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How to Choose the Right Bag for a Motorcycle Sissy Bar?

How to Choose the Right Bag for a Motorcycle Sissy Bar?

When your bike has limited space to carry luggage, motorcycle sissy bar bags can provide extra storage options. Your choice of sissy bar bag will vary depending on the length of a trip. If you’re planning a trip for 3-4 days or one week, you won’t need a large sissy bar bag with multiple compartments. If your trip is going to be two weeks or longer, your sissy bar bag must be large enough to carry all the essentials for the duration of the trip.

This article will help you figure out how to choose the right motorcycle sissy bar bag.

1. Tips on How to Choose the Right Motorcycle Sissy Bar Bag

1.1 Material

When choosing a bag for a motorcycle sissy bar, the material is the first thing you should look at. For bike enthusiasts who ride regularly or across long distances, their sissy bar bag should be made of tough materials. You need a sturdy bag if you ride regularly or for long distances. Choose a tough, durable bag that will withstand whatever you can throw at it.

Most motorcycle sissy bar bags are made of nylon, leather, cordura, canvas, or other synthetic materials. All of these materials are tough, long-lasting, and best for carrying luggage on long rides

1.2 Size

Before choosing a sissy bar bag, you must first determine how much stuff you plan to carry.

If your sissy bar bag is too heavy, it might make it harder to steer your motorbike. Additionally, a heavy bag may cause the sissy bar, luggage rack, or a part of your bike's frame to break under the extra weight.

The size of the sissy bar bag should suit the height and style of the sissy bar. Sissy bar bags with storage space between 40 and 60 liters are excellent for trips lasting more than one day. They can carry clothes, a laptop, a camera, and toiletries. The ideal storage capacity of a sissy bar bag’s main compartment should be about 50 liters.

Before purchasing a sissy bar bag, try it out on your motorcycle or work with a dealer with a flexible return policy.

1.3 Features

When choosing a motorcycle sissy bar, look for the following features:

  • Quick-release buckles
  • Adjustable mounting straps
  • Adjustable handle or shoulder strap
  • Fail-safe heavy-duty zippers
  • Internal dividers
  • Reflective webbing
  • Rigid bottom plate
  • Safety feature
  • Keeps belongings dry and protected
  • Compatible with your motorcycle’s specifications
  • Easy to install
  • Improves your motorcycle’s look

1.4 Durability

Life isn’t always easy for you and your sissy bar bag while you’re riding a motorcycle. Therefore, you must make sure that the bag is harder enough to withstand everything you face when riding. More durable sissy bar bags tend to be more expensive, but can better handle road and weather conditions. There are also less expensive options that have adequate endurance for touring city streets.

1.5 Weather Protection

If you find yourself traveling in the rain, you'll want a sissy bar bag with weather protection to keep your stuff from getting wet. A water-resistant sissy bar bag should be sufficient if you're traveling in the occasional downpour. You can add extra features like water-resistant zippers or storm flaps to cover the exterior pockets.

A waterproof bag, however, could be more appropriate for your needs if rain or snow often accompanies you on your commute (or if you desire a pack that can also be used for leisurely outings in muddy, damp environments). In that case, to help fend off the weather, seek for features like welded seams, waterproof lining, and roll-top closures.

1.6 Visibility

We can all agree that being nearly forced out of our lanes or getting rear-ended by some inattentive motorist is an all-too-common experience as two-wheeled riders, both on motorcycles and on bicycles. Visibility is the reason this occurs more often on a bike than in a car.

Motorcycles are smaller and more maneuverable, often riding into other drivers' blind spots and not being spotted in rearview mirrors until it is too late.

Choosing a sissy bar bag with bright colors will help improve visibility. During the day, sissy bar bags have highly-visible fluorescent stitches that reflect a significant amount of UV radiation from the sun. During the night, sissy bar bags rely on their highly reflective material that catches even dim light

1.7 Pockets

Larger sissy bar bags typically come with additional pockets, providing you with more options for how to arrange your stuff. However, a few sissy bar bags come with waterproof compartments and rainproof zippers. Choose a sissy bar bag that is easily accessible so you can quickly find your belongings even during a ride.

1.8 Storage

Before choosing a sissy bar bag, go through a checklist of all the gear you need to pack when going on a motorcycle trip:

  • Motorcycle tool kit
  • Tire repair kit
  • Rain gear
  • First aid kit
  • Camping essentials
  • Food and water

These are the few important things to carry on a long trip. The finest motorcycle sissy bar bags need about 40 liters to properly do it all, and you'll need even more if you want to include any recreational activities like motorcycle touring or trail riding. 

It is always preferable to have additional space than required. Make sure the pack you purchase can handle the entire list of activities your two-wheeler may be used for.

1.9 Lightweight

The more belongings you carry inside your sissy bar bag, the more weight your motorcycle will be transporting.

It's likely that before you even put your gear inside your pack, you'll feel the weight of it if you add dependable protective armor and a strong waterproofing system.

Lightweight and durable materials can ensure a long-lasting sissy bar bag that does not add too much extra weight to your motorcycle.

Avoid sissy bar bags with hard cases, PVC materials, or rubber materials. Although these materials are waterproof, they can weigh more than five pounds when empty.

A sissy bar bag made of water-resistant nylon is the best option due to being suited for all weather conditions, having good abrasion resistance, and being lightweight.

1.10 Aesthetics

Another thing that most riders see when choosing a bag for a motorcycle sissy bar, is the appearance. Motorcyclists want to get a sissy bar bag that complements the look of their bikes.

2. Motorcycle Sissy Bar Bag Advantages and Disadvantages

2.1 Advantages

  • They make it easy to carry your stuff
  • They come in different designs and sizes
  • They are mounted away from the wheel, chain, and muffler
  • They keep the weight of your stuff over your motorcycle’s suspension
  • They don’t interfere with steering due to being out of your way

2.2 Disadvantages

  • They can crack the sissy bar, frame, or luggage rack if too heavy
  • They require your motorcycle to have a luggage rack or sissy bar
  • They can be easily removed by a person if not secured properly
  • They may affect your motorcycle’s handling or balance if too heavy

3. What Makes Best Motorcycle Sissy Bar Bags?

Most riders have trouble carrying luggage when going on long motorcycle rides. You have to carry a lot of stuff, including riding gear, a toolbox, camping essentials, a repair kit, a first aid kit, etc. Choose a sissy bar bag that has enough storage space to carry and organize everything. 

An ideal motorcycle sissy bar bag should have excellent weather protection, long-term durability, multiple pockets, and a large storage capacity. It should be made of a sturdy, heavy-duty, and lightweight material.

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