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Reasons Why We Ride and Love Motorcycles

Reasons Why We Ride and Love Motorcycles

If you have ever come across or passed by a psychiatrist clinic, you must have never seen a motorcycle parked outside it. This is one of the most striking facts a true motorcyclist can ever tell you while sharing the benefits of riding or discussing the reasons why people love riding motorcycles.

Motorcycle riding may seem a tiring or unwanted activity to many non-motorcyclists but if you go deep into the positive outcomes and once you give it a go, only then you will understand what it is truly like to ride a motorcycle. Continue reading this article as we delve deeper into the reasons why we ride and love motorcycles and the benefits of riding them.

Reasons Why We Ride and Love Motorcycles

1. Mental Health Benefits of Motorcycle Riding

Mental Health Benefits of Motorcycle Riding
Photo Credit: Born Motor Co

Starting with the most significant positive impact, motorcycling can help you attain multiple mental health benefits. It is not just a random statement, it is proved by scientific research. Motorcycle riding can make you happy as it releases dopamine (happy hormone) and increases the level of adrenaline in your body which makes you feel excited and thrilled.

On the other hand, motorcycling also helps in relieving stress and anxiety as it decreases the cortisol level in your body which is the main culprit behind your worry and unease. You forget about all your work-related and personal problems when you are riding a motorcycle. It attracts all your concentration as you are on the road. The fresh breeze you inhale and the wind touching your body are some of the best feelings to experience.

2. Motorcycles Are a Stylish Mode of Transport

Mental Health Benefits of Motorcycle Riding
Photo Credit: GQ

This reason may be debatable if you prefer using a car for transport. However, considering the modern-day bikes that come with numerous innovative built-in features, classic silhouettes, and young people's inclination towards motorcycles makes them a clear winner. Motorcycles have become a style statement for many.

Motorcycles are not merely used as a necessity or for transportation, they have become a luxury machine for riders. The feeling of possessing one makes riders proud.

There are hundreds of motorcycling events, rallies, and shows organized regularly where bikers flaunt their stylish bikes and customization skills. For motorcyclists, deciding which is a more stylish ride between a car and a motorbike, is not even a point of discussion. Also, the fact that most modern bikes are more luxurious and expensive than cars makes them more desirable.

3. The Sense of Freedom on Motorcycles

Mental Health Benefits of Motorcycle Riding
Photo Credit: RideLog Blog

Another top reason why riders are crazy about riding motorcycles is the sense of freedom they get from it. The feeling when you hit open roads and highways on this machine is the most precious experience. Being a lighter and comparatively smaller mode of transport than cars, riders can take their bikes to visit faraway places without being too worried about repairs and breakdowns.

Even if things don’t go as planned or the bike stops working, you have options to make repairs and receive roadside assistance easily. Also, in the worst-case scenario, if the bike doesn’t start after repair, you can load the bike onto a motorcycle trailer and transport it back to your home, dealership, or nearby mechanic shop.

Unlike cars, you are not caged inside a structure while riding a motorbike. You get to feel the fresh air passing through your hair and your body, giving you the adrenaline rush as you further twist the throttle.

4. Motorcycles Are Lighter and Smaller

Though motorcycles are extremely powerful machines with most of them having robust engines, they are still one of the lightest and smaller modes of transportation. Considering your height, size, and riding skills, you can choose a bike that suits you perfectly. Being lighter, they are easy to maneuver in almost every condition.

Due to being smaller, motorcycles take less space on the road and can therefore, easily make their way even on busy roads. Due to having such characteristics, motorcycles are ideal for traveling within the city, on busy roads, particularly through stop-and-go traffic. You can reach your destination on time if you are using a motorcycle for transportation. Unlike cars, motorcycles can also be easily parked and stored in garages due to being compact.

5. The Pride in Being a Part of the Motorcycling Community

The Pride in Being a Part of the Motorcycling Community
Photo Credit: NBC News

5.1 The Motorcycling Community and Culture

Doesn’t matter which motorcycle brand you own, if you have a motorcycle, you are a part of one of the largest communities in the world which is the “Motorcycling Community”. It is more than a community, it is a culture that encompasses several subcultures as well. Some people are fond of riding sports bikes, some prefer to ride on the dirt. The American riders promote the cruisers, baggers, and touring bikes culture as they love to long miles.

5.2 Brotherhood

Photo Credit: Hot Cars

Being a part of the motorcycling community also comes with several other perks, including a sense of brotherhood and friendship. Most will agree that the nicest people you will ever meet are the bikers. They are the friendliest species on two wheels, offering assistance to anybody at the roadside who needs it.

As you grow as a motorcyclist, you start understanding the signs and nods to ensure safety on the road. This also develops a sense of care for each other.

5.3 Friendships

Along with the brotherhood, you can also make true friends being a motorcyclist as people with similar interests attract each other. You talk more; you share more; you ride together; you go on long journeys together, and that is how you become fast friends. 

6. Motorcycling As a Form of Light Exercise

There is a reason why you feel cramps in your body and feel a bit tired after a ride. It is because riding a motorcycle is a form of light exercise and it targets several body muscles. Your body is actively participating as you ride a motorcycle and during the course, the pressure shifts on different muscles. Whether it is your back, arms, shoulders, neck, thighs, or calves, they have to be in good shape to keep riding.

Riding a motorcycle is an art, you need to maintain a perfect balance and posture to avoid having a bad impact on your muscles. Any exercise, only if done properly, will have a positive impact on your body.

This is the reason why people ride motorcycles as a hobby because it keeps them fit to a certain extent. It also keeps riders motivated to stay fit and healthy and they start working out as a result.

7. Motorcycling is Fun and Thrilling

Motorcycling is Fun and Thrilling
Photo Credit: Rev’It

Motorcycling is not only limited to city traveling. Motorcycles are desirable machines to be used for leisure activities and adventures. Not to forget, there are many genres of motorcycling, including track racing, road riding, cruising, off-roading, and touring. You can either become an on-roader or an off-roader depending on your taste and preferences.

Do you want one of the best lifetime experiences on a motorcycle? Go on a long motorcycle tour or a cross-country ride. If you have the skills to handle your bike on unpaved terrain, you must experience off-road adventures. You will have memories and stories to tell your acquaintances, friends, and family about your experience. Motorcycling is undoubtedly one of the most fun and thrilling activities one can ever experience in his/her life.

8. Motorcycles Are True Love

You will find some people always complaining about not finding true love in their lives. However, bikers have eliminated this problem by finding their true love in motorcycles. Motorcyclists love and treat their bikes as their partners. They spend time with their bikes; take good care of them; fulfill all their needs and requirements, and keep them in good shape. It may sound funny but it is a true spirit of motorcycling. You become so considerate and protective about your motorcycle.

Some motorcyclists also refer to their bikes as ‘He’ or ‘She’. They also have names for their bikes which shows the presence of strong bonding and relationship between the man and machine. In some serious cases of relationships between bikers and their motorcycles, bikers are found to prioritize and choose their bikes over their lover.

9. Motorcycles Attract Girls

Motorcycles Attract Girls
Photo Credit: Rider Justice

Not sure whether motorcyclists attract girls or not, but motorcycles surely do. There is an element of spark and something very desirable about motorcycles that girls like. It is evident from the fact that more and more girls nowadays are starting to ride motorcycles. Motorcycling is no longer only the boys’ domain as girls can be seen participating in almost every notable racing event, fighting for world racing championship titles.

There is a majority of other girls who want to just sit in the passenger seat and enjoy the ride. So, being a rider, you have the scope to impress girls and maybe someday you have someone on the passenger seat as a permanent ride partner.

10. Motorcycles Are Economical in Terms of Fuel Consumption

Though modern-day, highly innovative, and top-of-the-line motorbikes are no more economical in terms of their price, most of the bikes are still substantially fuel effective than other vehicles. Motorcycles are lighter to move or propel due to which they are mostly installed with comparatively smaller engines than cars, resulting in a low fuel consumption.

Due to being more fuel efficient than cars, motorcycles are more than just a leisure machine, they are a necessity, the sole means of transportation, and a source of income for many riders.

11. The Feeling of Opening the Throttle

The Feeling of Opening the Throttle
Photo Credit: Motofomo

What gives the most adrenaline rush to bikers is the feel of opening the throttle of a motorbike. It is the crux or essence of riding a motorcycle. The ability to control the speed and engine power of a motorcycle is what makes you feel on top of the world. This is where the bond and understanding between a biker and a motorcycle becomes more evident. You must know how your bike will respond as you open the throttle and to what extent you should open the throttle considering the riding conditions.

Similarly, controlling the acceleration through gear shifting is another feel that makes motorcycling a true art. A rider is in a completely different zone when he/she opens the full throttle and the air drag becomes maximum. This is a feeling that can never be put in words. However, if you are sensible, you know your limits as a biker as safety is the most important aspect of riding a motorbike.

12. The Capability of Motorcycles to Be Improved and Customized

The Capability of Motorcycles to Be Improved and Customized

One of the most loved things about motorcycles is their ability to be customized to improve their looks and performance. Can’t afford a new motorcycle? Not a problem as you can buy an old or used bike and make it look new through customization.

Thanks to motorcycle customization you can never get bored of your bikes and they never get outdated. You can always add your personal touch to stylize your motorbike and upgrade its performance as well.

Viking Bags, a leading motorcycle luggage bags and aftermarket parts manufacturer, offers a range of customization options that provide easy solutions to improve the level of comfort and touring capabilities of your bike. In the luggage section, you can find neatly designed saddlebags, tank bags, backpacks, and much more. With parts like sissy bars, crash bars, backrests, and fairings made to suit your specific make and model, you can make your bike look elegant.

13. Wrap-Up

The above-mentioned reasons in this article why we ride and love motorcycles perfectly sum up everything that serves as a motivation for riders to continue riding. Motorcycling has become a hobby and is more like a craze that keeps riders glued to this activity and the community. The continuous improvements, innovations, investments, and interests of tech giants and business owners in the motorcycling field draw a clear picture of how big this industry has become and the potential to grow even further. More than the manufacturers, the motorcycling community and riders have played a crucial role in creating a whole new world of motorcycling and urged more bikers to start riding.

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