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Why Do People Hate Bikers/Motorcyclists So Much?

Why Do People Hate Bikers_Motorcyclists So Much

Ever felt threatened while being around a biker/motorcyclist on the road? The answer can vary depending on whether you are a car driver or a motorcycle rider. It is true to a certain sense that people mostly hate bikers, particularly those who own a luxurious or expensive car. While feeling hatred for bikers is not only limited to car drivers, most motorcyclists also hate bikers for their irresponsible behavior while maneuvering on the road, making it hard to use the same space while riding beside them. The troublesome behavior of certain bikers can cause uneasiness, and safety hazards, and provide the other road users with a reason to worry. Such reckless behavior of certain bikers makes them deserve the hate for their presence on the road. Continue reading this article to learn why people hate bikers/motorcyclists so much.

Reasons Why People Hate Bikers_Motorcyclists So Much

1. Why Do People Hate Bikers/Motorcyclists So Much?

1.1 Getting Too Close to Luxurious and Expensive Cars

Getting Too Close to Luxurious and Expensive Cars
Photo Credit: Bennetts Insurance

If you own a luxurious and expensive plush car that makes you nervous while taking it out on the road, you will naturally feel the hate of being around a motorcycle. You will hate to share the road with an irresponsible rider because he/she can most probably scratch your car while passing without even realizing how much even a tiny scratch can cost you.

Not all bikers are to be hated or disliked just because they own and ride a motorcycle. A majority of motorcyclists are sensible, and responsible, and prioritize safety. Like most cars, most of the motorcycles available on the market nowadays are also quite wide, plush, and expensive. Riders who own such motorbikes also don’t want to be around irresponsible bikers.

1.2 Unsafe Lane Changing

Motorcycles are comparatively smaller than cars and are therefore a popular means of transport because they can easily be maneuvered in busy traffic and are ideal for traveling within the city. Unlike cars, motorcycles require a small passage even on a busy road to make their way. An irresponsible motorcyclist who is tired of getting stuck in a busy lane will opt to make unsafe lane changes. Car drivers usually find such reckless motorcyclists’ behavior to be extremely irritating.

1.3 Motorcyclists Disrupting the Flow of Traffic

Those motorcyclists who annoyingly interrupt and disturb the flow of traffic and love to ride in the fast car lanes are some of the most hated bikers. Such bikers are not only annoying but can be a great safety risk for themselves and others on the road.

1.4 Not Keeping the Safe Distance

Some of the bikers have the urge to enter or fill in the small spaces they find in the lanes without being considerate of the other users on the road. Such behavior of motorcyclists seems rude as you must keep a safe distance from other vehicles on the road.

1.5 Motorcyclists Intruding Drivers’ Privacy at Traffic Signals

Most people or road users do not like the fact that motorbikes are exposed or open machines, unlike cars. Though it is mostly considered a plus point of a motorcycle, it is often seen negatively as an invasion of privacy by car drivers. Motorcycles are usually taller in terms of their seat height and from the viewpoint of a car driver, if a motorcycle rider stops right beside you on a traffic signal, he/she can have a full view inside your car. Though not every biker has the intention to scan what is happening inside your car through the window, it may be natural for a rider to unintentionally give a brief look inside your car.

1.6 Bikers Performing Stunts

Bikers Performing Stunts
Photo Credit: Wikipedia

It doesn’t matter whether you drive a car or ride a motorcycle, you only need to be a road user to hate motorcyclists who perform stunts on the road. Such stunt performers are the main reason why bikers receive hate from people as they create a bad image of the rest of the motorcycling community. Motorcyclists performing stunts on the road not only put their lives in danger but also become a safety hazard for everyone else on the road.

1.7 Motorcyclists Flaunting Obnoxiously Loud Pipes

Another good reason why people hate bikers is because of the straight and loud pipes installed on their bikes. You do not have to be a car driver or a rider to dislike such riders with viciously loud pipes, resulting in noise pollution. One of the most affected people irritated to the core are the neighbors and the communities living in the zone where such riders are found.

Installing loud exhaust pipes on motorcycles is not the right way to pay tribute to the motorcycling legacy. If you are a true motorcycling enthusiast and fond of riding long miles, there are several sophisticated add-ons that can be beneficial to you and add to the value of your bike, including sissy bars, crash bars, backrests, and fairings. The motorcycle luggage bag options available at Viking Bags are also beneficial in terms of improving the storage space of your bike. These premium-quality luggage bags include saddlebags, backpacks, tank bags, and tour packs to install on your specific make and model.

1.8 Hate for One Percenters (1%ers)

Hate for One Percenters (1%ers)
Photo Credit: Ride Apart

Most people hate bikers because of the image they have of motorcyclists. The one picture that comes to their minds when they see a biker or a group of motorcyclists passing by while wearing leather jackets, bandanas, and riding Harleys is that of an outlaw gang. 1%ers and other unlawful motorcycle gangs and clubs have created an exceptionally disliked image of bikers. Though the outlaws do not even represent one percent of the whole motorcycling community, it can still take years to make everyone believe that motorcyclists are a sober species and they duly follow traffic rules.

1.9 The Negative Portrayal of Motorcyclists in Movies and TV Shows

Photo Credit: MTBR

The other main reason that comes to mind why so many people hate bikers is because of their negative portrayal in movies and TV shows. If you believe in it too, you do not expect bikers to ride sensibly. The picture of a biker that comes to your mind involves riding on one wheel, performing stunts and stoppies everywhere, chasing each other, and maneuvering through tight spaces quickly while not caring about hitting others on the roads.

1.10 Obstructing Fast-Moving Traffic on Highways and Open Roads

Most motorcycles, except sports bikes, are usually slower than cars, and sometimes while riding on fast-moving lanes, particularly on highways and open roads, they don’t gel well with high-speed cars. The problem usually arises when the motorcyclist can’t change the lane and vehicles approaching such motorbikes are unable to find a way to overtake the bike, resulting in road obstruction.

1.11 Drivers Vs Motorcyclists

Another possible reason why drivers hate motorcyclists is because of the jealousy factor. Bikers can easily find space to pass by and reach their destination earlier than a car if the road is busy. If there is a roadblock or heavy flow of traffic, a car driver may have to crawl in the same lane for hours which can be frustrating and result in a hate for motorcyclists.

1.12 Hating Bikers for No Reasons

Hate is a pretty strong word and feeling. Most people just dislike bikers because of their negative portrayal in the media. On the contrary, some people just hate everything they find not according to their taste. For example, some bikers who can’t afford a Harley Davidson will develop hatred for the brand and Harley riders, and associate them with outlaws.

There are also a few people who just love to go against anything, whether it's politics, neighborhood, pets, media, weather, or motorcycles and they are always found complaining about everything in life. For people with such a mindset, they should probably look for something that may be the reason for their excitement and happiness. They should indulge in activities that bring and take the positive person out of them.

2. The Bottom Line

There are many reasons to hate motorcyclists as mentioned in this article. However, it is not justified to have this feeling only because of a single incident that happened to us or in front of us. Most motorcyclists are responsible and use motorcycles as their sole means of transportation to travel to work. It can take years or probably decades to clear the bad image of motorcyclists that has been unfortunately residing in people’s minds.

The irresponsible riding behavior of many motorcyclists on the road is the major cause of why other road users feel threatened and unsafe by bikers’ presence. Bikers should maintain safe distances, ride in their dedicated lane, avoid changing lanes unsafely, and avoid performing stunts, especially on roads.

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