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What to Consider While Acquiring Motorcycle Saddlebags

What to Consider While Acquiring Motorcycle Saddlebags

1. Introduction

Although, summer is approaching fast and you must be dying to go riding with your fellas! A pair of saddlebags is a must to make your rides comfy and joyful.

Well, if you are new and you have just stepped into the rider’s community. your senior riders would help you out to get to know the importance of saddlebags.

Acquiring a motorcycle saddlebag is like having a good companion on your trips. A companion that carries all your stuff without having crossed swords, yes! That’s a saddlebag.

Although, if it is that necessary, then it is also crucial to choose one of the best motorcycle saddlebags. That has all the qualities you are looking for.

You might want its stylish, beautifully designed, maximum storage space, secure and much more. But it is always laborious to choose one out of hundreds of choices.

That’s by the way, not an issue. In this article, we are going to tell you how to acquire Motorcycle Saddlebags and what to see in them.

You should keep in mind these tips when a question pop-up in your mind about what to consider while acquiring motorcycle saddlebags.

2 Things to Consider While Buying Motorcycle Saddlebags

There must be a lot of things you should consider but these three features make the whole sense. Adding up more things might become complex and you could stick between choices.

So, just keep these three basic features whenever you think of acquiring saddlebags for your motorcycle.

2.1 Material

In the manufacturing of motorcycle saddlebags, good quality of the material is crucial as these are made from hard plastic, leather, and Cordura.

You are not spending money just for one-time usage, right? Motorcycle Saddlebags made from good material never leave you on your longer journeys for a longer period of time.

Although, it depends on your choice, which material seems perfect with your motorcycle or also depends on your riding style. Either you love to ride on long highways, off-roads, or in-city rides.

Motorcycle saddlebag manufacturers design every saddlebag accordingly. Like: Viking Bags has 300 styles of Motorcyclebags and that’s quite a vast range of choices.

But the good thing is, they have categorized all their collections according to the bike companies and models. Viking Bags have all types of Motorcycle luggage, you can acquire any type of motorcycle bags from sissy bar bags to handlebar bags.

2.2 Cost

Cost is a significant factor that makes decision-making more complicated. Moreover, if you want to acquire a pair of saddlebags you should have to give up on other factors like best material, ergonomics, and durability. These points are equally important.

Sometimes, a reliable thing never costs much and you think of it as a total waste of money. That’s not true, a good quality product can be cheap yet durable.

There are many vendors in the market and they intend to provide the best quality at cheap prices.

Viking Bags is one the best online marketplace, they have anenormous collection of saddlebags for your motorcycle and you should get more discount from their exclusive discount offers.

2.3 Size

Motorcyclesserve a purpose, that is riding. Motorcycle saddlebags also have a purpose, which is providing comfort to the rider while riding.

A saddlebag is obliged to accommodate all your belongings and stuff for your longer trips. It should be spacious enough to absorb all your essentials. A pair of large motorcycle saddlebags can do it all.

One thing to keep in mind, do not acquire oversized saddlebags that can make your motorcycle look disgusting.

3. Research before buying Motorcycle Saddlebags

The motorcycle Saddlebags market is flooded with variety and you have a lot of choices. But, you cannot buy something that is not suitable for your motorcycle and does not go with your motorcycle’s style.

Do a little research, some online vendors have a pretty collection categorized according to the bikes models like Viking Bags. You will surely find a perfect pair of saddlebags for your motorcycle.

4. Some basic factors to consider while doing research

4.1 Find-out Suitable Saddlebags

Make sure you are searching in the right way. If you have a touring bike under your possession search with the keyword touring. You can also search out using your bike’s particular model name.

4.2 Easy Fit

While doing your research about the saddlebags make sure they have clearly defined the procedure of mounting. Either it is hard mounted saddlebags or soft mounted saddlebags.

There is a difference between both of them. Hard mounting is usually for long trip riders who never intend to unmount sometime soon.

Whereas, soft mounting is a quick way to mount in and out. These saddlebags are particularly for short trips and make your bike free for daily use.

Except for easy fit, invest a little time and find out if they are providing mounting hardware along.

Usually, hard mounting hardware costs a hundred dollars extra but some Saddlebag stores like Viking Bags provide free-of-cost mounting hardware along with the saddlebags.

4.3 Easy Accessibility

A saddlebag should be easily accessible that saves your time and makes your stings cool. Riding must be thrilling and joyful but it can be exhausting riding for hours.

Make sure the saddlebags you are intending to acquire provide easy accessibility. The lid opening space should be enough to put things in and out without becoming a problem.

If saddlebags contain other features like organized pockets for small objects that are wonderful.

4.4 Security Features

Security should be on the top of the list. Your motorcycle saddlebags accommodate your belongings, that's right, but is ittough enough to secure your stuff from weather and from theft as well?

Some of the vendors are introducing their innovative additions in the saddlebags market. Viking Bags provides motorcycle saddlebags with a key-locking system to ensure the safety of your possessions.

5. Best Motorcycle Saddlebags

5.1 Viking Dark Age Compact Strapped Leather Motorcycle Saddlebags

A leather-made wholly black saddlebag goes with every color. So, whatever the color of your bike, this bag is totally going to hit your heart.

A classic yet modern, this is a combination of classic design with modern properties, truly. A beautifully designed saddlebag can be a good choice for your Motorcycle.

These saddlebags are made from high-quality Viking Leather and the key-locking system is a Viking Bags’ innovation to provide maximum security to your stuff.

Product Specs:
Key Lockable: Yes
Mounting Hardware: Included
USPTO no: Pending
Dimensions: 19.3" x 5.5" x 10" (L x W x H)
Storage Capacity: 1038 Cubic Inches (Pair)
Lid Opening: 19" x 5"
Turn Signal Relocation Kit: Not Required
Sold As: Pair
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5.2 Viking Drifter Medium Brown Waxed Canvas Saddlebag

Stepping aside a little from the traditional shape of saddlebags, Waxed Canvas Saddlebag is a productive step. Although this bag is made from waxed canvas but still has all the qualities, perfect saddlebags should have.

You cannot deny the water-resistant waxed canvas saddlebags that are perfect for your instant rides. They come up with mounting straps that make the mounting process quick and time-saving.

A little touch of Leather accents provides strength and enhances the aesthetics of these Motorcycle saddlebags.

However, this Viking Drifter Waxed Canvas is not spacious like other large saddlebags but has enough capacity to carry your possession for short rides.

It has a dedicated laptop pouch and quick-release buckles with snaps that proffer easy and quick access.

Product Specifications:
Mounting Hardware: Included
Laptop Pouch: Included
Material: Waxed Canvas / Leather
Dimensions: 11.5'' x 5'' x 12'' (L x W x H)
Storage Capacity: 1782 Cubic Inches (Pair)
Weather Resistant: Yes
Turn Signal Relocation Kit: Not Required
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5.3 Viking Hammer Extra Large Motorcycle Saddlebags

Viking Hammer, savage name though. A motorcycle rider always makes sure, if he is investing in the right saddlebags or not.

Viking Hammer Motorcycle Saddlebags are worth the money. These saddlebags are made from the best quality Viking Leather which is durable and longetive.

The frame is made of metal and a reinforced plastic body prevents sagging even after usage for years. The key-locking system is provided for maximum security and to make sure your belongings are safe from theft.

The Velcro straps on the lid do not let your stuff jump out if the lid is unlocked. Viking Hammer Motorcycle Saddlebags are tough enough to face bad weather conditions without letting a single drop of water pass.

Product Specifications:
Key Lockable: Yes
Mounting Hardware: Included
USPTO no: Pending
Dimensions: 22" x 7.5" x 13.5" (L x W x H)
Storage Capacity: 2074 Cubic Inches (Pair)
Lid Opening: 12.5" x 6.5"
Turn Signal Relocation Kit: Required (Included)
Sold As: Pair
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5.4 Viking Odin Large Motorcycle Saddlebags

The Viking Odin Large Saddlebags are designed to further enhance the look of your motorcycle. It is a perfect choice for styling your motorcycle.

Although, the bag is made from heavy-duty Viking Leather that is durable and long-lasting. This bag is specially designed for long trips.

These Viking Odin Motorcycle Saddlebags are going to hit thousands of miles with you without losing their shape. The reinforced technology is applied for construction that prevents sagging.

Well, don’t worry if you like riding in rainy seasons because these Viking Odin Motorcycle Saddlebags are 100% waterproof and weather resistant. Take them with you on your longer journeys and they will soak all the weight from your shoulders and pockets.

The main compartment can carry maximum stuff and provided an inside pocket can keep your small objects like cell phones, keys, and bike license, well organized.

Wait it has more to offer, the Viking Bags introduced security system is really practical. The key-locking system ensures the safety of your possessions.

Product Specifications:
Key Lockable: Yes
Mounting Hardware: Included
Dimensions: 19.5"x 6.5" x 12" (L x W x H)
Storage Capacity: 1464 Cubic Inches (Pair)
Lid Opening: 11" x 6"
Turn Signal Relocation Kit: Required (Included)
Sold As: Pair
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5.5 Viking Warrior Large Motorcycle Saddlebags

Viking Warrior is a perfect match, as the name suggests. The Viking Warrior Motorcycle Saddlebags is a discreet and fashionable addition that can resist the power and complement the stylish look of your motorcycle.

Except for the looks, storage capacity also matters and Viking Warrior Large Saddlebags provide maximum luggage capacity to the riders. You can stuff it with all your riding essentials, tents, and extra clothing without any difficulty.

Enjoy your long rides and snap out the fear of losing any of your possession from your mind.

Hard mounting hardware never lets your Viking Saddlebags shiver or shatter. The key-lock system provides maximum security to your belongings.

Product Specifications:
Key Lockable: Yes
Mounting Hardware: Included
USPTO no: D710605
Dimensions: 20"x 6.5" x 11.5" (L x W x H)
Storage Capacity: 1586 Cubic Inches (Pair)
Lid Opening: 12.5" x 6"
Turn Signal Relocation Kit: Required (Included)
Sold As: Pair
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5.6 Viking Side Pocket Motorcycle Saddlebags

Viking Bags has a name in the arena of providing maximum storage capacity without compromising the form. The Viking Side Pocket Saddlebag is a perfect match for your motorcycle.

These specifically designed saddlebags have the practical features that motorcycle luggage should have.

Viking Side Pocket Motorcycle Saddlebags are made from durable and longetive Viking Leather. You can consider these saddlebags as your best riding companion. Once you mount them they are ready to ride millions of miles with you.

Viking Bags offers free-of-cost mounting hardware which usually costs around a hundred dollars. You cannot ignore the catchy and professionally designed Viking Side Pocket saddlebags.

This bag is 100% weather resistant. Hence, the advanced Velcro technology is used to provide maximum safety from hard weather conditions.

The Key-locking feature is helpful and makes sure that your stuff is safe in there. These saddlebags offer easy access with the help of quick-release buckles that saves you some minutes of your precious time.

Product Specifications:
Key Lockable: Yes
Mounting Hardware: Included
USPTO no: D710606
Dimensions: 20" x 6.5" x 11.5" (L x W x H)
Storage Capacity: 1586 Cubic Inches (Pair)
Lid Opening: 12" x 6"
Turn Signal Relocation Kit: Required (Included)
Sold As: Pair
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