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10 Best New 2024 Motorcycles Debut at EICMA 2023

10 Best New 2024 Motorcycles Debut at EICMA 2023

EICMA is considered to be the grandest event for the motorcycle community as almost every motorcycle manufacturer from every part of the world participates in this event to showcase their products and technology.

This year, the motorcycling community witnessed another massive gathering at the EICMA 2023 show in Milan, Italy. Almost every motorcycle manufacturer brought their brand new models to the show to market them to the world. However, certain motorcycles debuted at the EICMA 2023 as the 2024 models and stole the limelight at the show. These motorcycles turned out to be new, modern, trendy, impressive, stylish, and performance-wise extraordinary among all the motorcycles displayed at the event. Read this article to learn about the 10 best new 2024 motorcycles debuting at EICMA 2023.

1. 2024 Ducati Hypermotard 698 Mono

The most special and the best-looking entry at the EICMA 2023 was the 2024 Ducati Hypermotard 698 Mono. It was voted the most beautiful motorbike displayed at the event by more than 35% of people at the EICMA 2023, which also includes the virtual attendees. What makes the 2024 Ducati Hypermotard 698 Mono an impressive bike is its distinguished look and unmatched performance capabilities. You may not be able to judge the type of motorcycle at first glance. The 2024 Ducati Hypermotard 698 Mono has a dual sports styling with slim overall bodywork. However, this bike is undoubtedly one of the most versatile motorcycles as it is evenly capable of race track performance, thanks to the race-inspired parts. This motorcycle is a combination of a sports, naked, and dual sports bike. It is an ideal road bike for daily commutes and city traveling but as soon as you plan to hit the race track, it ensures the best hypersports performance with its brilliant flickability, maneuverability, and agility.

The 2024 Ducati Hypermotard 698 Mono is the first-ever Ducati model to receive the newly-developed Superquadro Mono 660 Single engine, featuring only a single cylinder. However, it is not an ordinary engine, it is the most powerful single-cylinder engine capable of producing impressive horsepower and torque. The 2024 Ducati Hypermotard 698 Mono is completely different from what the Ducati is used to producing. However, this experiment is expected to be successful in the coming time as it has already started making waves in the motorcycling world.

2024 Ducati Hypermotard 698 Mono
Motorcycle Type Lightweight Supermotard
Engine Superquadro Mono 660 Single
Cylinders Single
Valve Train Four Valves per Cylinder
Displacement 659 cc
Engine Cooling System Liquid-Cooled
Horsepower 77.5 hp at 9,750 rpm
Torque 63 Nm at 8,000 rpm
Transmission Six-Speed Manual Transmission with Ducati Special Quick Shifter
Final Drive Chain Drive
Clutch Hydraulic-Controlled, Slipper Wet Multi-Plate Clutch
Front Suspension with Wheel Travel Fully-Adjustable 45 mm Marzocchi Fork with 8.5 in of Wheel Travel
Rear Suspension with Wheel Travel Fully-Adjustable Progressive Linkage with Sachs Single Rear Shock with 9.4 in of Wheel Travel
Seat Height 35.6 in
Wheelbase 56.8 in
Gas Tank Capacity 3 gal
Wet Weight 151 kg
Standard Tech Features Bosch Cornering ABS
Power Modes
Riding Modes
Traction Control
Engine Brake Control
Quick Shifter
Power Launch
Wheelie Control
Base MSRP $14,495

2. 2024 Suzuki GSX-8R

2024 Suzuki GSX-8R
Photo Credit: Motorcycle News

This year at EICMA 2023, Suzuki made quite a wave with its new motorcycles, and the biggest announcement this year made by Suzuki is the launch of the 2024 Suzuki GSX-8R. The Suzuki GSX-8R utilizes the same 800 cc Parallel-Twin platform, which powers the other 800 cc Suzuki models. However, this bike is different in terms of performance, attitude, and sleekness. You may not be impressed with the power figures this motorbike is capable of, but practically, the Suzuki GSX-8R brings you the perfect performance in its class. The ride quality is smooth, the finishing is top-notch, and in terms of looks, the Suzuki GSX-8R has no match. Suzuki has made a strong comeback with this motorcycle. Sports bikes with such an appearance are considered high-end bikes, providing ultimate track performance. However, you will be astonished to learn that the Suzuki GSX-8R is an ideal road bike for city traveling and daily riding. The company calls it a comfort-oriented sports bike, thanks to its slightly relaxed ergonomics. The 776 cc displacement makes the Suzuki GSX-8R approachable for intermediate riders, and the fun element makes it captivating for skilled riders as well. The only drawback the Suzuki GSX-8R has is the lack of suspension adjustability. The braking technology is almost the same as used in the naked version and feels equally adequate on this sports bike as well. The wide front and rear Dunlop tires give this sports bike a big bike look. The clip-on handlebars are slightly positioned higher, making the rider sit in an adequately upright posture. Though most of the parts and features are borrowed from the Suzuki GSX-8S, the modern and sporty look can make a huge difference when it comes to attracting more riders to pick this bike.

2024 Suzuki GSX-8R
Motorcycle Type Comfort-Oriented Sports Bike
Engine Parallel-Twin, Four-Stroke DOHC Engine
Cylinders Two
Displacement 776 cc
Engine Cooling System Liquid-Cooled
Horsepower 81.8 hp at 8,500 rpm
Torque 57.5 lb-ft at 6,800 rpm
Transmission Constant Mesh, Six-Speed Transmission
Final Drive Chain Drive
Clutch Wet Multi-Plate
Front Suspension with Wheel Travel Showa Upside-Down Fork with 5.1-inch of Wheel Travel
Rear Suspension with Wheel Travel Link-Type Showa Rear Monoshock with 5.1-inch Wheel Travel
Seat Height 31.9 in
Wheelbase 1,465 mm
Ground Clearance 5.7 in
Gas Tank Capacity 3.7 gal
Wet Weight 205 kg
Standard Tech Features ABS
Quick Shifter
Suzuki Intelligent Ride System
Advanced Four-Mode Traction Control
Low RPM Assist
Easy Start
Base MSRP $9,439

3. 2024 KTM 990 Duke

2024 KTM 990 Duke
Photo Credit: Bike Exif

For those who don’t know, the previous-generation middleweight KTM 990 Super Duke, introduced in 2005, was discontinued in 2013 after the heavyweight version, the KTM 1290 Super Duke R, succeeded it. To bring back the already-popular naked bike, KTM has made several changes and has used its top-of-the-line technology. The 2024 KTM 990 Duke now features a 947 cc parallel-twin engine from the LC8c series. Being modern and more refined, this bike can now produce more power and torque.

Though there isn’t much increase in the performance figures; the horsepower and torque are now more accessible at lower rpm. The design and frame of this motorcycle are also completely altered from the previous generation to improve handling and stiffness. The sports-style bulbous gas tank has also received plastic covers.

Regardless of being fitted with a flat rider’s seat, the seat height reaches around 825 mm. The passenger seat is separate and is more elevated for a better view. The 2024 KTM 990 Duke also comes fully equipped with a modern tech package, including Ride modes, traction control, switchable dual-channel ABS, and launch control.

2024 KTM 990 Duke
Motorcycle Type Middleweight Naked Bike
Engine Parallel-Twin, Four-Stroke Engine
Cylinders Two
Displacement 947 cc
Engine Cooling System Liquid-Cooled with Integrated Oil and Water Heat Exchanger
Horsepower 90.5 kW
Torque 103 Nm
Fuel Economy 50.04 mpg
Transmission Six-Speed Manual Transmission
Final Drive Chain Drive
Clutch Anti-Hopping PASC™ Clutch
Front Suspension with Wheel Travel 43 mm WP APEX Front Fork with 140 mm of Wheel Travel
Rear Suspension WP APEX Rear Monoshock with 150 mm of Wheel Travel
Seat Height 825 mm
Ground Clearance 195 mm
Gas Tank Capacity 3.8 gal
Dry Weight 179 kg
Standard Tech Features Bosch Engine Management System
Bosch Dual-Channel ABS
Launch Control
Ride Modes
Track Mode
Traction Control
Base MSRP $12,500

4. 2024 Suzuki GSX S1000GX

2024 Suzuki GSX S1000GX
Photo Credit: Team-BHP

Ultimate Cross-Over Sports Tourer

The recently released Suzuki GSX S1000GX, an addition to the Suzuki 1000 cc class, is one more prominent unveiling at the EICMA 2023. It is categorized as an all-round cross-over bike as it can oblige both sports and touring bike riders.

With its incredible horsepower-producing capability, the GSX S1000GX 999 cc power plant is one of the most dominant in the cross-over category. Along with its powerful engine, the 2024 GSX S1000GX's low weight makes it incredibly agile, quick, and aggressive. Regardless of its sporty touring ability, this motorcycle is relatively lighter, which improves its dynamic appearance and performance.

Multipurpose Build

The incredible sporty performance is guaranteed by the GSX S1000GX's robust, sleek, and slim formation. Notwithstanding, the handlebar position, seat position, and ergonomics let the rider sit easily upstanding to ride in a relaxed manner. The GSX S1000GX has a three-position adjustable windscreen, a standard hand guard, and a relaxed rider triangle.

Regardless of its sports-touring abilities, this bike can make a perfect sports bike thanks to its highly sportier stance and aggressive front-end look. The uniquely styled headlight separates the Suzuki GSX S 1000GX from the rest of the 2024 upcoming motorbikes.

Suzuki’s First Bike to Feature Electronic Suspensions

The GSX S1000GX crossover is the first-ever bike produced by the company to be included with long-stroke electronic suspensions. Since the suspension is semi-active and electronic, riders can change how the suspensions feel and act to suit their preferences and tweak their riding experience.

The motorbike isn't intended for thrill seekers and adventure riders regardless of its long suspensions and a taller seat level, which empower it to absorb most types of shocks and unsettling external influences.

Additionally, this makes the bike incredibly versatile because its semi-active suspension design allows for programmed modification without requiring the rider to use tools for adjustments.

2024 Suzuki GSX S1000GX
Motorcycle Type Sports Crossover
Engine Inline-Four, Four-Stroke Engine
Cylinders Four
Displacement 999 cc
Engine Cooling System Liquid-Cooled
Horsepower 150 hp at 11,000 rpm
Torque 78.2 lb-ft at 9,250 rpm
Transmission Six-Speed Constant Mesh
Final Drive Chain Drive
Clutch Wet Multi-Plate Clutch
Front Suspension with Wheel Travel Electronically-Controlled, Upside-Down Telescopic Fork
Rear Suspension Electronically-Controlled Link-Type Monoshock
Seat Height 33.3 in
Ground Clearance 155 mm
Wheelbase 1,470 mm
Gas Tank Capacity 5 gal
Wet Weight 232 kg
Standard Tech Features ABS
Traction Control
Electronic Suspensions
Smart Cruise Control
Lift Limiter
Suzuki Road Adaptive Stabilization
Roll Torque Control
Base MSRP $18,499

5. 2024 Honda CB1000 Hornet

2024 Honda CB1000 Hornet
Photo Credit: Top Gear

EICMA Presence

Honda organized one of the biggest platforms at the event. The brand had a notable presence at the event with its several new bikes. However, above all, the Honda Hornet was the mainstream bike that caught the attention of most attendees at the event.

Striking Look

The all-new Honda Hornet features striking neo-retro looks that distinguish it from its previous generation models. The new Honda Hornet features a modern-day design and has a highly aggressive stance. It falls under the naked bike category and has sharp styling from head to tail.

Starting from the front, the headlamp is also pointed, replacing the retro-style narrow round headlamp. The gas tank also has a chiseled shape and gets narrower as it approaches the seat. The tail section, along with the passenger seat, is also quite upright, enhancing its aggressive look.


Despite being a naked bike, the Honda Hornet looks more like a standard bike. The 999 cc power plant generates 110 kW of horsepower and 100 Nm of torque.

The suspensions and brakes are not the most exclusive features of this motorbike. However, they perform well in most riding conditions. It is probably kept simple by the company to keep the price in an affordable range.

2024 Honda CB1000 Hornet
Motorcycle Type Naked Bike
Engine Inline-Four 16V DOHC Engine
Cylinders Four
Displacement 999 cc
Engine Cooling System Liquid-Cooled
Horsepower 110 kW
Torque 100 Nm
Transmission Six-Speed
Final Drive Chain Drive
Clutch Assist & Slipper Clutch
Exhaust System Four-Into-Two-Into-One Exhaust System
Front Suspension with Wheel Travel Adjustable 41 mm Showa SFF-BP USD Front Fork
Rear Suspension Pro-Link Showa Rear Monoshock
Seat Height 32.67 in
Ground Clearance 5.11 in
Gas Tank Capacity 4.5 gal
Wet Weight 440.9 lbs
Standard Tech Features Honda Selectable Torque Control (HSTC)
Three Riding Modes
Dual-Channel ABS
Traction Control
Base MSRP $12,999

6. 2024 Moto Guzzi Stelvio

2024 Moto Guzzi Stelvio
Photo Credit: Motorcyclist Online

Presence at the EICMA

The Moto Guzzi made a great impression at the EICMA 2023 with its all-new models. Popularly known as the Stelvio, the versatile Moto Guzzi adventure explorer was one of the major attractions at the event. Unfortunately, the company discontinued this bike in favor of its new ADV tourer, the Moto Guzzi Mandello. The biggest difference between the two is that the Stelvio offers a more relaxed rider triangle and space to fit in.


Riders who have previously used this bike know the worth of it and the riding experience it provides. The 1,042 cc 90° transverse layout engine is a blast, producing enormous and punchy horsepower and torque. The installation of the shaft drive makes the ride smoother and quieter.

Tech Inclusion

What attracts the most about the 2024 Moto Guzzi Stelvio, especially young riders, is its top-notch tech features. This bike is fully integrated with numerous modern gadgets to make the ride more enjoyable and safe.

2024 Moto Guzzi Stelvio
Motorcycle Type Adventure-Touring Bike
Engine 90° Transverse V-Twin DOHC Engine
Cylinders Two
Displacement 1,042 cc
Engine Cooling System Liquid-Cooled
Valve Train Four Valves per Cylinder
Horsepower 115 hp at 8,700 rpm
Torque 77.4 lb-ft at 6,750 rpm
Transmission Six-Speed
Final Drive Shaft Drive
Clutch Hydraulically-Actuated, Slipper & Assist, Wet Multi-Plate Clutch
Front Suspension with Wheel Travel Electronic-Adjustable 46 mm Sachs Upside-Down Front Fork with 6.7-inch Wheel Travel
Rear Suspension with Wheel Travel Adjustable Aluminum Side-Mounted Monoshock with 6.7-inch Wheel Travel
Seat Height 32.7 in
Wheelbase 59.8 in
Gas Tank Capacity 5.5 gal
Dry Weight 489 lbs
Standard Tech Features Throttle-By-Wire
Cornering ABS
Cruise Control
Traction Control
Five Riding Modes
Four-Level ABS
Lane Change Assist
Blind Spot Information System
Forward Collision Warning
Base MSRP $16,390

7. 2024 Aprilia RS 457

2024 Aprilia RS 457
Photo Credit: Ultimate Motorcycling

Announced in September 2023, Aprilia has successfully launched its middleweight sports bike, the Aprilia RS 457, at the EICMA 2023. There was quite a huge gap in the Aprilia sports bike lineup as the smallest Aprilia sports bike comes with a 125 cc engine and the middleweight Aprilia bike was powered by the iconic 660 cc engine. To cover the gap and produce something more accessible and fun for riders with beginners and intermediate-level skills, the Aprilia RS 457 is produced. It encompasses a newly-produced 457 cc parallel-twin engine with the ability to deliver a horsepower of 35 kW. Though it does not compromise on its performance and sports bike styling, the Aprilia RS 457 is quite punchy and agile thanks to its overall low wet weight of 174.63 kg.

The 2024 Aprilia RS 457 is expected to be a tough contender in the 400 cc – 500 cc category. Aprilia makes one of the most good-looking sports bikes and the Aprilia RS 457 is no exception. The sound and looks of this motorcycle will give you a bigger bike vibe. Another great advantage of this sports bike is that they are highly road capable, along with track racing performance. The 2024 Aprilia RS 457 falls somewhere between the lightweight and mid-weight category; however, the parallel-twin engine with 270° of crankshaft angle puts it on par with the high-performance middleweight sports bike from major brands.

The look of this bike is quite muscular with superb aerodynamics to minimize the air drag when the motorbike is in action. The 2024 Aprilia RS 457 does not include any premium and high-tech equipment, keeping the price on the lower side to attract more young riders. However, considering the low cost, the 2024 Aprilia RS 457 is a good overall package.

2024 Aprilia RS 457
U.S. Release Date April 2024
Motorcycle Type Sports Bike
Category Middleweight; Intermediate-Level
Engine Parallel-Twin, DOHC Engine
Cylinders Two
Displacement 457 cc
Engine Cooling System Liquid-Cooled
Valve Train Four Valves per Cylinder
Horsepower 35 kW
Transmission Six-Speed
Final Drive Chain Drive
Front Suspension Spring Preload-Adjustable 41 mm Upside-Down Front Fork
Rear Suspension Spring Preload-Adjustable Rear Monoshock
Dry Weight 159 kg
Wet Weight 385 lbs
Standard Tech Features Switchable Dual-Channel ABS
Multiple-Settings Traction Control System
Ride Modes
Ride-by-Wire Throttle
Colors Prismatic Dark and Opalescent Light
Base MSRP $6,799

8. 2024 Royal Enfield Himalayan 450

2024 Royal Enfield Himalayan 450
Photo Credit: Bike Exif

Though the announcement was already made and the bike was in the testing phase, the 2024 Royal Enfield Himalayan 450 was still one of the most anticipated bikes at the EICMA 2023. For all those who love the Royal Enfield Himalayan for its position as one of the most affordable adventure bikes in the market with good value for the money, the new and upgraded Himalayan comes with everything that was lacking in the previous generation.

The major upgrade is the all-new 452 cc engine, which was much needed to boost its performance. Though the increase in the displacement is not major, it is adequate to keep the interest of the Royal Enfield fans alive. The company has ditched the retro looks in favor of a modern and compact look, achieved through an upgraded frame and chassis. The gas tank is also a completely new piece with protection bars as found in the previous generation as well. The upgraded windscreen is also bigger. The rear end has also been changed to make it more slimmer and bold. The new exhaust pipe also gives this motorbike a premium and sporty look.

To keep you engaged with the motorbike and stay informed while riding, the new Royal Enfield Himalayan now features a round-shaped TFT color display with a smartphone connectivity option and navigation.

To keep the 2024 Royal Enfield Himalayan simple and basic, it only comes with a switchable ABS, ride-by-wire throttle, and two ride modes, including Performance and Eco. The Showa non-adjustable front fork and the preload-adjustable rear mono shock are premium pieces of equipment by Showa, providing an impressive front and rear wheel travel of 7.87 inches.

2024 Royal Enfield Himalayan 450
Motorcycle Type Middleweight Adventure Bike
Engine Single-Cylinder Engine
Cylinders One
Displacement 452 cc
Engine Cooling System Liquid-Cooled
Horsepower 29.44 kW at 8,000 rpm
Torque 40 Nm at 5,500 rpm
Transmission Six-Speed
Final Drive Chain Drive
Clutch Assist & Slipper Clutch
Front Suspension with Wheel Travel 43 mm Inverted Front Fork with 7.87 in of Wheel Travel
Rear Suspension Spring Preload-Adjustable Linkage-Type Single Rear Shock with 7.87 of Wheel Travel
Seat Height 825 mm (Adjustable: 805 mm – 845 mm)
Ground Clearance 230 mm
Gas Tank Capacity 4.49 gal
Dry Weight 181 kg
Standard Tech Features Switchable Dual-Channel ABS
Ride-by-Wire Throttle
Two Ride Modes (Eco & Performance)
Base MSRP Not Announced Yet

9. 2024 Kawasaki Z7 Hybrid

2024 Kawasaki Z7 Hybrid
Photo Credit: Web Bike World

With the 2024 Kawasaki Z7 Hybrid, Kawasaki has solved one of the major problems faced with modern all-electric bikes. It is the world’s first-ever hybrid motorcycle that works with both gasoline and electric power. The 2024 Kawasaki Z7 Hybrid is a masterpiece that is expected to be brilliant in both the motorcycling world of electric vehicles and gasoline engines.

One major problem with all-electric vehicles in today’s world is the lack of charging stations. If your electric motorcycle runs out of electric power, the bike will shut down and you will have to transport the motorbike back home. However, with the 2024 Kawasaki Z7 Hybrid, even if your bike runs out of electric power, you still have the option to use gasoline to keep your motorbike running. Similarly, if your motorbike runs out of gas, you can use electric power to keep your bike operational.

Regardless of being built with dual power systems, the internal combustion engine installed in the Kawasaki Z7 Hybrid is not an ordinary piece of equipment. It features a 451 cc parallel-twin engine with the ability to deliver 44.5 lb-ft of torque and 68.5 hp of horsepower. If you are riding this motorbike in the electric mode, it takes the power from a 48 V lithium-ion battery, which is connected to the 9 kW of traction motor to rotate the wheel.

Another extraordinary advantage of the 2024 Kawasaki Z7 Hybrid that can amaze riders is its remarkable fuel economy. Despite being a mid-weight Ninja H2SX style sports bike, it consumes fuel as low as a 250 cc motorbike does.

You can switch between the full electric and gasoline modes anytime. However, the electric mode restricts the motorcycle from attaining high speeds and accelerating as fast as a sports bike, making this bike ideal for city traveling and daily commuting.

The new riders do not need to learn gear shifting if they choose to buy the new Kawasaki Z7 Hybrid as it features both automatic and manual transmission. However, in the manual transmission mode, the rider does not need to engage the clutch as it comes with a small paddle shifter to enjoy manual rides.

2024 Kawasaki Z7 Hybrid
Motorcycle Type Hybrid Naked Bike
Hybrid Technology ICE (Internal Combustion Engine) and EV (Electric)
Engine Parallel-Twin; Four-Stroke Engine
Battery Lithium-Ion Battery
Cylinders Two
Displacement 451 cc
Engine Cooling System Liquid-Cooled
Valve Train Eight Valves; DOHC
Horsepower 68.5 hp at 10,500 rpm
Torque 44.5 lb-ft
Transmission Automatic and Manual
Final Drive Chain Drive
Clutch No Clutch
Front Suspension 41 mm Upside-Down Telescopic Front Fork
Rear Suspension Spring Preload-Adjustable, Gas-Charged, Uni Trak Rear Shock
Seat Height 795 mm
Gas Tank Capacity 3.7 gal
Wet Weight 227 kg
Standard Tech Features Both Automatic and Manual Transmission
Idling Stop Function
Walk Mode
Reverse Function
Three Riding Modes (Eco Hybrid, Sport Hybrid,
Automatic Launch Position Finder
e-Boost Mode for Enormous Power and Quick Acceleration
Zero Emission

10. 2024 Bimota Terra

2024 Bimota Terra
Photo Credit: Bike It

EICMA 2023 proved to be a successful event for all motorcycle manufacturers, especially for the Italian motorcycle brands. Another Italian manufacturer on the list appeared at the EICMA 2023 with a supercharged beast, called the Bimota Tera. In 2019, Bimota joined hands with Kawasaki when the Japanese brand purchased almost half of the company’s shares. Bimota now uses parts and technology developed by Kawasaki.

The 2024 Bimota Tera is based on the Kawasaki Ninja H2 and uses several parts that are borrowed from it. The Bimota Tera houses a supercharged inline-four 998 cc engine that generates an incredible peak horsepower of 200 hp at 11,00 rpm, competing with the world’s most powerful sports bike. Despite being brutally powerful in every sense, the 2024 Bimota Tera is not just a performance sports bike, it is a performance cross-over with sports-touring abilities. The price of this motorbike has not been disclosed yet by the company, but it is expected to be on the higher side due to being built with several top-of-the-line parts and machinery. Along with the supercharged engine, there are Öhlins front and rear suspensions, and a complete tech package by the Kawasaki motorcycle company.

There are numerous outstanding aspects of the 2024 Bimota Tera, including the muscular side fairing, unique bodywork, and suspension settings. It no longer uses the traditional fork and monoshock system. The traditional front fork is replaced with knee-type aluminum joints, which not only work as a front suspension setting but also integrate the steering and braking system. According to Bimota, such a unique suspension setting ensures better stability, control, and safety.

2024 Bimota Terra
Motorcycle Type Performance Crossover (Sports-Touring Bike)
Based on Kawasaki Ninja H2SX
Engine Supercharged Inline-Four Engine
Cylinders Four
Displacement 998 cc
Engine Cooling System Liquid-Cooled
Horsepower 200 hp at 11,000 rpm
Torque 101 lb-ft at 8,500 rpm
Transmission Constant Mesh; Six-Speed with Return Shaft
Final Drive Chain Drive
Clutch Slipper & Assist Clutch
Front Suspension with Wheel Travel Öhlins TTX36; Swingarm-Mounted Front Suspension with 4.48-inch Wheel Travel
Rear Suspension Wheel Travel Öhlins TTX36 Rear Shock with 5.31-inch Wheel Travel
Seat Height 32.2 in
Ground Clearance 6.85 in
Gas Tank Capacity 5.81 gal
Wet Weight 440 lbs
Standard Tech Features Cornering ABS
Kawasaki Intelligent Braking System (KIBS)
Quick Shifter
Power Modes
Traction Control System
Ride Modes
Electronic Cruise Control
Launch Control System
Expected Price $83,750

11. The Bottom Line

EICMA has always been the top and the biggest motorcycling show since it was first organized in 1914 in Milan. Since then, every motorcycle company around the world has used this platform to showcase their new models and technology. It serves to be the best marketing platform for every brand, including both small and major. This year’s EICMA brought the same spark and energy as it witnessed a great crowd, including brand representatives, motorcycling fans, media persons, and motovloggers. This year at EICMA, tons of new motorcycles were launched and have immediately gained the attention of the motorcycling community. Most of them were upgraded versions of their previous generations and some of them were all-new models. If you are planning to buy a new motorcycle in the coming year, this article brings you the best new 2024 motorcycles debuting at EICMA 2023. The price of a few models has not been disclosed yet, but the specs and details are expected to be shared soon.

As motorcycle technology is getting better, the prices of new motorcycles are also exponentially increasing. However, if you’re on a tight budget, there is always an option to buy a used motorcycle and do a bit of customization to make it look new. Viking Bags is a top aftermarket parts manufacturer with expertise in producing motorcycle luggage and touring parts. You can transform your bike into a perfect tourer by installing highway bars, fairings, backrests, and sissy bars. The motorcycle luggage bag options include saddlebags, tank bags, backpacks, and trunk bags.

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