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Top 10 Most Interesting Electric Bikes at EICMA 2023

Top 10 Most Interesting Electric Bikes at EICMA 2023

EICMA 2023 has again proved to be the biggest motorcycle event with dozens of upcoming bikes that will completely transform the motorcycling landscape in 2024. Apart from all-new gasoline-powered bikes, there are numerous interesting electric motorcycles displayed at the EICMA 2023 that will hit the market next year. More motorcycle companies have stepped forward this year and have contributed to clean-energy motorcycle production. Some motorcycle brands were successful in launching their fully-developed models, while some electric bikes displayed at the show were mere prototypes. However, considering the interest of motorcycle brands and the pace at which electric motorcycles are progressing, electric bikes will soon come to the mainstream. Read this article to learn about the most interesting electric bikes at EICMA 2023.

1. Zero DSR

Zero DSR
Photo credit: @Zero Motorcycles

The American electric motorcycling company, Zero, set the stage this year at EICMA with several new electric models. Though the Zero DSR is not a completely new bike, it is a makeover and upgraded version of the previous model, featuring all-new features and parts. The chassis is completely redesigned and the bodywork is now bulkier, adding to the overall weight of the motorcycle.

The 2024 Zero DSR has also received a new 15.6 kWh battery pack and a Z-Force 75-10 motor. The updated power pack system is expected to deliver riders with a total of 155 miles range in the city. For mixed city and highway riding, the Zero DSR is expected to last for around 100 miles before it requires recharging. The all-new Z-Force motor delivers 144 lb-ft of torque and 80 hp of power output.

The 2024 Zero DSR is an electric adventure bike with a bulbous and large upper fairing, exposed machinery, large fairing-mounted windscreen, and step-up flat and wide seat. However, this bike looks more like a sports bike due to its aggressive stance.

Zero DSR
Manufacturer Zero Motorcycles – American Electric Motorcycle Manufacturer
Motorcycle Type Electric Adventure Bike
Battery System Z-Force® Li-Ion
Peak Capacity 15.6 kWh
Nominal Rating 13.6 kWh
Standard Charging Time (100%) 4.4 hours
Charging Time at 110 V (100%) 10.5 hours
Charging Time with 6kW Rapid Charger 1.9 hours
Charger Type 3.3 kW
Range (City) 155 mi
Range (Highway) 100 mi
Maximum Horsepower 80 hp at 3,650 rpm
Maximum Torque 195 Nm
Motor Type Z-Force 75-10X; Air-Cooled; Permanent-Magnet AC Motor
Top Speed 104 mph
Top Constant Speed 100 mph
Final Drive Gates Carbon Drive Moto X9™ Belt
Transmission Clutchless Direct Drive
Seat Height 32.6 in
Wheelbase 60 in
Wet Weight 534 lbs / 242 kg
Equivalent Fuel Economy 398 mpg
Base MSRP $19,995

2. E-Him Royal Enfield Himalayan Prototype

E-Him Royal Enfield Himalayan Prototype
Photo credit: @Captain Electro

Though the motorcycling community was eagerly waiting for the all-new Royal Enfield Himalayan 452 cc adventure bike, the world got another surprise from the company at the EICMA 2023. The company also displayed its electric motorcycle based on the Royal Enfield Himalayan, called the Royal Enfield E-Him. Though the displayed electric bike is in a prototype test-bed phase, the company has officially tested it in several areas, including adventure trails. The Royal Enfield electric bike does not seem to be hitting the production line any time soon. However, it is good to see that Royal Enfield has now become big enough to participate in the clean-energy movement in the motorcycling world. The Royal Enfield E-Him displayed at the EICMA 2023 has an adventure bike with a windscreen and slim silhouette. The E-Him also featured the same iconic side guards on either side as installed on the Royal Enfield Himalayan.

3. Kawasaki Z7 Hybrid and Ninja 7 Hybrid

Kawasaki Z7 Hybrid and Ninja 7 Hybrid
Photo credit: @Ride Apart

The most amazing and revolutionary technology in the EICMA 2023 was revealed at Kawasaki’s corner. Kawasaki has leveled up the game in motorcycling technology and has made it extremely difficult for other automobile manufacturers to match and beat the level the Japanese manufacturer has set. The Kawasaki Z7 and the Ninja 7 Hybrid are not regular petrol-powered or electric bikes, the Kawasaki Z7 and the Ninja 7 Hybrid are two hybrid motorcycles with two different powertrains. Both these bikes have a strong battery pack and gasoline-powered engine to power the rear wheel. When the electric power provided by the battery gets low during the ride, the rider can easily switch to the engine power. Hence, you will not be stuck somewhere in the middle of a road because your electric bike ran out of electric power.

The Kawasaki Hybrid bike features a robust 451 cc parallel-twin internal combustion engine with a gas tank volume of 3.7 gal. Both the Kawasaki Z7 Hybrid and the Ninja 7 Hybrid are primarily gasoline-powered motorbikes as they only provide a range of 7.4 miles (12 km) when solely operated on electric power. Along with dual power modes, the Kawasaki Hybrid bikes come with both manual and automatic transmission modes. However, in the manual mode, the rider has to shift gears using the small gear shifter located near the hand controls. There is no clutch on the Kawasaki Z7 Hybrid and the Ninja 7 Hybrid.

Kawasaki Z7 Hybrid and Ninja 7 Hybrid
Manufacturer Kawasaki – The Japanese Motorcycle Manufacturer
Motorcycle Type Z7 Hybrid: Naked Bike Ninja 7 Hybrid: Sports Bike
Power System Hybrid Bike (Electric and Internal Combustion Engine)
Internal Combustion Engine 451 cc Liquid-Cooled; Parallel-Twin Engine
Torque 60.33 Nm
Horsepower 68.5 hp at 10,500 rpm
Battery Pack Lithium-Ion Battery
Transmission Both Manual (Clutchless) and Automatic
Final Drive Chain Drive
Wet Weight 227 kg
Seat Height 31.3 in
Fuel Tank Volume 3.7 gal
Base Price To Be Announced

4. Italian Volt Lacama Biposto

Italian Volt Lacama Biposto
Photo credit: @In Sella

Another extremely stylish and high-end electric bike from the Italian manufacturer, the Italian Volt Lacama Biposto, is a performance electric cruiser. It is available in two variants: one is an aggressive-style performance cruiser with sharp styling, and the other one is a café-racer style electric bike with comparatively smoother body parts and styling. The Italian Volt Lacama Biposto has an amazingly designed body and frame, and the motorcycle parts are perfectly integrated to give an eye-catching final look. This electric bike is perfectly balanced with a low center of gravity. Being a performance cruiser-style electric bike, it offers an aggressive riding style with a flat and long seat, ensuring adequate space for riders to adjust their riding style and posture.

The Italian Volt Lacama Biposto was under construction for several years. The acquisition by Tazzari EV helped Italian Volt a lot in putting various ideas and prototypes to tests and production. After successfully pacing up the technical work on the Italian Volt Lacama Biposto, with the help of the Tazzari EV, this electric bike was successfully launched at the EICMA 2023. This motorcycle features four riding modes, depending on the power and torque delivered to the rear wheel. In the Rocket mode, the Italian Volt Lacama Biposto utilizes the full power output of 150 hp and a peak torque of 230 Nm.

The Italian Volt Lacama Biposto also features a Tazzari EV fluid battery system, which is designed to effectively manage the heat produced by the battery and also serve as the cooling system. The sports-style hypersport Lacama Biposto variant weighs around 219 kg, and the hyperlight version is slightly lightweight, weighing 197 kg and utilizing the peak power and torque. Despite being a high-end high-performance electric bike, the Italian Volt Lacama Biposto provides a range of 257 km on a single charge. All these features and the premium-style bodywork make this bike one of the most expensive electric bikes in the market with an estimated price of around $34,211.

Italian Volt Lacama Biposto
Manufacturer Italian Volt – Italian Electric Motorcycle Manufacturer
Model Lacama Biposto
Motor Type Axial Flux PMSM
Battery Pack Tazzari EV Fluid Battery System
Charger 3.3 kW & DC Fast Charging
Torque 230 Nm
Power 110 kW
Motor Weight 11 kg
Top Speed 142.9 mph
Range (Urban) 257 km
Acceleration (0-100 km/h) 3.4 sec
Wet Weight 219 kg
Wheelbase 1,490 mm
Seat Height 817 mm
Base Price $34,211 (Converted from Euros)

5. Ultraviolette F99

Ultraviolette F99
Photo credit: @Drive Spark

A Bengaluru-based all-electric bike company, Ultraviolette, has recently gained hype and recognition all around the world due to its remarkable electric bike technology. The company is well known for its previous Ultraviolette F77 electric bike. This year, Ultraviolette displayed its recently established test bed prototype, the Ultraviolette F99, at the EICMA 2023. Looking at this electric bike gives you a hyper sports vibe with a pointed front end, slim silhouette, and extremely refined aerodynamics for advanced performance. As stated by the company, along with the stylish headlight design, there are air vents, including an air compressor, that channel the incoming air and block the air from hitting the rider’s helmet. This mechanism allows the removal of the windscreen completely from this bike.

The engineers and designers at the Ultraviolette have put in some great efforts to improve the aerodynamics as never seen before on a motorbike. Even the wheel section has aerodynamic guards over the braking system to ensure smooth airflow. There are several winglets on this bike and some of them are movable too to increase the functionality of this bike. Some of the parts are made up of carbon fiber as well. The Ultraviolette F99’s front end has a beak-style front fairing, and to enhance its aggressive element, the front end of this bike is quite low compared to the high-slung rear end, providing a highly-improved attacking angle. The brakes on this bike are from Brembo, and both the front and rear suspensions are from Öhlins. The Ultraviolette F99 is capable of delivering 120 hp of power output and can attain a top speed of 265 km/h. This bike can reach from rest to a 100 km/h speed mark in less than 3 seconds, which is a great accomplishment. Another good thing about this bike is its expected low price range due to being produced by an Indian brand.

Ultra Violette F99
Manufacturer Ultraviolette – An Indian Electric Motorbike Manufacturer
Status Test Bed Prototype
Model F99
Motorcycle Type Electric Sports Bike
Horsepower 90 kW / 120 hp
Top Speed 265 km/h
0-100 km/h Acceleration Time 3 sec
Weight 178 kg
Bodywork Material Carbon Fiber
Frame Steel Hybrid Construction
Wheelbase 1,400 mm
Price To Be Announced

6. Velocifero Race X

Velocifero Race X
Photo credit: @Velocifero

The Velocifero Race X, designed and developed by the Italian all-electric motorbike manufacturer well-known for its low-powered electric scooters, is a retro-styled scrambler motorcycle. The design of this motorbike looks like it is inspired by the Ducati Scrambler. It has a similar retro-style round headlamp, sporty handlebars, flat single-piece extended saddle, and fat knobby tires. Despite its rugged overall persona, the Velocifero Race X looks extremely stylish. Most of this motorcycle’s weight is centered low, which delivers several benefits in terms of capabilities, handling, and ride quality. The 72 V 6,480 Wh lithium battery is the key power source, supplying energy to the 72 V motor, capable of a 7,000 W power output and 220 Nm of torque. You can easily charge this bike with a voltage ranging between 110-240 V, and it takes only 2.5 hours to get fully charged. This retro-style electric scrambler can attain a top speed of 110 km/h and provide a range of 170 km on a single full charge. The Velocifero Race X is the most powerful electric bike produced by the Italian brand, Velocifero. It is aimed at targeting the young riders market. The Velocifero Race X also boasts four different riding modes, including Sports, Eco, Sports+, and P (Parking).

Velocifero Race X
Manufacturer Velocifero – An Italian Electric Scooter Manufacturer
Model Race X
Motorcycle Type Retro-Style Electric Scrambler
Battery Pack 72 V 6,480 Wh Lithium Battery
Battery Weight 43 kg
Motor Power 7,000 W
Torque 220 Nm
Top Speed 110 km/h
Range 170 km
Charging Voltage 110-240 V
Charging Time 2.5 hours
Frame Iron Aluminum Alloy
Weight (with Battery) 153 kg
Cost TBA

7. Yadea Kemper

Yadea Kemper
Photo credit: @Somos Electricos

To represent the Chinese electric motorcycle industry, Yadea took charge at the EICMA 2023 with its amazingly designed naked-bike style standard bike, the Yadea Kemper. This electric bike is one of the fastest electric bikes displayed at the EICMA 2023 and it received a lot of appreciation and attention at the event. Though the Yadea Kemper features a naked bike look, most of its machinery, including the battery and other essentials, are covered and protected, ensuring a compact look. The front end is stylish and pointed with naked-niky style sporty handlebars and side mirrors. The seat comes in a two-piece with a flat and wide rider seat and a high-mounted passenger seat. The footpegs are also mid-mounted below the rider’s seat, providing a more aggressive rider ergonomics. This bike also has sportier and smooth tires, designed for superior race-track performance.

The Yadea Kemper features a high-performance 320 V lithium iron phosphate battery with an exceptional fast charging time. Almost 80% of the battery is charged in only 10 mins. The high-performance mid-drive motor ensures a 40 kW of power output. However, an impressive rear-wheel torque of 570 Nm makes it an exceptional electric road bike. The powerful performance-packed features and machinery make this bike accelerate at a much more rapid pace. The Yadea Kemper can jump from rest to 100 km/h in less than 4.9 seconds with a top speed of 160 km/h.

Apart from the high-performance high-end features and characteristics of the Yadea Kemper electric bike, this bike’s most distinguished selling point is its fast charging time. However, to compete with the most efficient electric motorcycles in the European and American electric bike markets, the price range must be kept on the lower side.

Yadea Kemper
Manufacturer Yadea – Chinese Electric Motorcycle, Scooter, and E-Bikes Manufacturer
Model Kemper
Motorcycle Type Naked-Bike Style Standard Electric Bike
Battery Pack 320 V Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery
Fast Charging 80% Charged in 10 mins
Motor Type Mid-Drive Motor
Maximum Motor Power Output 40 kW
Maximum Torque at the Rear Wheel 570 Nm
Top Speed 160 km/h
0-100 km/h (Acceleration Time) Less Than 4.9 secs
Price TBA

8. Verge TS Ultra

Verge TS Ultra
Photo credit: @Cycle World

The Verge TS Ultra is another star of the show at the EICMA 2023. It is not just an ordinary electric bike, it is designed for a perfect riding experience without compromising on the look of the retro-modern bike. The most striking element of the Verge TS Ultra is its hubless rear wheel, which is electronically powered using a directly integrated motor into the wheel. This hubless mechanism allows direct transmission of power to the wheel and motorcycle without any such loss as found in the chain, belt, and other drive mechanisms. Due to negligible power losses, this bike guarantees an astonishing amount of torque, touching 1,200 Nm and 150 kW of power output at the rear wheel. Due to such high power figures, the Verge TS can jump from rest to 60 mph in only 2.5 secs.

Due to the absence of drive-train mechanisms, including sprockets, chains, and conventional swing-arm, there is more room to install a powerful battery pack, ensuring 233 miles of range. The Verge TS is a beautifully designed and engineered bike with most of its weight centered downward for a low center of gravity, allowing better control, nimbleness, and handling characteristics. The rider has the option to select between adjustable suspensions by Öhlins and Wilbers, and the braking system came from the world-leading brake manufacturer, Brembo. To provide the best riding experience to the riders, the Verge TS also features multi-level heated grips and an infotainment system.

The Verge TS Ultra, displayed at the EICMA, is an upgraded and premium electric bike version of the Verge TS with enormous and insane power output and features. The power figures and performance specs are top-notch.

Verge TS Ultra
Manufacturer Verge Motorcycles – A Finland-Based Electric Motorcycle Company
Model TS
Motorcycle Type Electric Super Bike with Performance Cruiser Look
Drive System Hubless Rear Wheel with Integrated Motor
Peak Torque 1,200 Nm
Peak Power Output 150 kW
Top Speed 124 mph
Range (City Traveling) 233 mi
Range (Highway Riding) 134 mi
0-60 mph (Acceleration Time) 2.5 sec
Fast Charging Time 25 min
Seat Height 30.71 in
Ground Clearance 5.9 in
Wheelbase 60.63 in
Expected Delivery Date March 2024
Base MSRP $44,900

9. Rawrr Mantis 72V

Rawrr Mantis 72V
Photo credit: @Racer X Online

The Rawrr Mantis 72 V is an electric motorbike, marketed as an e-moto due to its distinguished design and performance. In the electric motorcycle world, it can be termed as the lightweight electric dirt bike due to its off-road-focused capabilities and features. The Rawrr Mantis 72 V can produce a maximum horsepower of 7.5 kW and a peak torque of 50 Nm. Despite the small power figures, this lightweight electric dirt bike is extremely responsive and quick when you twist the throttle, thanks to its e-bike-style slim silhouette.

The Rawrr Mantis 72 V can reach a top speed of 50 mph in the sport mode, and it feels quite punchy and responsive. You must first test the throttle response by twisting it gently to avoid unnecessary nose lifting. This electric bike comes with a lithium battery designed in collaboration with Samsung, ensuring a range of 75 miles. However, while riding in the sport mode, this electric bike only gives you around 25 miles of range, and the battery takes almost 3-6 hours to completely recharge. A 165-lb overall weight, with the battery, makes it one of the lightest in the electric bike category and ensures a highly maneuverable performance. The front and rear tires on the Rawrr Mantis 72 V are quite thick, knobby, and rough for ideal dirt track riding. Above all, the acceleration of this bike is quite commendable and allows you to enjoy both on- and off-road rides more.

Rawrr Mantis 72 V
Manufacturer Rawrr – US-Based Electric Motorcycle Company
Motorcycle Type All-Terrain Electric Motorcycle
Motor Type PMSM
Maximum Horsepower 7.5 kW
Maximum Torque 50 Nm
Maximum Motor Rotation 6,200 rpm
Cooling System Air-Cooled
Battery Pack Samsung Lithium Battery
Range 75 mi at Eco Mode (15 mph)
25 mi at Sports Mode
Top Speed 50 mph
0-30 mph 2.9 secs
Charging Time 3-6 hours
Weight 130 lbs (without Battery) 165 lbs (with Battery)
Seat Height 850 mm
Wheelbase 1,290 mm
Ground Clearance 310 mm
Base MSRP $4,999

10. Lambretta Elettra Scooter

Lambretta Elettra Scooter
Photo credit: @Interesting Engineering

Once again, Lambretta, one of the most established Italian bike brands in the market, has shown its areas of strength at the EICMA 2023 with its all-new Lambretta Elettra electric scooter. This electric scooter gives a legitimate cutting-edge vibe with its futuristic and unquestionable design and build. The frame and bodywork are taken from the classic Lambretta scooter lineup, as evident from its structure and build. Nonetheless, the metallic touch, parts, front end, lighting, wheels, seat, and everything about this scooter is modern and trendy.

The 4.6 kW lithium battery introduced in the Lambretta Elettra scooter gives a fair range of 79 miles if you are riding at a consistent speed of 24.85 mph. The range decreases to around 37-44 miles if you choose to ride this electric scooter at a consistent speed of 49.7 mph. If you charge the 4.6 kW lithium battery utilizing a 220 V charging outlet, it will require five hours and 30 minutes to charge completely. A quick charging option is also accessible, allowing you to charge 80% of the 4.6 kW lithium battery in just 36 minutes.

The motor introduced in the Lambretta Elettra scooter is an extremely durable permanent magnet motor, conveying a lot of force and effective power. Despite being a lightweight current bike, the Lambretta Elettra scooter can achieve a maximum speed of 68.35 mph. The fast acceleration is made conceivable because of its pinnacle force of 258 Nm and persistent power output of 11 kW.

To ensure the Lambretta Elettra scooter is not difficult to ride for all riders, it accompanies three different riding modes with various power outputs and performance, including Eco Mode, Ride Mode, and Sport Mode.

Lambretta Elettra Scooter
Manufacturer Lambretta – An Italian scooter manufacturer
Model Elettra
Motorcycle Type Electric Scooter
Status Concept Bike / Prototype
Motor Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor
Peak Power Output 11 kW
Peak Torque 258 Nm
Top Speed 68.35 mph
Battery Pack 4.6 kW Lithium Battery
Charging Time 5 hr 30 mins with 220 V Charging Outlet
Fast Charging Available (80% Charging in 36 mins)
Range (At a Constant Speed of 24.85 mph) 79 mi
Range (At a Constant Speed of 49.7 mph) 37-44 mi
Weight 297.62 lbs
Seat Height 30.7 in
Release Date To Be Announced
Cost To Be Announced

11. The Bottom Line

EICMA is home to the most promising well-established and small-scale motorcycle brands around the world to showcase their creativity and production capabilities. With the ever-increasing technological advancement in the motorcycling field, the 2023 EICMA event brought several interesting electric bikes that are expected to make waves in the coming year. If you support clean energy movements and are a fan of electric bikes, this article brought you the 10 most amazing and interesting electric bikes introduced at the EICMA 2023. This year brought a revolution in the electric motorcycle industry with the introduction of hybrid motorcycle technology, increased range, horsepower, torque, and acceleration.

The only hindrance to why electric bikes are not becoming mainstream in the motorcycling industry and still facing adequate resistance from gasoline-powered motorbikes is their exorbitant price. Only with time, the huge gap between the price range of electric and motorcycles with internal combustion engines can become tolerable for riders. In the meantime, you can customize your bike with good-quality motorcycle parts and luggage bags available at Viking Bags’ online store, including the fairings, backrests, engine guards, sissy bars, tank bags, backpacks, and saddlebags.

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