Yamaha Motorcycle Crash Bars

Though Yamaha motorcycles have different builds and designs, they are built with as durable frames as possible given the space available on their sleek chassis. But Yamaha motorcycles are primarily built with speed and stylishness, which means that their frames' durability is not that strong compared to most motor vehicles. However, you can improve your Yamaha motorcycle’s safety features with the right aftermarket motorcycle part. One such aftermarket motorcycle part that is easy to install and will better protect your motorcycle is a set of Yamaha crash bars or engine guards.

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Features of Viking Yamaha Crash Bars

Viking Bags’ Yamaha motorcycle crash bars are a wide yet rigid structure that forms a circumference around your motorcycle’s main body. The main body includes the essential systems required for your motorcycle to run, including the engine, fuel tank, and other primary components. The Yamaha crash bars prevent larger objects and surfaces such as vehicle fenders, road hazards, and the highway itself from impacting with these essential systems, minimizing or preventing the damage while ensuring your vehicle keeps operating. The inside of the Yamaha engine guards is spacious, allowing your legs complete freedom of movement. Because your legs aren’t crammed in a small space and you can fully extend them if you need to stretch, you will feel less discomfort and fatigue if you are traveling for several hours. The crash bars for Yamaha also keep your motorcycle from crashing onto its side, instead catching your vehicle by propping it at an angle. However, the Yamaha crash bars cannot prevent flying debris from hitting your motorcycle’s vital systems from above or below.

Design of Yamaha Motorcycle Crash Bars

Viking Bags’ Yamaha crash bars are designed to be fitted at an angle so that the long side of the bars is aligned with your motorcycle’s main body. When installing this piece of equipment, you use the mounting brackets at the top and bottom sections of the Yamaha motorcycle crash bars. The top section is affixed underneath the motorcycle fork, while the bottom section is fastened at the center of the front tire. To help you with installation, you will be provided mounting hardware and an installation instruction manual. You can also use any simple tools that you have in your garage. The Yamaha engine guards are made out of high-quality stainless steel rods that have a tube diameter of 1.25 inches. Though they may be narrow, the compact and rigid metal cannot break or crack unless struck with extreme force by a larger vehicle. The round surface gives the Yamaha crash bars its smooth texture and makes them easier to grab hold of when carrying. The metallic surface is coated in a powder-coat finish, giving the Yamaha crash bars their black complexion, making them resistant to rust and water damage, and extending their longevity. This equipment is perfect for shorter riders since the rubber pegs on the top of the Yamaha crash bars provide a closer set of footrests. During installation, you can position the Yamaha motorcycle crash bars so that they are within a comfortable distance and ensure a better riding position.

Why You Should Get VB Yamaha Crash Bars

If you are still not sure if it is worth getting your motorcycle some new Yamaha crash bars, it is possible to get what you need at Viking Bags at a low and affordable price. Do not let the low price fool you; the Yamaha engine guards are manufactured from premium materials, designed by expert engineers, and will be in good use for a long time before you need to consider getting a replacement. You can get Yamaha crash bars for the following models: V-Star, Road Star, Raider, Stratoliner, Bolt, and Virago.

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