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Motorcycle Fairings for Victory Jackpot

Originally referred to as the Vegas Jackpot, the Victory Jackpot is a heavily-customizable motorcycle due to its features being revamped throughout its production spanning several years. Even though its tires, engine, and framework have been altered many times between model years, this Victory motorcycle has still proven to be a reliable two-wheeler.

If you prefer a motorcycle like the Victory Jackpot because of its easily alterable appearance, but don’t want to repaint the entire body, you can just focus on modifying the front by fitting on Victory Jackpot fairings. Functioning as additional, stylish-looking protection, owning a set of Jackpot fairings can improve your motorcycle’s capabilities and look.

Features & Design of Victory Jackpot Fairings

A single, durable piece of motorcycle equipment, Victory Jackpot fairings are made from ABS plastic and/or fiberglass. These shape-retaining materials make it possible for the fairings to hold together even when battered by debris, heavy rain, or strong winds. The single opening in the center is intended for the headlight when you fit the fairings over your motorcycle’s front.

So that the Victory Jackpot fairings stay securely in place even when moving at high speeds, the steel clamps along the back can be fixed to the motorcycle fork. You can make use of the equipment in the universal bracket kit to aid you in the installation. Though these fairings come in black, the glossy finish coating makes it possible to paint over the surface if you want to change the color scheme.

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