Suzuki Motorcycle Crash Bars

Suzuki Motorcycle Crash Bars

Though Suzuki motorcycles come in different weight groups, color schemes, and stylish appearances, they all share a similar flaw. They all sacrificed a durable chassis and frame in favor of their impressive performance specs. However, this downside is easy to fix if you are willing to invest in a few motorcycle aftermarket parts. If you are looking for a way to better protect your Suzuki motorcycle, then you can’t go wrong with purchasing a set of Suzuki crash bars or engine guards courtesy of Viking Bags.

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Features of Suzuki Crash Bars

Despite their simple design and look, Viking Bags’ Suzuki motorcycle crash bars are built tough thanks to the high-quality round steel bars that form the entire frame. The steel bars are thick and heavily built, still retaining their shape even when put through a lot of physical punishment. Suzuki engine guards can be struck by debris, battered by wind, or hit with a heavy tool, yet they remain usable despite all that. It is hard to ruin the surface of the Suzuki crash bars because of the finish that covers the exterior. The finish is what makes the crash bars for Suzuki rustproof and waterproof, plus it extends their longevity. The Suzuki crash bars’ resilience is why they are such a reliable piece of protective equipment for your motorcycle. The steel bars form a large frame around your motorcycle, keeping the engine, fuel tank, and paint on the chassis inside out of harm’s way. Though not a protective shell like a motorcycle helmet, the crash bars for Suzuki can help keep car fenders, motorcycle tires, sidewalks, and asphalt roads from hitting your vehicle’s vital functions. Plus, because the frame extends outwards on both sides of your motorcycle, this will prevent your motorcycle from falling over completely. Suzuki motorcycle crash bars not only protect the center of your two-wheeler but also protects your legs. The Suzuki crash bars’ wide dimensions give your legs enough room to stretch, adjust, and straighten when your motorcycle is parked. Also, because the Suzuki motorcycle crash bars prevent your motorcycle from crashing onto its side, you don’t have to worry about your legs getting crushed.

Design of Suzuki Crash Bars

Viking Bags’ Suzuki crash bars are constructed from three primary materials: steel, copper, and powder-coating. The material that makes up the largest percentage of the Suzuki crash bars’ design is the high-quality stainless steel bars. The round shape makes it easier to carry the Suzuki motorcycle crash bars during installation or removal. The clean and reflective surface gives your motorcycle a cool look but also helps make them more visible to nearby drivers. The powder-coat finish covers the metallic surface of the Suzuki engine guards, giving the equipment its glossy black color scheme. The copper lines the base, helping to prevent oxidization and corrosion from rust even when the Suzuki motorcycle crash guards are under harsh sunlight and heavy rainfall. Equidistant from each other on the top rungs of the Suzuki crash bars are a pair of rubber pegs. These rubber pegs can function as another set of footrests if the standard ones for your Suzuki model are too short for your liking. During installation, it is possible to adjust the angle of the crash bars for Suzuki so that the rubber pegs are in a more comfortable position, making this equipment fit for shorter riders. The surface of the foot pegs has good traction so you don’t have to worry about your feet sliding off even when riding over bumpy roads. Installing a new set of Suzuki crash bars takes little time and is easy for both new and experienced motorcyclists. The pair of steel mounting brackets, mounting hardware, installation guide, and a few simple tools you provide are all that are needed to fix the Suzuki motorcycle crash bars in place.

Why You Should Get Suzuki Crash Bars

Though Suzuki is an automobile company that specializes in manufacturing all types of vehicles and engines, it has made a name for itself by inventing sporty motorcycles suited for both novice and expert riders. The Japanese-based motorcycle brand has plenty of famous lineups like the Hayabusa and the Katana, reputed for their powerful engines, high-speed capabilities, and quick maneuverability. Though Suzuki motorcycles are almost perfect in every way, their lightweight and surprisingly fragile builds prevent them from being completely safe to ride. Only requires a little maintenance, Viking Bags’ Suzuki motorcycle crash bars will serve you and your Suzuki model for many years. The Suzuki crash bars are designed by experienced engineers, assembled from top-notch parts, and serve multiple functions despite their simple construction. While it would take an extreme amount of force to cause significant damage to your Suzuki engine guard, you can ensure its longevity by being careful when handling it both on and off the road. Though Viking Bags does not make motorcycles of its own, the company does create motorcycle accessories for several Suzuki motorcycle lineups, such as the Boulevard, Marauder & Intruder, and Volusia.

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