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Victory Gunner Motorcycle: Specs, Features, Background, Performance, & More

Victory Gunner Motorcycle Specs, Features, Background, Performance, & More

Motorcycling is an exciting mode of transportation and a great recreational activity. Most riders buy motorcycles for the thrill and joy that comes with them. Some riders enjoy customizable motorcycles to express their creativity. But buying the right motorcycle can be very challenging. The market is overflowing with different types of motorcycles, with cruisers being the most popular.

Some cruisers look good and some perform well. You may also find the best of both worlds, but at a price that you cannot afford.

But all is not lost. When buying a cruiser motorcycle, there are three things that you should consider other than your budget:

1. Engine performance
2. Riding comfort
3. Maneuverability

If a cruiser has these qualities, then you should consider buying it.

To make the search easy for you, Viking Bags brings you a detailed review of the Victory Gunner cruiser. This bomber-style motorcycle boasts commendable American engineering. With its 1731 cc powerful engine, six-speed transmission, soft seat, minimal styling, blacked-out look, and wide blacked-out handle-bars, this bike appears to be the perfect blend of performance and style.

Read on to see if the Victory Gunner is your ultimate dream bike.

1. A Brief Background of Victory Gunner Motorcycle

Victory launched its bobber-style cruiser lineup, the Gunner in 2014. The fans had huge expectations from the bike but a few test rides revealed that the Gunner cruisers function essentially the same as Victory Judge, sporty bikes launched in 2013.

However, the motorcycle company manufactured Gunner bobber-style cruisers intending to provide more lightweight and affordable motorcycles that any rider can handle.

The aggressive cruiser styling, muted paint schemes, minimal instruments, short cut-out fenders, wide swept-back handlebars, and lack of a pillion are some of the features that set the Gunner apart from the Judge.

To match the robust appearance of the bike, a muscular 1731 cc engine was installed to run the bike. The Gunner shares the engine and the six-speed transmission of the Judge, but the transmission system of the Gunner cruiser is softer and more efficient.

It has also been observed that engine performance is greater in the Victory Gunner. This is because the Gunner is 4.5 kg lighter compared to the Judge cruiser.

Gunner Judge
652.6 lbs 660 lbs
135 mph 130 mph
149.2 Nm 110 Nm
92.4 hp 81 hp
$12,999 (2014) $13,999 (2013)

Based on the chart above, it is evident that the Victory Gunner is faster than the Victory Judge due to removing excess accessories and weight. The Victory Gunner is also more affordable.

The cruisers didn’t change much over the years. Only slight changes to the paint schemes were reported.

Here is a quick overview.

Model Year Price Colors
2014 Victory Gunner $12,999 Suede Metallic
2015 Victory Gunner $12,999 Suede Titanium Metallic with Black
Suede Green Metallic with Black
2016 Victory Gunner $12,999 Suede Metallic
2017 Victory Gunner $13,499
Suede Titanium Metallic
Suede Sagebrush Green Metallic

The Gunner cruiser had a short three-year-long-production run. The bikes were discontinued after 2017 because the parent company Polaris Inc. decided to shut down its motorcycle manufacturing wing - Victory.

2. Victory Gunner Motorcycle at First Glance

Victory Gunner Styling

The Victory Gunner is a bobber-style naked cruiser with a sporty character. It is well-received by riders due to its minimal styling and accessories. The blacked-out treatment and restricted use of chrome add to the sporty feel of the bike. The only parts that did not receive a black coating were the engine, fuel tank speedometer, headlight, front fork, and cast wheels.

The cut-down front and rear fenders, large front tire, elongated teardrop fuel tank, old-school conventional front fork, wide swept-back handlebars, and black oval-shaped mirrors are the most significant features of the Gunner motorcycle. The subtle hint of green in the metallic paint scheme and the shiny Victory decal on the tank further adds to the bike’s charm.

Victory Gunner Instruments & Lighting

The Victory Gunner lacks important instruments such as the tachometer. The bike only comes with an easy-to-read speedometer mounted atop the handlebars. This design feature allows the rider to check his/her riding speed without looking toward the tank to check the speed.

Most riders prefer tank-mounted speedometers due to their aesthetic appeal. But for safety, the Gunner's bar-mounted gauge is the best way.

  • Headlight

For forward lighting, the bike features a traditional round-shaped, chrome-plated headlight and position indicators. The headlight offers adequate visibility during the day when it is foggy or raining and at night.

  • Tail Light

The tail lights and rear turn signals are fixed at the edge of the rear fender and ensure maximum visibility and presence.

Victory Gunner Engine

The Victory Gunner features a Freedom 106 motor that was borrowed from the Victory Judge. The four-stroke air-cooled 50° V-twin engine displaces 1731 cc and generates an impressive peak torque of 149.2 Nm. The SOHC configuration and 101 x 108 mm big-bore, four-valves cylinders greatly enhance the engine performance and higher horsepower. The engine is so powerful that even if you miss the first gear, it will come to life in second gear without issue.

  • Fuel Injection System

Moreover, the engine features an advanced fuel injection system with two 45 mm throttle bodies (TBI) that control air supply to the engine. The fuel injection system is more efficient compared to a carburetor. Due to the TBI, the bike starts quickly even in colder months, consumes less fuel, and offers better engine outputs.

  • Exhaust System

The dual large-bore, slash-cut exhaust system offers a soul-satisfying rumble that perfectly fits the engine. Moreover, the dual pipes increase the outflow of emissions which leads to higher engine efficiency and horsepower.

Victory Gunner Handling

  • Chassis

The Gunner has a lightweight, tubular, double-cradle steel frame and a yoke-style swing arm. The chassis is robust and quite low-maintenance. The bike has nimble steering thanks to its 32° rake. The bike also has a 6.7-inch long trail and 64.8-inch long wheelbase for greater stability and improved handling, but these figures reduce the steering speed of the bike in corners and turns. The 25-inch high seat helps keep the center of gravity low.

  • Drive Train

The 1731 cc engine generates immense power that is supplied to the six-speed transmission via a wet multi-plate clutch. The transmission system allows smooth gear shifts and an uninterrupted power supply to the carbon fiber reinforced final belt drive.
The Gunner’s drive train is efficient and ensures a quick throttle response, better acceleration, and enhanced engine outputs.

  • Suspension

The Gunner's front suspension is a non-adjustable, conventional 43 mm telescopic fork that offers 5.1 inches of wheel travel. The rear suspension is a mono-tube gas shock that has free-floating pistons to prevent the mixing of hydraulic fluids and gas. Hidden from view, the rear suspension is clean and offers 3 inches of wheel travel. Moreover, it provides great support to the rider,has better damping force, and heat dissipation. An adjustable spring preload is also available at the rear.

Victory Gunner Wheels

The Gunner’s wheels are one of the most stylish features of the bike. The bike stands apart from other Victory motorcycles with its 24-spoke stylish cast-aluminum wheels. The thick front and rear Dunlop tires offer great grip and allow nimble maneuverability. The front tire is 130 mm wide while the rear tire is 140 mm wide. Both tires are fitted onto belted 16-inch wheels.

Victory Gunner Brakes

The front brake is a 300 mm single disc floating disc with four-piston calipers, while the rear brake is also a single 300 mm disc with a floating disc. However, it only features a two-piston caliper. The front disc has strong stopping power. But most riders complain that the rear brake is a bit soft and inadequate to counter the engine power, rear tire size, and overall weight of the bike. Unfortunately, the Gunner is not equipped with an ABS system to counteract this; a fact that came as a disappointment to most Victory fans.

Victory Gunner Comfort

The Victory Gunner is surprisingly more comfortable than a regular cruiser. According to many test rides, the bike’s superb ergonomic configuration suits both tall and short riders.

  • Seat

The low-slung seat is soft that allows comfortable long-distance travel.

  • Handlebars

The swept-back handlebars are wide but within reach. You don’t have to hunch over or overextend yourself to reach them.

  • Footpegs

The forward-mounted footpegs are positioned at the right distance. As you sit on the bike, your feet will be secure on the pegs but they may scrape the ground as you turn corners.

Comfort-wise, this is an awesome bike, but even with a reassuring ergonomic profile, most bikers prefer this bike only for urban rides. You won't see many Gunner owners riding on interstates.

3. Victory Gunner Motorcycle: A Buyer’s Guide

3.1 How Fast Is the Victory Gunner Motorcycle?

The Victory Gunner has a powerful 1731 cc engine and a six-speed transmission that allows the bike to attain a top speed of 135 mph on open roads. Since the rear brakes are not very powerful, riders seldom try to hit this maximum speed. Mirrors also begin to shiver violently at this speed, resulting in decreased visibility.

3.2 How Much Horsepower & Torque Does the Victory Gunner Have?

The 50° V-twin motor of the Victory Gunner produces a maximum horsepower of 94.2 hp and a maximum torque of 149.2 Nm.

3.3 How Many Miles Per Gallon Does the Victory Gunner Motorcycle Get?

According to multiple test rides, the Victory Gunner offers an average mileage of 45 mpg.

3.4 What Type of a Bike Is a Victory Gunner?

The motorcycle company introduced the Gunner lineup as a bobber inspired by the simple motorcycles of the 1930s. However, the bike is too heavy to be standing in the same line as the agile, lightweight bobbers. With a wet weight of 683.4 lbs, the bike is a middleweight cruiser with a profound sporty feel.

4. Detailed Specifications (Victory Gunner)

4.1 Dimensions

Length 93.5 in
Wheelbase 64.8 in
Ground Clearance 4.7 in
Seat Height Adjustable, 25-inch high
Dry Weight 652.6 lbs
Wet Weight 683.4 lbs
GVWR 1151 lbs
Rake 32°
Trail 6.7 in
Fuel Capacity 4.49 gal
Oil Capacity 4.97 quarts
Fuel Economy 45 mpg

4.2 Chassis

Type Double cradle frame
Front Suspension; wheel travel Telescopic fork with 43 mm diameter; 5.1 inches of wheel travel
Rear Suspension; wheel travel Rear mono-tube aluminum shock; spring preload adjustment, 3.0 inches of wheel travel
Front Tire Size & Rim Dunlop, 130/90 - B16; 24-spoke cast-aluminum wheel
Rear Tire Size & Rim Dunlop, 140/90 - B16; 24-spoke cast-aluminum front wheel.
Front Brake Single disc, 300 mm, floating disc with four-piston calipers;
Rear Brake Single disc, 300 mm, floating disc with two-piston calipers

4.3 Engine

Type Air-cooled, four-stroke
Bore & Stroke 101.0 x 108.0 mm
Displacement 1731 cc
Engine details 50° freedom 106, V-twin motor with hydraulic lifters and self-adjusting cam chains
Compression Ratio 9.4:1
Valve Train SOHC, four valves per cylinder
Fuel System/ Induction Electronic fuel injection system with two 45 mm throttle body
Fuel control system Single Overhead Cam (SOHC)

4.4 Performance

Maximum Horsepower 93 bhp; 94.2 hp
Maximum Torque 149.2 Nm
Top Speed 135 mph

4.5 Drivetrain

Clutch System Heavy, wet, multi-plate with diaphragm spring
Transmission System Six-speed
Primary Drive Gear and torque compensator
Final Drive Belt

4.6 Electrical

Battery Capacity 12V-18Ah
Starter Electric

4.7 Others

Colors Suede Titanium Metallic
Suede Sagebrush Green Metallic
Base Price $13,499

5. Aftermarket Parts & Modification Options for Victory Gunner

The Victory Gunner is a comfortable bobber-style cruiser with a powerful torquey engine, a smooth six-speed transmission, a 4.49-gallon fuel tank, and adequate riding comfort. Despite all these qualities, the bike is not suitable for long hauls and camping trips.

But it's a great bike for relaxed cruising on well-maintained urban roads and even through small towns. Plus, it is a reliable and comfortable vehicle for daily commutes.

You can customize it with a few  high-quality aftermarket parts. These add-ons will increase the riding comfort of the bike and give it a contemporary feel.

The best modification options include installing  luggage racks, saddlebags,  backrests, fairings, and  sissy bars.

The saddlebags or any kind of Victory luggage always come in handy. You can lug your everyday essentials and important tools with you.

Adding a  fairing  will also make it easy to use this bike every day regardless of the weather conditions. Some riders find it difficult to ride this bike when it is windy and raining.

The bike offers great mileage and will help you save on gas. It is affordable and low-maintenance allowing you to fit accessories onto your bike with a limited budget.

If you are one of those pro tourers that see every bike as a challenge and want to take the Victory Gunner for a rejuvenating road trip, we suggest you rent this bike first and see if you can comfortably ride it.

But whether you use it for daily commutes, relaxed cruising, or touring, you will have a fun-filled experience.

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