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Why Detachable Sissy Bars Are Better for Harley Touring Bikes

Why Detachable Sissy Bars Are Better for Harley Touring Bikes

A sissy bar is a useful motorcycle attachment that can improve comfort with the inclusion of a backrest. If you love motorcycle touring, you must know how important it is to have ample storage space on your motorcycle. A sissy bar can also increase storage capacity by providing a place to mount additional luggage bags. You can securely mount a sissy bar bag or a luggage bag. You can also install a luggage rack with a sissy bar that can help you safely mount hard luggage bags. Besides making your motorcycle look good, sissy bars can have several advantages.

For motorcycles suited for long rides or customized touring bikes, a sissy bar is a necessary piece of equipment. Some riders also use their motorcycles for both touring and cruising. For a stripped-down look and better cruising experience, many riders prefer to remove heavy equipment like the sissy bars. If you do not want to go through the process of installing and removing a traditional sissy bar, detachable sissy bars are also available in the market.

One of the major reasons why Harley Davidson has a huge fan base is due to its high-performance and well-built Grand American Touring lineup. Harley Davidson touring bikes are also popular among custom motorcycle builders due to having many aftermarket parts readily available. Detachable sissy bars are also becoming quite popular due to their ease of installation. This article explains why detachable sissy bars are better for Harley touring bikes.


1. Why Detachable Sissy Bars Are Better for Your Harley Touring Bikes

1.1 Easy Installation

Easy Installation

Detachable sissy bars are good for riders who do not have certain tools and are new to motorcycling. All you need to do is install the docking hardware kit on both sides of the rear fender that comes with the detachable sissy bar. Then you can easily mount the detachable sissy bar on the rubber mountings on the docking hardware. The knocking sound will confirm the sissy bar is firmly mounted in place.

1.2 Easily Removable

Removing the detachable sissy bar is easy. You only need to press the locks on the sissy bar and then lift the back of the sissy bar slowly. Eventually, you will be able to lift and remove the whole sissy bar.

1.3 No Tools Required

You only need to use tools while installing the docking hardware. After they are installed and the detachable sissy bar is mounted, you do not require any tools to remove and reinstall the sissy bar.

1.4 Good for Multi-Purpose Operation

Easy Installation

Photo Credit: @hdforums

If you have a cruiser used for touring and cruising, a detachable sissy bar is a good add-on. A detachable sissy bar can save you a lot of time and effort than if you had to install and remove a traditional sissy bar every time you go on a motorcycle tour.

1.5 Functions the Same as a Regular Sissy Bar

A detachable sissy bar functions the same as a regular sissy bar since it ensures better safety due to being firmly mounted in place, allows you to mount luggage bags, and attach a backrest to improve comfort for your passenger.


1.6 Good for Beginners and Female Riders

Detachable sissy bars are good for beginners and female riders due to their being easy to install and remove when required. Inexperienced riders usually do not know how to use tools and safely mount sissy bars without damaging the rear turn signals.

1.7 Available in Different Sizes

Detachable sissy bars are also available in different sizes and shapes that best suit your preferences.

1.8 Several Customization Options

Several Customization Options

Photo Credit: @roadglide

Detachable backrests are also available that can be quickly attached and removed from the sissy bar when required. If you have to travel with a passenger, you can install a detachable backrest. A detachable backrest can also help fix your luggage bags in place. Large luggage bags usually slide around on sissy bars without a backrest when turning.

You can also use a detachable sissy bar without a backrest if you prefer going on casual rides alone and want to improve aesthetic appeal. You can also remove the detachable sissy bar if you want a better cruising experience.

Harley Davidson touring bikes are versatile vehicles suited for daily commutes, city travel, and weekend rides if they shed any extra weight. Having a detachable sissy bar allows you to quickly transform your motorcycle back to its stock form.

1.9 Does Not Require Removing Turn Signals and Saddlebags

You do not have to remove your saddlebags or turn signals every time you want to remove a detachable sissy bar. This can save you time and money as removing the saddlebags and turn signals might require you to take the professional help of a mechanic.


1.10 Same Detachable Sissy Bar Can Be Installed on Several Harley Touring Bikes

Detachable sissy bars come with docking hardware kits, which include nuts, bolts, and washers. The docking hardware kit allows the rider to install the sissy bar on different Harley touring models. If the detachable sissy bar does not fit properly on the mounting hardware, you only need to add extra washers to adjust the width.

2. Takeaway

Detachable sissy bars for Harley touring bikes have several advantages. They are growing in popularity due to being quick and easy to install and detach. Once the docking hardware is installed, you do not need to rely on tools to remove and reinstall the detachable sissy bar. If you want to go on a motorcycle tour with a passenger and carry extra luggage, detachable sissy bars are a good option. If you want to shred any extra weight for a stripped-down cruiser look, they can be quickly removed by pressing the locks and lifting the sissy bar.

If you own a cruiser and want to transform it into a touring bike, Viking Bags has several aftermarket parts that can improve your motorcycle’s touring performance. You can find more comfortable handlebars, seats, crash bars/engine guards, sissy bars, and fairings. There are also different luggage options available at Viking Bags that can improve storage capacity, including sissy bar bags and saddlebags.

Viking Bags also has specially designed sissy bars for Harley Davidson Sportster, Dyna, and Softail models.

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