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What Is the Best Biker Gang to Join?

What Is the Best Biker Gang to Join?

If you want to take your motorbike to the highway while wearing a leather vest and a certain patch denoting the motorcycle club, you need to know what a biker gang is and how it works. You cannot just be a part of a biker gang if you have a passion for group motorcycle riding. You are probably unsure what a biker gang is and how it works.

The biker gang is usually referred to as the outlaw motorcycle clubs (OMCs). Biker gangs are not only about bikes and rallies. OMCs are a part of several organized crime, violence, as well as dealing drugs. Such a lifestyle of outlaw motorcycle clubs entails many consequences, which include going to jail and even death. Read on to learn about the reasons why you should avoid joining a biker gang and the legal and ethical alternatives to join.

1. Reasons Why You Should Avoid Joining a Biker Gang

1.1 Lawless Lifestyle

Outlaw motorcycle clubs and gangs are involved in unlawful activities to finance their operations and to continue exercising their authority. This can range from the transportation of illicit substances such as drugs to the transportation of weapons, and they also blackmail people. In case a member of such a biker gang participates in any of these activities, he/she will be liable to legal consequences.

1.2 Violence

The regional biker gangs also remain in constant confrontations with other native motorcycle clubs. The leadership and members of the motorcycle club engage in violent behaviors, placing themselves and others in difficult situations.

1.3 Loyalty Before All

Biker gangs require a total commitment from those who join them. This can involve risking the lives of yourself, your family, and friends, and compromising your personal and moral beliefs for the sake of the club.

1.4 Restricted Freedom

Members of biker gangs usually think of themselves as the symbol of freedom, yet they are highly restricted by their leaders. There are places that are restricted from accessing; there are people the member of the motorcycle club can associate with, and the type of motorbike that one can possess to qualify to be a member of the MC.

2. Outlaw Motorcycle Gangs: The Notorious Big Four

There are numerous Motorcycle clubs with huge existence all over the world and some of them are banned as well. The "Big Four" refers to the most prominent and dangerous Outlaw Motorcycle Clubs in the United States, including Outlaws, Bandidos, Hells Angels, and Pagans. These are some of the most dangerous and notorious motorcycle gangs. These clubs have a recorded past of being involved in criminal activities and they are said to have a certain level of influence in different areas.

2.1 Hells Angels

Hells Angels
Photo Credit: Rolling Stone

The Hells Angels are one of the dominant OMCs globally, and it was formed in California in 1947. They are easily distinguished by their winged skull logo and are notorious for being involved in the smuggling of illicit substances, and weapons, and often engage in heinous acts of violence with other gangs. They are active in the United States of America and other countries in the world.

2.2 Pagans Motorcycle Club

Pagans Motorcycle Club
Photo Credit: Hot Cars

The Pagans are a motorcycle club that originated in the mid-1950s and their roots are in the East Coast of the United States of America while being the most prominent in the Mid-Atlantic region. It is also accused of being involved in the drug trade, organized crime, and other gang-related activities including gang rivalry. They also have been involved in confrontations with the police.

2.3 The Outlaws MC

The Outlaws MC
Photo Credit: Vox

Outlaws MC was established in 1935, and it was initially based in McCook, Illinois. The Outlaws have spread out their locations in almost all parts of the world with their presence in more than 43 countries and having 3000 members in the club. Like other Big Four clubs, they are involved in drug trafficking, the sale of weapons, and involvement in gangs’ gang-related activities.

2.4 Bandidos Motorcycle Club

Bandidos MC started in Texas in 1966, and currently, it has become one of the most prominent OMCs with existence in more than 22 countries. They are also involved in criminal activities including drug trafficking and other violent crimes.

It is also pertinent to state that when people talk of the ‘Big Four’ it does not imply that every other motorcycle club is sober and is not involved in any form of crime. Numerous other small-scale and local motorcycle clubs also engage in the above-stated criminal activities and act as vicious as the big four OMCs.

3. Lawful Alternatives to Joining Motorcycle Gangs

Want to experience the brotherhood and a synchronized motorcycle group riding? You can still experience the true biker spirit without being a part of a biker gang with these safe and legal alternatives:

3.1 Motorcycle Touring Clubs

Structure and Support : Some touring clubs allow you to ride under the supervision and training of experienced members who will take you through some of the lovely routes. They also offer packaged motorcycle tours, taking you to places of interest.

Community and Fellowship : Members of the touring clubs are quite friendly. There are high chances that you will make good friends due to having common interests.

Skill Development : There are also the touring clubs which are normally involved in offering practice and training sessions as well as workshops to improve the riding skills and confidence of young and new riders.

Variety and Adventure : The touring clubs are for all types of adventure seekers, those who can only do day tours because of tight schedules, and those who are willing to go on long multi-day tours.

3.2 Biker Rallies

Immerse yourself in the Biker Culture : Biker rallies are ideal social grounds for finding thousands of bikers from different demographics.

Entertainment and Activities: Another idea for making the rally more interesting is the provision of music and food during the event. Rallies also include different racing competitions and exhibitions of customized bikes.

Discover New Products and Trends: Manufacturers of motorcycles and riding gear also exhibit their latest products that are available in the market and one can get a preview of what is new in the market.

Find Your Tribe: Rallies also provide different levels and types of rides that suit and match your particular style so you can find riders that are in the same riding genre.

4. Lawful and Ethical Motorcycle Clubs to Join

Through movies and TV shows, the media brings out the image of motorcycle gangs as ‘‘bad boys’’ and this has been a key reason why most people shy away from joining a motorcycle club. However numerous legal and ethical motorcycle clubs around the world would be willing to consider new members who have an interest in riding a motorcycle and joining a club for brotherhood. Here's a closer look at some popular options, each offering unique services to support different causes:

4.1 Buffalo Soldiers Motorcycle Club

Buffalo Soldiers Motorcycle Club
Photo Credit: Montgomery Advertiser

Founded : October 1993

Members : 5,000+

Buffalo Soldiers Motorcycle Club is one of the largest Black, African-American motorcycle clubs operating in the U.S. The members of this motorcycle club are said to have a heart of gold as they participate in many charitable events and social services for soldiers as well as the victims of natural disasters. As you can see in their patch, they are named after the special Black African-American regiments in the U.S. Army, also known as the Buffalo Soldiers.

4.2 Christian Motorcyclists Association (CMA): Faith and Fellowship on Two Wheels

Christian Motorcyclists Association (CMA): Faith and Fellowship on Two Wheels
Photo Credit: New Hope Rising

Founded : 1975

Members : 125,000

Focus : The idea is to organize family-friendly events, promote the Christian faith within the community, and serve the community.

The CMA is a motorcycle club where individuals go to ride their motorcycles and share their faith in Christianity. They also help in organizing transport, meetings, and church services for Christian bikers so that the members can engage. The CMA is also involved in charitable activities where members also get an opportunity to participate in community events and try to portray a good image of motorcycle riders.

4.3 Iron Legacy Motorcycle Club: Brotherhood, Charity, and Responsible Riding

Iron Legacy Motorcycle Club: Brotherhood, Charity, and Responsible Riding
Photo Credit: Main Street Media TN

Founded : July 4, 2004

Members : 2,000+

Focus : Friendship, charity, veteran support, and safe riding attitude.

The Iron Legacy motorcycle club was created by several retired and active-duty police officers, firefighters, and military personnel with the aim of safe riding, charity, and advocacy for military veterans. They conduct fundraisers and cultivate a compelling brotherly bond among the members. For those who are bikers or at least desire to become one, intending to participate in charity events for multiple social causes, the Iron Legacy motorcycle club is a good option to join.

4.4 Harley Owners Group (HOG): A Celebration of the Harley-Davidson Legacy

Harley Owners Group (HOG): A Celebration of the Harley-Davidson Legacy
Photo Credit: Clarksville Online

Founded : 1983

Members : 1,000,000+

Focus : Cherishing Harley-Davidson motorcycles and riders, promoting social gatherings, and brand prestige.

HOG is an official club of Harley-Davidson brand which is intended to embrace all the lovers of the brand and those who are interested in riding motorcycles. They organize certain rides, special events, and rallies to enable the Harley owners to express their loyalty and attachment to the Harley brand as well as to meet people with similar interests.

4.5 Sons of Liberty New York (SOLNY) Veteran’s Riding Club

Founded : 2010

Focus : Patriotism, civil engagement, veterans, and law enforcement.

The Sons of Liberty New York (SOLNY) is a riding club based in New York and it is very much supportive of the military, the police force, and the firefighters. They raise funds for the underprivileged, organize events to support the needy and help in teaching the citizens patriotic roles in society. To sum up, for those who want to support and contribute to society and social causes, the Sons of Liberty New York is a good option for you if you are a patriot and a philanthropist.

4.6 Women In the Wind (WITW)

Women In the Wind (WITW)
Photo Credit: The FM Extra

Founded : June 1, 1979

Focus : Strengthening the bond between women riders and motorcycles and promoting feminism.

The WITW is one encouraging club for women riders. They facilitate training programs, rides, and rallies that make women feel empowered. WITW is also suitable for women who enjoy motorcycling and like to get acquainted with interesting like-minded females.

4.7 BMW Motorcycle Owners of America (BMW MOA)

BMW Motorcycle Owners of America (BMW MOA)
Photo Credit: All The Best

Founded : 1972

Focus : BMW Motorcycles, technical support, educational material, and resources.

The BMW MOA is a motorcycle club that was formed to unite riders who own and are passionate about German-made BMW bikes. They offer training material, instructional classes, and support so you can easily learn to maintain and repair your BMW motorcycle. The BMW Motorcycle Owners of America also organizes motorcycle tours and events for BMW motorcycle owners.

4.8 Ride for Kids

Focus : Childcare hospitals, pediatric brain research, and fundraising for kids.

“Ride for Kids” is a motorcycle club, which has a strong aim to help children who suffer from cancer and to support pediatric brain tumor research as well as hospitals for children. They have charity rides and events all year round across the country and through membership, one can personally support this noble cause while surrounded by like-minded motorcycle enthusiasts.

4.9 Bikers Against Child Abuse (B.A.C.A.)

Bikers Against Child Abuse (B.A.C.A.)
Photo Credit: The Inter Mountain

Founded : 1995

Focus : Child abuse prevention, advocacy in court for child abuse cases, and support and assistance for child abuse victims.

They are a special motorcycle club known as B.A.C.A. which is an acronym for ‘Bikers Against Child Abuse’. They do not only go for rides on motorcycles but rather their major focus is to help the victims and families of child abuse via legal proceedings and community activities. Through B.A.C.A, you can make a difference in the lives of children in need of various assistance.

4.10 The Distinguished Gentleman's Ride (DGR)

Founded : 2012

Focus : Male health education, especially prostate cancer and mental health.

DGR is more like a society than a regular motorcycle club. It organizes an awareness event every year where motorcycle lovers dress most appropriately and ride through the streets to raise funds for men’s health, especially in the area of prostate cancer and mental health.

4.11 U.S. Veteran MC

U.S. Veteran MC
Photo Credit: Hot Cars

Founded : 2007

Focus : Assistance for the veterans, giving back to society, and the rights of veterans.

The U. S. Veteran MC is a motorcycle club that is formed especially for veteran who are fond of riding motorcycles. This club believes in assisting veterans in various facets of life such as volunteering and advocating for their rights. It is an ideal club for those biking enthusiasts who are elderly and who are willing to extend a helping hand to fellow veterans and society.

The above-listed motorcycle clubs are only a few lawful and sober groups. The other motorcycle clubs in the country are working for the good of society and the motorcycling community. Research your choices, look for a club that is right for you, and prepare to embrace the true essence of motorcycling, including traveling, freedom, excitement, and the road.

5. The Bottom Line

It is now clear that you must not get involved with OMCs or biker gangs. The outlaws or criminal biker gangs are destructive to the culture of motorcycling and group riding. They are often involved in performing criminal acts, being violent, and have a strict structure of command that doesn’t even let members leave the group easily.

Today, you can find a great number of excellent motorcycle clubs formed to cherish brotherhood, organize fundraising rides, and enjoy satisfying group rides on open roads. It is therefore advisable that one joins a motorcycle club that is most likely related to the riders’ values and interests to help have a much safer and positive motorcycling experience.

Whether you ride in a group or solo, the essence of motorcycling can only be achieved while riding on open roads and canyon carving. If you want to have the best experience on two wheels, you must go on a motorcycle tour to visit places you haven’t seen before. However, there are things that must be accomplished beforehand while planning your tour. Getting your bike ready for long miles can save you from many issues on the tour and can make your journey more comfortable and memorable.

Viking Bags , a leading motorcycle luggage bags and aftermarket parts producer, offers a range of add-ons, including sissy bars , backrests , crash bars , and fairings to make your experience plusher. Other than that, there are saddlebags , tank bags , backpacks , and tour packs that can help you carry useful stuff you will need on the tour.

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