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EICMA: All You Need To Know

EICMA: All You Need To Know

1. The International Motorcycle Exhibition

EICMA is the biggest platform and motorcycle event organized in Milan, Italy where almost every motorcycle manufacturer around the world participates to display their latest technology and upcoming models. The platform provides excellent opportunities to market new models and reach out to millions of motorcycle enthusiasts around the world as the event receives full coverage from the media. If you get a chance to visit EICMA, you will get to know about numerous motorcycle brands that you have not heard of before.

Motorcycling fans, enthusiasts, brand representatives, administrators, EICMA event organizers, and Moto vloggers attend the EICMA event in large numbers. Apart from introducing new models, new ideas and concept bikes are also displayed to the world at EICMA. The event continues for six days to accommodate participants coming from different parts of the world.

With the growing popularity of motorcycles all over the world, it's important for every motorcycle manufacturer, either small or large, to gather at a place, share ideas, and display their products. This also provides a great advantage for the local and European motorcycle market, attracting more motorcyclists to start riding motorcycles and learn about the latest motorcycling technology.

2. History of EICMA

EICMA is the most prestigious and grandest motorcycle show regularly held in Milan, Italy. It is one of the oldest events in the history of the motorcycling world, having been held for more than a century. The event was first organized in 1914 and, since then, it has taken place every year. There hasn’t been a single year since 1914 when the organizers had to cancel the show.

3. What Does EICMA Stand for?

EICMA is an abbreviation of an Italian phrase, called the “Esposizione Internazionale del Ciclo, Motociclo, Accessori”, meaning “‘International Exhibition of Cycles, Motorcycles, and Accessories”.

EICMA 2022: Main Highlights
Gathering The EICMA 2022 saw a huge gathering from around 45 countries, attending and participating in the show.
Kawasaki’s Corner The main highlight of the EICMA 2022 show in Milan was Kawasaki’s Corner, as it pulled in the most guests and members. Kawasaki used the platform to present its latest electric bikes, hybrid motorcycles, and hydrogen-fueled engines.
All-New Suzuki V-Strom Parallel-Twin Models Likewise, Suzuki delivered its all-new middleweight V-Strom models with parallel-twin motors.
All-New Honda Transalp Honda, with one of the largest presences at the EICMA 2022, presented the Honda Transalp, the exceptionally anticipated ADV bike of the year.

4. Takeaway

The EICMA is the biggest motorcycle fair held once a year and is equally important for all motorcycle manufacturers around the world. You will be dazzled to see the new models and technologies introduced in modern motorcycles displayed at the EICMA. It would not have been possible for motorcycle enthusiasts to get to know, see, and learn about all the upcoming motorcycles if there was no EICMA. Even if you have no interest in motorcycling, visiting this show will incline you towards modern bikes and motorcycle riding.

Another significant highlight of the EICMA show, especially for most American riders, is the representation of American motorcycle companies and touring bikes. To capture the U.S. market, most motorcycle manufacturers continue producing and displaying their full-dressed tourers at the EICMA show.

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