Kawasaki Motorcycle Crash Bars

Kawasaki Motorcycle Crash Bars

All Kawasaki motorcycles can accelerate quickly, are lightweight and easy to handle, and are made out of durable plastic frames. However, while Kawasaki motorcycles can be difficult to damage, high speed and a lean frame could lead to irreparable damage if an accident occurs. If you are a rider who wants to take precautions when it comes to you and your motorcycle’s safety, then it may help to acquire motorcycle aftermarket parts that you can modify your vehicle. An example of a motorcycle aftermarket part that could be useful to you is a set of Kawasaki crash bars or engine guards.

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Features of Viking Kawasaki Crash Bars

Kawasaki crash bars create a wide yet narrow steel cage around the central area of your motorcycle. This equipment offers additional protection for your vehicle’s engine, fuel tank, and other vital systems. Because it does not encompass your motorcycle’s center, the Kawasaki motorcycle crash bars will not protect it against small flying debris, wind, and rain. However, it will help prevent large stationary objects like a fire hydrant or stop sign from hitting your motorcycle’s center. Should you bump lightly into another motorcycle or a larger motor vehicle, the Kawasaki engine guards will prevent severe damage to your and other peoples’ vehicles. The considerable width of the crash bars for Kawasaki means there is plenty of room for you to move your legs. The extra legroom will allow you to bend and stretch your legs fully, improving comfort as you ride and reducing fatigue when traveling across long distances. Because the Kawasaki crash bars also form a perimeter around your legs, they will protect your legs from being crushed by stopping your motorcycle from falling and keeping it in a lean without tipping over. Just remember that the Kawasaki motorcycle crash bars cannot block small flying debris and may not be able to protect most of your motorcycle’s body from severe impacts from larger vehicles

Design of Kawasaki Motorcycle Crash Bars

Kawasaki motorcycle crash bars are formed by interconnected high-quality stainless round steel rods that create an imperfect yet angular seven-sided open frame. All the round steel rods are fused, so no assembly is required before installing the Kawasaki engine guards onto your vehicle. The stainless steel rods make up most of the Kawasaki crash bars’ structure, but there is also a copper lining on the base and a powder-coat finish. The stainless steel rods are durable, which makes the Kawasaki crash guards able to endure mild to severe impacts without denting, cracking, or breaking apart. They are also long-lasting so long as they are properly cleaned and taken care of so they last for several years. The copper lining and powder-coat finish both form extra protective layers that contribute to the durability of the Kawasaki motorcycle crash bars. The copper lining helps prevent oxidization and corrosion, while the powder-coat finish makes the steel waterproof and rustproof.
Though most of the surface is flawless and smooth, the only parts that are out of place are the rubber pegs and the steel mounting brackets. The rubber pegs serve as footrests if you wish to adjust the position of your feet. The steel mounting brackets are screwed onto the center of your motorcycle’s front tire and at the bottom of the handlebars. The crash bars for Kawasaki can be quickly released and easily bolted on with little to no time lost.

Why You Should Get VB Kawasaki Crash Bars

Viking Bags’ Kawasaki crash bars are suitable for riders of all ages, heights, and gender since the dimensions of this equipment provides enough leg room and a comfortable footrest position for nearly every kind of rider. Well-constructed and reliable, Viking Bags’ Kawasaki motorcycle crash bars are also affordable at low prices. You can find Kawasaki crash bars for Vulcan, Eliminator, and Mean Streak models.

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