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Victory Hammer S Motorcycle: Specs, Features, Background, Performance, & More

Victory Hammer S Motorcycle Specs, Features, Background, Performance, & More

Most hardcore American bikers prefer original American bikes over imported motorcycles, leading them toward Harley motorcycles. Back in the day, Harleys were affordable but lacked in performance. As Harley technology and performance got better, the prices also increased greatly. This price hike was an opportunity for Polaris Inc. to launch its own motorcycle brand, Victory

From 1998 to 2017, Victory provided excellent cruiser technology to its clients at a competitive price. One of its most successful lineups, the Victory Hammer motorcycles were launched seven years after the establishment of the company. With their large 1740 cc displacement, a modern fuel injection system, good fuel economy, and excellent riding comfort, these bikes continue to be a top choice among riders as evident by the thriving second-hand market. Moreover, these bikes could be modified for touring with a few Victory-specific aftermarket parts.

Read on to find out if the Victory Hammer S is the right motorcycle for you!

1. A Brief Background of Victory Hammer S Motorcycle

The American Victory motorcycles were first introduced in 1998. The company's goal was to provide a bike that looked like a Harley but had better engine performance and technology. At the time, Harley Davidson motorcycles used to break down a lot. With the option of Victory cruisers, the American cruiser enthusiasts could drive for long distances without worrying about sudden breakdowns.

The unexpected success and surging demand for the initial models compelled Victory to launch a muscle cruiser.

The product manager of Victory, Steve Smith, announced the coming of an-all new motorcycle technology in the following words:

  “Our entire lineup has been revamped.”

His words became reality in 2005 when Victory launched the Hammer lineup with a large 1639 cc displacement, impressive power, and torque.

The bikes were made available on the market in two variants:

  1. Victory Hammer (Standard)
  2. Victory Hammer S

Both bikes featured the same engine configuration and technical specifications. However, their style set them apart.

Distinct Features Hammer Hammer S
Blacked-out Treatment
Heavy Chrome Accents
Handlebars V-shaped handlebars Pull-back handlebars

The standard version of the Victory Hammer motorcycle featured liberal use of chrome; a typical styling for a cruiser. On the other hand, the Hammer S variant came with a bold blacked-out look. The black paint on the exposed parts looked striking against the vibrant color scheme and brought out the sporty feel of the bike.

During the 12-year-long-production run, the Victory engineers only upgraded the engine displacement from 1639 cc to 1740 cc. Since the bikes featured an advanced six-speed transmission, efficient fuel injection system, robust suspensions, and powerful brakes, no other updates were made.

Specs 2005 - 2010 2010 -onwards
Engine Displacement 1639 cc in 2005 Freedom 106 motor with 1740 cc.

However, the prices and paint schemes changed significantly over the years. Here is a quick overview.

Model Year Price Color
2005 Victory Hammer S $16,499 Monotone: Black
Indy Red
Cosmic Sunburst
Flame Yellow
Multi-tone: Indy Red with Tribal Tattoo
Toxic Green with Tribal Tattoo
2006 Victory Hammer S $16,899 Black
Indy Red Supersonic Blue
2007 Victory Hammer S $19,749 Solid Color: Black
Turbo Silver with Firemist
Clear Nuclear Sunset
Multi-tone: Sunset Red & Black
2008 Victory Hammer S $16,999 Solid Black
Solid Midnight Cherry
Solid Super Steel Gray
Solid Boardwalk Blue
2009 Victory Hammer S $18,499 Boardwalk Blue with White racing stripes
2010 Victory Hammer S $18,499 Boardwalk Blue with White racing stripes
Suede Black and White with Red stripes
2011 Victory Hammer S $18,499 Suede Black and Red with White stripes
2012 Victory Hammer S $18,499 Suede Black with Indy Red
Fireball Red and White Lightening with Graphics
2013 Victory Hammer S N/A Fireball Red and White Lightening with Graphics
2014 Victory Hammer S N/A White
2015 Victory Hammer S $23,995 Red/Gray
2016 Victory Hammer S $15,499 Gloss Black with Havasu Red racing stripes
2017 Victory Hammer S $15,599 Gloss Black with White racing stripes

Victory discontinued the production of its Hammer cruisers in 2017 after the parent company, Polaris Inc. shut down the company.

2. Victory Hammer S Motorcycle at First Glance

Victory Hammer S Styling

The Hammer S motorcycles have a unique style profile. The large teardrop fuel tank paint schemes are inspired by racing motorcycles. The chromed parts of the standard version give the bike a traditional cruiser character while the blacked-out treatment gives it a sports bike look. Except for the exhaust system and fuel tank, all exposed parts, including the pullback handlebars of the Hammer S motorcycle, are black.

The red-colored cast wheels of the bike offer an edgy look. The exhaust pipes have a shiny chrome plating and help strike a balance between a cruiser and sports bike look.

Victory Hammer S Instruments and Lighting

Unlike most cruisers that feature tank-mounted instruments, the speedometer of Hammer S is mounted on the handlebars.


For adequate visibility, the bike comes with a stylish headlight with dual-beam and amber turn indicators.

Tail Light

The LED tail light ensures a strong presence on the road and its smart design adds to the bike's aesthetics.

Victory Hammer S Engine

At the heart of the Hammer S cruiser lies a muscular 50° V-twin engine that displaces 1740 cc. The engine features a modern fuel injection system for improved performance and combustion efficiency. The SOHC configuration offers greater speed and a higher rpm range.

The Victory Hammer S engine is admired for generating huge amounts of low-end to mid-range torque.

The Victory Hammer S features a dual large-bore slash-cut exhaust system known for its deep rumble. The exhaust system speeds up the outflow of gases that helps the engine to perform well.

Victory Hammer S Handling


The Victory Hammer S is a heavy middleweight cruiser with light steering and effortless handling. Its double-cradle frame keeps the center of gravity low, an important aspect for stable straight-line cruising.

Six-Speed Transmission

The bike owes its success not only to its big-bore V-twin motor but also to the six-speed transmission. The transmission system works in perfect sync with the four-valve cylinders and SOHC cams to provide a crisp throttle response. The carefully selected ratios greatly improve engine outputs, acceleration, and fuel economy. The six-speed transmission also ensures a quiet and comfortable cruising experience.

Drive Train

The Gunner features a wet multi-plate clutch which is a bit heavy but offers smooth power delivery to the six-speed transmission system, ensuring an uninterrupted power supply to the rear wheel via final belt drive. The drive train of the Victory Hammer S is reliable and low-maintenance. With its simple design, clean look, and minimal noise, it makes for an enjoyable riding experience.


The front suspension is a 43mm telescopic fork while the rear suspension is a monoshock with an adjustable spring preload.

The front suspension is stiff and offers plush wheel travel of 5.1 inches. On the other hand, the rear suspension offers 3.9 inches of wheel travel and can be made soft or rigid depending on the rider's need.

Victory Hammer S Wheels

The bike has stylish cast wheels with Dunlop elite tires attached to them. The front tire size is 130mm and the rear tire size is 250mm. The tires are durable, offer excellent traction, and ensure a safe riding experience. Riders often complain that the beefy Dunlop rear tire is expensive to repair and can make steering difficult at slow speeds.

Victory Hammer S Brakes

The front brake of the Hammer S is a 300mm double disc with four-piston calipers and a floating rotor and the rear brake is a 300mm single disc. It also features a floating rotor but has two-piston calipers. The bike lacks a linked braking system or an anti-lock braking system (ABS) but with its floating rotors, it offers reliable stopping power.

Victory Hammer S Comfort

The only difference between the Hammer and Hammer S lies in the styling and handlebars. The handlebars of the Hammer S have a wide pullback design that greatly improves the ergonomics. The low-slung seat is comfortable and positioned at a right distance from the handlebars. No matter the height, riders won't have to overextend themselves to grip the bars. The test rides of this bike have suggested that one can ride on this bike for up to five hours comfortably.

Victory Hammer S Passenger Cowl

The cruiser comes with a stylish detachable passenger cowl that covers the back half of the motorcycle. When traveling solo, this cowl will function as back support. But whenever you have a passenger, simply remove the cowl and you have the most comfortable pillion for your partner.

3. Victory Hammer S Motorcycle: A Buyer's Guide

3.1. What Is the Top Speed of the Victory Hammer S Motorcycle?

The Victory Hammer S motorcycle is considerable and can attain a top speed of 126 mph on open roads.

3.2. How Much Horsepower Does the Victory Hammer S Have?

The four-stroke V-twin engine of the Victory Hammer S motorcycle produces a maximum horsepower of 97 hp.

3.3. How Many Miles Per Gallon Does the Victory Hammer S Get?

Due to its fuel injection system, the Victory Hammer S is fuel-efficient and offers an average mileage of 45 mpg. The fuel economy may vary depending on the climatic conditions, traffic congestion, and the owner's riding style.

3.4. What is the Fuel Capacity of the Victory Hammer S Motorcycle?

The large fuel tank of the Victory Hammer S motorcycle is capable of holding up to 4.49 gallons of fuel.

3.5. Is the Victory Hammer S a Good Bike?

The Victory Hammer S motorcycle is known for its powerful engine capable of generating great amounts of torque at a lower rpm range. On a full tank, the bike is slightly heavy at 702 lbs but its lightweight frame, low-slung seat, and low center of gravity make it beginner-friendly. Confidence-inspiring brakes and durable tires make for a safe ride. The bike has a strong aesthetic appeal as well. All things considered, it is evident that the Victory Hammer S is a reliable bike.

3.6. What Are Some Common Issues with the Victory Hammer S Bike?

The Victory Hammer S is a high-performance and reliable bike with gorgeous looks. Unfortunately, the problems usually relate to the aesthetics. The chrome plating and paint have a good finish, but after some time, the paint starts to peel off the fuel tank and engine.

The bolts and other fasteners are prone to corrosion and get damaged due to the vibrations, resulting in them needing to be replaced often.

The final belt drive lasts for a long time, but it is quite expensive to replace.

4. Detailed Specifications (Victory Hammer S)

4.1. Dimensions

Length 93.1 in
Width 37 in
Height 45 in
Wheelbase Approximately 65.7 in
Ground Clearance 6.0 in
Seat Height Adjustable seat; 26.5 inches high
Dry Weight 672.4 lbs
Wet Weight 702 lbs
GVWR 1,173 lbs
GAWR Front: 415 lbs
Rear: 758 lbs
Rake 33°
Trail 5.5 in
Fuel Capacity 4.49 gal
Oil Capacity 4.97 quarts
Fuel Economy 45 mpg

4.2. Chassis

Type Double cradle down tube frame
Front Suspension, wheel travel 43 mm telescopic fork, 5.1 inches of wheel travel
Rear Suspension, wheel travel Hardtail style mono-tube rear shock; spring preload adjustment, 3.9 inches of wheel travel.
Front Tire Size Dunlop, 130/70 - R18 63H, cast wheels
Rear Tire Size Dunlop, 250/40 - R18 81V, cast wheels
Front Brake Double disc, 300 mm, floating rotor with four-piston calipers
Rear Brake Single disc, 300 mm, floating rotor with two-piston calipers

4.3. Engine

Type Air-cooled, four-stroke
Bore & Stroke 101.0 x 108.0 mm
Displacement 1740 cc
Engine details 50° V-twin motor with hydraulic lifters and self-adjusting cam chains
Compression Ratio 9.4:1
Valve Train SOHC, four valves per cylinder
Fuel System/ Induction Electronic fuel injection system dual 45mm throttle body
Fuel control system Single Overhead Cam (SOHC)
Exhaust & Cooling system Dual large-bore slash-cut; air/oil system

4.4. Performance

Maximum Power 97 hp
Maximum Torque 153 Nm

4.5. Drivetrain

Clutch System Multi-plate wet clutch with diaphragm spring
Transmission Six-speed
Primary Drive Gear, Torque compensator
Final Drive Belt

4.6. Electrical

Battery Capacity 12V-18Ah
Starter Electric

4.7. Others

Colors Gloss Black with white racing stripes
Base Price $15,999

5. Aftermarket Parts & Modification Options for Victory Hammer S Motorcycle

The Victory Hammer S is a muscle cruiser but whether it is suitable for touring is a hot debate. For some riders, its 26.5-inch high seat is too low and doesn't allow for comfortable long-distance trips. Moreover, the rear wheel causes extremely low-speed handling which can be frustrating. For this reason, most riders do not prefer it for long hauls.

Other riders believe that due to its reliability, engine power, torque production, fuel capacity, and brakes, this bike can make for an excellent tourer that only requires a few add-ons.

Whether this bike is right for touring is an individual preference. Some riders are happy to make compromises while others are into bikes designed specifically for touring. In any case, you can always customize your bike with luggage racks, saddlebags, sissy bars, comfortable seats, rider and passenger backrests, and fairings.

These add-ons will not only make your bike more travel-friendly but will also improve your everyday riding comfort. You can carry your helmet, house keys,ID card, and other stuff in the Victory luggage bags. Fairings will protect you from rain and harsh wind. While a plush seat and backrest will keep you comfortable as you ride back home after a long hectic day.

And who knows, you might end up taking this bike for a camping trip. Consider renting this bike from your nearest rental service that will clear up all the doubts about its suitability.

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