Harley Davidson Crash Bars

Harley Davidson Crash Bars

Harley Davidson motorcycles have been around since the early 1900s, contributing significantly to the birth of American motorcycle culture. The designs for modern cruisers, touring bikes, and the other bike categories that emerged decades later, can be owed to the earliest Harley Davidson motorbike designs. Over the years, newer Harley Davidson models have been introduced, improving the speed, torque, engines, and performance of their older predecessors. However, even with all the technological advancements, it is still difficult to manufacture a Harley Davidson motorcycle with a durable chassis and frame capable of protecting the core components.

Because adding bulkier metallic plating can increase your vehicle’s overall weight and make it harder to handle on the road, it is best to modify your motorcycle by attaching aftermarket motorcycle parts. An example of an aftermarket motorcycle parts that will provide additional protection, improve the overall style and look, and ensure a better riding position is Harley Davidson crash bars from Viking Bags.

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Features of Harley Davidson Crash Bars

Harley motorcycle engine guards function as a barrier, forming a perimeter around the engine. With thick and round bars along the edges of the frame, this equipment prevents large and solid objects from hitting your motorcycle’s center and keeps your motorcycle from falling flat on its side. Harley crash guards also protect your legs from being struck by large and solid objects or crushed underneath your motorcycle’s weight. Made out of strong, nearly unbreakable stainless steel, Harley crash bars can endure plenty of physical punishment. Because they are positioned diagonally and low to the ground, Harley engine guards may be buffeted by random debris lying on the road. Luckily, they are designed to withstand impacts against other vehicles, obstacles on or off the road, and the road itself.

The stainless steel bars that form the Harley crash bars’ structure will not become cracked, broken, or scratched except when subjected to extreme pressure. To further improve the steel bars’ durability, a finish is applied as a protective layer over the metal surface. The coating makes the Harley motorcycle crash bars resistant to rust and water damage. This also extends their longevity, ensuring they will last for several years. Though they are difficult to damage, it is still recommended you handle your Harley engine guard with care.

Design of Harley Davidson Crash Bars

Harley Davidson crash bars are built as imperfect, angular septagons with the stainless steel rods all connected as a single piece. The Harley Bars’ structure is made primarily out of high-grade steel, with the base being made out of a copper coating and the surface covered in a power-coat finish. All the crash bars for Harley Davidson made by Viking Bags come in a glossy black finish.

Along the top at the right and left tips of the Harley crash bars are two rubber pegs fitted around the steel bars. These can serve as footrests if you prefer having them positioned higher and closer to you. Being able to adjust your riding position will help improve riding comfort and reduce fatigue while traveling. There are a pair of steel mounting plates on opposite ends of the Harley crash bars at the top and bottom. With the tools provided in the mounting hardware, you will fasten the Harley motorcycle crash bars to the center of the front tire and the bottom of your motorcycle handlebars.

Why You Should Get Harley Davidson Crash Bars

Compared to their competitors, Viking Bags offer some of the most affordable Harley crash bars on the market. Despite their low prices, the Harley motorcycle crash bars are still well-crafted, reliable, and first-rate motorcycle accessories. If you are looking to purchase Harley crash bars for a motorcycle of a specific brand, year, and model, Viking Bags will likely have one in its inventory. You are in luck if you happen to own a model that is part of Harley Davidson’s Sportster, Dyna, Softail, Street Crash, or Touring lineups.

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