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Indian Scout Sixty: Specs, Features, Background, Performance, & More

Indian Scout Sixty Specs, Features, Background, Performance, & More

New motorcycles are released almost every year, but only a few manage to win the hearts of riders. The Indian Scout Sixty is a popular motorcycle that was released in 2016. Now American cruiser enthusiasts can’t wait to get their hands on the all-new 2022 version. This shows that the bike has achieved great success in the span of six years. Exciting color schemes, high performance, powerful torque, 1000 cc engine, light and nimble frame, and a foolproof ABS system are some of the most admirable specs of the Indian Scout Sixty.

The Indian Scout Sixty is perfect for any rider looking for a fun vehicle, a reliable mode of transportation, or an affordable tourer. A versatile cruiser, it can be converted into a touring beast with a few upgrades. From traveling to the office and grocery stores to interstates and camping sites, this bike will get you where you need to go. No matter your riding experience, this beautiful bike inspires you to turn the throttle to its utmost limit and feel the adrenaline rush.

Let’s discuss the history, performance, upgrades, and technical specs of the Indian Scout Sixty motorcycles in this article.

1. A Brief Background of Indian Scout Sixty

The Scout Sixty motorcycles have a rich background that can’t be overlooked. Indian motorcycles were first introduced by the Indian motorcycle company in 1920. The motorcycles and the company underwent many changes over the years and finally in 2011, Polaris Inc. bought and took over the iconic Indian motorcycle company.

Under Polaris Inc., this American motorcycle company revised the old version of the Scout motorcycles and launched its first model in 2015. The new Scout was a mid-sized cruiser that sported a powerful 1133 cc engine, belt final drive, and braided brakes. The 2015 Scout also featured a lightweight frame made by joining castings of aluminum alloy.

The following year, Indian introduced a new lineup called the Scout Sixty.

The 2016 Indian Scout Sixty was affordable compared to the Scout but had the same suspensions, brake system, final drive, and chassis. The main difference between the two models was that the 2015 Scout’s engine had a displacement 1133 cc and featured a six-speed transmission. On the other hand, the 2016 Scout Sixty’s engine had a displacement of 999 cc and a blacked-out five-speed transmission system.

Specs Scout Scout Sixty
Engine Displacement 1133 cc 999 cc
Transmission Six-speed Five-speed
Horsepower 100 hp 78 hp
Torque 98 Nm 88 Nm
Weight Dry: 528 lbs
Wet: 550 lbs
Dry: 524 lbs
Wet: 546 lbs

The 2017 Indian Scout Sixty model received some new upgrades. The bike featured a new starter, front brake, and clutch. The 2016 Scout Sixty had a heavier clutch, but the 2017 model was fitted with softer clutch springs. The design team also added turn signals. The rear suspension and turn radius of the bike were improved which encouraged better handling. The exhaust system was tweaked to improve engine performance.

Price Colors
Thunder Black
Indian Red (non-ABS; w/ABS)
Pearl White (non-ABS; w/ABS)

The 2018 Indian Scout Sixty came with an all-new battery voltage screen which helped to direct the electric current. The price of the Indian Scout Sixty also rose in 2018.

Price Colors
$9,499; $9,999
$9,499; $9,999
Thunder Black (non-ABS)
Indian Red (non-ABS; w/ABS)
Polished Bronze non-AB; w/ABS)
Black/Titanium.Red (ABS)

The 2019 Indian Scout Sixty models featured a standard anti-lock brake system and was available in all color schemes. A non-ABS variant was also available in Thunder Black for customers who did not want an ABS system.

Price Colors
Thunder Black (non-ABS)
Thunder Black (ABS)
Ruby Metallic (ABS)
White Smoke (ABS)
Star Silver/Thunder Black (ABS)

The 2020 Indian Scout Sixty motorcycles had upgraded brakes. The engineers added new brake cylinders, calipers, and rotors to improve braking power.

Price Colors
Thunder Black (non-ABS)
Thunder Black (ABS)
Pearl White/Titanium Metallic (ABS)

The 2021 and 2022 Indian Scout Sixty came with optional new specs to increase riding comfort and the touring capability of the motorcycle. The bike’s early paint scheme was revived with a fresh new look.

Price Colors
Thunder Black (non-ABS)
Thunder Black (ABS)
Ruby Metallic

Metallic Black (Non-ABS)
Storm Blue (ABS)
Metallic Black (ABS)

Unlike Victory, another motorcycle company owned and discontinued by Polaris Inc., the Indian motorcycle company is flourishing. You can expect to see a new model of Indian Scout Sixty motorcycle in 2023.

2. Indian Scout Sixty Motorcycle at First Glance

Indian Scout Sixty Styling

True to the Indian design team’s claims, one look is enough to know that the Scout Sixty gets its styling cues from the 1920s Scout motorcycles. The cut-down fenders, blacked-out handlebars, headlight, engine, and wheels make this bike look more muscular than it really is. The chromed exhaust pipes, teardrop mirrors, and rear turn signals balance the blacked-out theme perfectly. The fuel tanks feature high-quality glossy paint finish and the Indian logo.

Indian Scout Sixty Instruments

The Indian Scout Sixty has a retro-style speedometer with a red background light to illuminate the gauges at night. It only features essential gauges such as the trip meter, digital tachometer, odometer, engine temperature, and a low fuel indicator.

Indian Scout Sixty Lighting

The Scout Sixty cruiser sports a classy round headlight, small front and rear turn signals, and a modern LED tail light. Furthermore, it features speedometer lights and license plate lights. While the tail light and turn signals become dim during daytime, the license plate light ensures a strong presence and good visibility at night.

Indian Scout Sixty Engine

The Scout Sixty’s engine is the heart and soul of this machine. Its 60° V-twin liquid-cooled 1000 cc motor produces 78 hp and 88 Nm of torque. The low-end torque produced by the Scout Sixty engine makes this bike fun to ride. The closed loop fuel injection improves combustion efficiency, engine outputs, and fuel economy.

Indian Scout Sixty Drivetrain

The five-speed transmission and wet multiplate clutch system connected to the engine ensures linear power delivery and a crisp throttle response. The engine power is transferred to the final belt drive, then to the rear wheel. The clutch springs are soft, allowing for smoother gear transitions. The close gear ratios ensure a smooth ride.

Indian Scout Sixty Exhaust

The split exhaust system with chromed dual pipes increases the outflow of emission gases, allowing the engine’s exhaust to work better and let out a deep rhythmic rumble. For many motorcycle enthusiasts, the rumble from the Scout Sixty’s engine is the most satisfying sound in the world.

Indian Scout Sixty Handling

The bike has effortless handling thanks to its lightweight aluminum frame, low center of gravity, and 31° lean angle. You can take sharp turns safely without worrying about scraping the street or falling over. The 29° rake and long wheelbase and trail improve the bike’s maneuverability and stability.

Indian Scout Sixty Suspension

According to most test riders, the front suspension is not properly damped and the hard rear suspension is only good for giving off hardtail vibes. It is an enjoyable ride on smooth roads but things get rough if you ride on uneven roads. When riding a Scout Sixty, it is best to avoid rough, bumpy roads to avoid getting into an accident.

Indian Scout Sixty Wheels

The 130 mm front and 140 mm rear Pirelli Night Dragon tires are thick, offering a commanding profile and strong road grip. The 6 x 3.5-inch wide cast wheels are durable and black color scheme give off a retro feel.

Indian Scout Sixty Brakes

The front and rear brakes are single discs with floating rotors, with two-piston and single-piston calipers respectively. For confidence-boosting braking power, the Scout Sixty is equipped with a standard ABS system.

Buyers opting for the thunder black paint scheme get the option of buying a non-ABS variant.

Indian Scout Sixty Comfort

The seat is 25.6 inches above the ground, the shifter and foot pegs are positioned closer towards the front. This ergonomic design suits shorter riders while tall riders may find the seating position more awkward.

The handlebars are painted black and the grips are not too wide; they contribute to the effortless handling of the Indian Scout Sixty.

3. Indian Scout Sixty: A Buyer’s Guide

3.1 How Fast Is the Indian Scout Sixty?

The Indian Scout Sixty has a top speed of 100 mph.

3.2 How Much Does the Indian Scout Sixty Weigh?

The Indian Scout Sixty is a lightweight cruiser and weighs 523 lbs on an empty tank. On a full tank, the bike weighs 543 lbs.

3.3 What is the Horsepower of Indian Scout Sixty?

The Indian Scout Sixty has an estimated horsepower of 78 hp.

3.4 How Many ccs Is the Indian Scout Sixty Motorcycle?

The Indian Scout Sixty is powered by a small 60° V-twin liquid cooled engine with a displacement of 1000 ccs.

3.5 Is Indian Scout Sixty a Good Bike?

The Indian Scout Sixty is a fast and affordable bike. It is quite easy to handle and is suitable for both beginners and veterans. The Scout Sixty features a 1000 cc liquid cooled V-twin engine, strong suspension, reliable brakes, ABS system, and a five-speed transmission. The classic cruiser styling and fun factor makes this bike a great ride.

4. Detailed Specifications (Indian Scout Sixty Specs)

4.1 General

Manufacturer Indian Motorcycle International LLC
Production Years 2016-Present
Model Scout Sixty
Category Cruiser
Touring Ability Average

4.2 Dimensions

Max. Length 91.4 in / 2321 mm
Height 42 in / 1068 mm
Width 36.1 in / 916 mm
Max. Weight (Dry) 523 lbs / 237 kg
Max. Weight (Wet) 543 lbs / 246 kg
Max. Seat Height 25.6 in / 649 mm
Rake 29°
Lean 31°
Wheel Base 62 in / 1575 mm
Trail 4.7 in / 120 mm
Ground Clearance 5.7 in / 145 mm
Fuel Capacity 3.3 gal / 12.5 L
Fuel Economy/Mileage 33 mpg
GVWR 988 lbs / 449 kg

4.3 Chassis

Frame Type Cast Aluminum
Front Suspension & Wheel Travel 41 mm telescopic fork with 4.7 inches of wheel travel (120 mm)
Rear Suspension & Wheel Travel Dual shock with 3.0 inches of wheel travel (76 mm)
Wheels (Front & Rear) Cast Wheels; 16 x 3.5 in
Color: Black
Front Tire Size 130/90B - 16 67 H
Rear Tire Size 150/80B - 16 77 H
Tire Brand (Front & Rear) Pirelli Night Dragon
Brake Type (Front & Rear) 298 mm Single Disc with Rotors
Brake Calipers (Front) Two-Piston Calipers
Brake Calipers (Rear) Single-Piston Caliper
Anti-Lock Braking System ABS Standard/Optional

4.4 Engine

Type  Liquid-cooled; four-stroke
Bore 3.661 in / 93 mm
Stroke  2.898 in / 73.6 mm
Displacement 1000 cc
(61 cu in)
Engine Details  V-Twin 60°
Compression 11:1
Fuel System / Induction 54 mm bore; Closed Loop Injection
Exhaust system Dual Exhaust (Split) ; Crossover

4.5 Performance

Maximum Power 78 hp
Maximum Torque 88 Nm / 65 lb/ft at 5800 rpm
Top Speed 100 mph

4.6 DriveTrain

Clutch System Multi plate Wet Clutch
Transmission Five-speed
Primary Drive Gear; Clutch
Final Drive Belt
Ratio: 2.357:1
1st Gear 10.926:1
2nd Gear 7.427:1
3rd Gear 5.918:1
4th Gear 5.022:1
5th Gear 4.087:1

4.7 Electrical

Gauges Tachometer (Digital)
Trip Meter
Low Fuel Warning
Engine Temperature
Starter Electric
Lights Headlight
Turn Signals
Tail Light
Speedometer Lights
Indicator Lights
License Plate Lights

4.8 Others

Colors Black Metallic
Black Metallic ABS
Storm Blue ABS
Base Price $11,749
Warranty Two Years
Unlimited Miles Warranty

5. Aftermarket Parts & Modification Options for Indian Scout Sixty

The awe-inspiring style of the Indian Scout Sixty is the first thing that draws many riders to it. The next most attractive feature is its blacked-out 60° V-twin engine.

Weighing 543 lbs on a full tank, the Indian Scout Sixty is a great novice bike. If you are looking to buy a cruiser after completing your MSF course, the Indian Scout Sixty might be for you. Though the bike is not a tourer, it performs really well as a cruiser. All these qualities are compelling enough that you can consider buying and using it as a means of transportation.

American cruiser enthusiasts who love a vibrant custom bike may need aftermarket Indian parts to make it suited to your riding style. With Viking Bags, get the premium-quality parts you deserve. Fairings, handlebars, crashbars, luggage racks, stylish seats, rider and passenger backrests, and saddlebags.

To make motorcycle tours and camping trips successful, you need to have high-quality Indian luggage bags mounted. Make sure to buy luggage bags that are neither too big nor small; by choosing the right size, you enhance your bike’s looks and ensure sufficient storage space.

The Indian Scout Sixty bikes feature a firm seat and a natural riding stance, so a high level of comfort is guaranteed. But to provide more comfort for your passenger, it is suggested that you install a sissy bar and add a backrest.

If you enjoy riding your Scout Sixty in urban settings as a street bike and prefer not to test its touring ability, even then you should equip it with saddlebags. It is the best add-on to give your bike a new look and can be used for weekly shopping and carrying your daily essentials.

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