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Should You Buy a New or a Used Motorcycle: Which is Right for You?

Should You Buy a New or a Used Motorcycle: Which is Right for You?

1. Introduction

When buying a motorcycle, people may be unsure whether they should buy a new or used model. Both choices have their own pros and cons. This article discusses the advantages and disadvantages of buying either a new or used model to help riders determine the best option. Different riders choose different motorcycles, new or used.

2. Buying a New Motorcycle

Buying a new motorcycle is a good option for those who want a vehicle with the latest features and updated technology, and who have the budget to purchase one. Buying a new motorcycle is a good option for people who are not hesitant to spend money on the latest model of a motorcycle with some new features and a new little bit of a new shape. It has been observed that some newer models of motorcycles have the same condition and body as the older models, and some have slightly different new features. However, significant changes are introduced in the new motorcycles after two to three years of the first release of the original model.

Newer motorcycles also have higher insurance prices compared to older models.

Why do people prefer new motorcycles? Why do people avoid new motorcycles?
A rider does not have to spend a lot or any money on repairs. Newer models are more expensive than older models.
The motorcycle is in its best condition, the new engine ensuring excellent performance, handling, horsepower, torque, etc. If any PART of the new motorcycle gets damaged, you will have to buy a replacement from a dealership as it will take some time for them to become available on the market.
A new motorcycle has a warranty from the dealership which the owner can claim if there are any problems with the motorcycle. Changing a new MOTORCYCLE’S PARTS is more expensive than doing the same with a used motorcycle.
Newer motorcycles have the latest features. There may not be many honest reviews about the newer motorcycles shortly after release.
Newer motorcycles do not need to change their parts for a long time. Newer models lose more value in percentage over time than older models. If a new motorcycle costs $10,000, its resale value will drop to $8000-$9000.

3. Buying a Used Motorcycle

Buying a used motorcycle is a good option for people who need a vehicle at a reasonable price and have basic features. Older motorcycles also have less insurance prices compared to newer models. According to a local survey of automobile manufacturers, most people buy used motorcycles one of the main reasons is they are cheaper than the new models and they do not have much loss in the resale value as compared to the newer models.

Buying a Used Motorcycle
Photo Credit: @bridgemotorcycles
Why do people prefer used motorcycles? Why do people avoid using motorcycles?
Used motorcycle PARTS are readily available on the market. A used motorcycle may have an older, worn-out engine, that may require repair.
An older motorcycle has been around long enough that there are plenty of honest reviews about it. The more distance a used motorcycle has traveled, the more it negatively affects the engine’s performance.
Restoring a used motorcycle and modifying it to suit the rider’s needs is cheaper than buying and modifying a new motorcycle. In most cases, the used motorcycles need some repairs and fixes which also cost separately from the cost of the motorcycle.
Used motorcycles do not lose much resale value compared to newer modes. If a used motorcycle is purchased at $7000, it can quickly be sold for between $5,500-$6,500. Used motorcycles usually do not come with a warranty like newer motorcycles.

4. Conclusion

Buying a new motorcycle is the better option for those who want the best riding experience regardless of the price. On the contrary, buying a used motorcycle is the better option for those who want to buy a Motorcycle at a reasonable price and does not lose too much of its resale value. Interestingly the number of sold old motorcycles is more than the number of new models. Although buyers have to make some fixes and repairs on the old motorcycle still it is less costly than the newer models. In most of the motorcycle market, the parts of newer models of a motorcycle are either not available or if they are available they are very expensive.

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