a good price.

A huge amount of riders go for long rides or trips in the spring season because before the spring season the riders are not able to ride because of winter and snowfall. They get tired of sitting in their homes and as they get the chance to ride they go for it quickly which makes the spring season a good time to sell the motorcycles.

In the Spring Season
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1.2 Before the Launch of a New Model

Almost Every year, major motorcycle manufacturers launch new models. If the new motorcycle gets good reviews, the demand for that specific motorcycle rises, resulting in the price of previous models being lowered. It is recommended to sell the motorcycle before the launch of the new model.

Some people wait for the newer models to release in the market so they can get more reviews about it from the users and if the newer models get good user reviews then the price of the older models decreases more.

1.3 During Riding Season

In most countries, the ideal riding season is in spring. In countries like Brazil, Italy, Australia, Spain, New Zealand, and the United States, summer can also be a good time to go riding. During riding season, the demand for motorcycles increases, and thus the prices increases.

May to October is the month of the riding season in New York, Seattle, Alaska, Florida, and some other states because the weather conditions are favorable. During this season the demand for motorcycles increases because more riders want to go for rides. Therefore, during this season the seller can easily sell the motorcycle at a reasonable price.

During Riding Season
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2. When Not to Sell a Motorcycle

The start and middle of winter are not good times to sell motorcycles because not many motorcyclists ride during this season due to unfavorable weather conditions. Therefore, there is less demand for motorcycles during winter.

When Not to Sell a Motorcycle
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3. Conclusion

The time of year is an important factor when picking a time to sell a motorcycle as demand increases during the spring and riding seasons, while demand decreases during winter due to fewer riders being active. For long rides, cruisers and touring motorcycles are the preferred vehicles. However, for daily commutes or racing, sports bikes and café racers are the way to go.

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