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Best Motorcycle Sissy Bars for Custom Cruiser Riders

Best Motorcycle Sissy Bars for Custom Cruiser Riders

Cruisers are versatile vehicles as they can be used for slow urban rides, daily commutes, and long-distance tours. But to improve a cruiser’s capabilities, riders can install aftermarket parts like sissy bars. 

Sissy bars are made of two long steel bars welded to create a triangular structure with a curved tip. They are usually attached to the rear fender struts. Depending on the size of the sissy bar, this will determine its purpose. 

Despite the sissy bar being a useful feature, they do not come pre-installed on most motorcycles. That is because sissy bars are considered custom parts that allow motorcyclists to add personal touches as they see fit to better suit their riding styles.

Back in the early 60s and 70s, sissy bars were installed on choppers and cruisers to improve their overall looks. This trend has continued to the modern day, with sissy bars being used to enhance motorcycles’ aesthetic appeal, mount luggage, and attach a passenger backrest

Here are examples of the best sissy bars you can install on cruisers.

1. Short Sissy Bars

Short sissy bars are usually 16’’ high and used as rear hand grips. In addition, they may feature a backrest that offers comfort for passengers on long tours. Arguably, short sissy bars are not used for styling purposes especially when a backrest or pad is added to them. But the sense of confidence and control they impart make them a worthy investment.

Short sissy bars are best suited for cruisers able to seat shorter or average passengers. The attached backrest offers comfortable back support for the passenger. In addition, it helps keep the passenger secure if you suddenly apply the brakes.

It is not uncommon for passengers to move back or forward as the rider accelerates too quickly or presses sudden brakes. Not to mention, they pull riders with them which may result in losing control of the bike. Short sissy bars increase riding comfort and stability for the riders as well.

2. Tall Sissy Bars

Tall sissy bars can have a height between 20’’-24’’, though custom tall sissy bars can have a height between 30’’-36’’. They look most stylish when there is no backrest or pad, but are not the most comfortable without a backrest.

A tall sissy bar reduces the impact of bumpy roads by supporting the back and neck. Due to their height, they offer more storage space to carry extra luggage. Riders can use cinch straps to secure camping gear, dry bags, and backpacks to the bars. You can stack two or three luggage bags along the length of the tall motorcycle sissy bars to increase storage space. Riders can also strap half-filled gas cans to tall sissy bars depending on their maximum weight capacity.

3. Quick-Release Detachable Sissy Bars

Compared to bolt-on motorcycle sissy bars, quick-release detachable sissy bars allow riders to quickly install or remove a backrest if necessary. You can add a detachable sissy bar pad if you are riding with a passenger or carrying luggage.

Large luggage bags mounted on sissy bars without backrests tend to slide around when turning. A detachable quick-release sissy bar pushes the bag slightly forward, allowing the rider to lean against it and keep it in place.

Quick-release detachable sissy bars also have aesthetic appeal. You can remove the backrest from the sissy bar for a more conspicuous look or the sissy bar if you prefer a more aggressive street-style look. Plus, the quick-release detachable sissy bars make it easier to remove if you need to shed any extra weight.

Quick-release detachable sissy bars are available in different sizes, making it easy to find a version best suited for transporting passengers or carrying luggage.

4. Padded Sissy Bars

Padded sissy bars feature a built-in sissy bar pad and alleviate the need to purchase a sissy bar pad or backrest separately. However, padded sissy bars have limited customization options. They also cannot be adjusted to suit the height of all passengers.

5. Non-Padded Sissy Bars

Non-padded sissy bars require you to buy a backrest separately. However, you can choose whether to have a backrest/pad installed or not depending on your needs. Most riders who go on solo trips prefer using these sissy bars to carry backpacks, hang helmets and jackets, or secure the end of a tent.

6. Stainless Steel Matte Sissy Bars

A stainless steel matte finish offers protection from corrosion and becoming worn down. Since the coating is economical, this type of sissy bar is the most budget-friendly option.

7. Chrome Sissy Bars

If you want to give your cruiser a retro look, choose a chrome sissy bar. The chrome plating gives it a shiny look, prevents corrosion, and is long-lasting thanks to its wear-resistant properties. Chrome sissy bars are best suited for long-distance trips and traveling in bad weather conditions.

8. Black Sissy Bars

Glossy black or black powder-coated sissy bars have a classy and modern look. The black sissy bars give your motorcycle an intimidating look and complement the blacked-out look of most contemporary cruisers. A popular example would be Harley Davidson Night Rod Special.

Black sissy bars improve the styling, protection, and storage of a motorcycle. The black powder-coating helps protect your motorcycle’s chassis from scratches, rust, and corrosion; the common damaging factors one faces on  long-distance motorcycle trips.

9. Takeaway

Motorcycle sissy bars are useful motorcycle parts that prove useful on short commutes and long tours. Viking Bags offers a wide selection of sturdy sissy bars in various styles and sizes. The best thing about VikingBag sissy bars is that they preserve the characteristics of your motorcycle just like OEM motorcycle parts do. 

For more details, make sure to check out the Viking Bags website and blog.

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