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Crash Bars

Motorcycle Crash Bars

Motorcycle Crash Bars
  • Specific Hardware Included
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  • Rust Proof

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Features of Viking Bags Motorcycle Crash Bars

Motorcycle crash bars are wide open frames fitted around the motorcycle's front half. Aftermarket motorcycle crash bars have the front end bolted to the center of the front tire while the back end is bolted underneath the handlebars. Because they are at a slight angle, this provides enough clearance so you can turn the handlebars from side to side. Due to the frame being made from high-quality steel rods, crash bars for motorcycles form a rigid perimeter around the engine, fuel tank, radiator, and other components necessary for your two-wheeler to function. If you run into a large and solid surface, the motorcycle crash bars will prevent the impact from hitting your ride, either stopping you in place or bouncing you off the surface. The open space within the frame of the motorcycle crash bars gives you extra leg room and helps protect your legs from being crushed under your two-wheeler if it falls over onto its side. Should your motorcycle ever fall over onto its side or suddenly slide, the motorcycle crash bars will prevent it from scraping against or falling heavily onto the street due to the frame protruding around the sides. Due to how nigh-invulnerable the crash bars are to damage, this equipment is ideal when traveling in almost any harsh weather condition and navigating all types of road environments.

Design of Viking Bags Motorcycle Crash Bars

Built as a single piece of equipment, the overall structure of the motorcycle crash bars is an angular seven-sided open shape. The motorcycle crash bars are composed of connecting glossy black stainless steel rods that have a tube diameter of 1.25 inches. The rounded steel rods come with a copper base coat and a black powder-coat finish. These features make the surface of the aftermarket motorcycle crash bars smooth, rustproof, and clean-looking. They are also long-lasting, so you do not need to get a replacement set of crash bars for motorcycles for a few years so long as you provide proper maintenance. The top and bottom ends of the motorcycle crash bars have plates and holes where you can screw in the bolts during fitment. There are also rubber attachments on opposite ends at the edges of the motorcycle crash bars that serve as adjustable footrests. This modification will make it easier for shorter riders to maintain their balance and remain at rest during travel without stretching their legs too far. Installing and removing crash bars for motorcycles are easy tasks to complete due to the necessary mounting hardware and instructions included with your purchase.

Things to Keep in Mind about Viking Bags Motorcycle Crash Bars

Despite the barebones design of Viking Bags’ aftermarket motorcycle crash bars, the steel rods are still considerably heavy. Installing them onto your motorcycle will increase its overall weight, making it harder to keep your balance, turn tight corners, and apply the brakes quickly. Aside from affecting your motorcycle’s performance, installing motorcycle crash bars may force you to adjust your riding position. Changing the seat height and footrest position may result in discomfort in your back and bottom while riding.

Viking Bags Motorcycle Crash Bars Per Brand

Because motorcycle crash bars are not standard accessories amongst different brands and models, riders have to research and look around several motorcycle part businesses to find the one they need. Keep in mind that a motorcycle crash bar designed for a specific brand and model will likely not be able to fit onto other types of motorcycles. While there are universal crash bars for motorcycles on the market, they tend to be rare and difficult to find even on the internet. Many motorcycle part businesses sell motorcycle crash bars, but you may not find any other brand with affordable yet high-quality aftermarket motorcycle crash bars than Viking Bags. This company manufactures crash bars for motorcycles intended for motorcycle series from notable organizations such as Harley-Davidson, Honda, etc. Viking Bags has a large inventory of Harley Davidson crash bars, Honda crash bars, Suzuki crash bars, Kawasaki crash bars, Yamaha crash bars, Victory crash bars, Indian crash bars, and Triumph crash bars.