Indian Motorcycle Luggage Racks

Having been around since the beginning of the 1900s, Indian Motorcycles has established itself in the global motorcycle industry with its impressive lineups of standard motorbikes, cruisers, baggers, and tourers. Aside from being constructed with an aerodynamic and performance-oriented design, almost all Indian models could be modified with aftermarket parts and fitted with luggage. Whether for short commutes or long-distance travel, Indian motorcycles can reliably transport your belongings as long as you have proper storage. Though most riders prefer using saddlebags, you may want to consider getting the best Indian luggage racks at Viking Bags. 

Having luggage racks for Indian motorcycles will help if you cannot fit all your belongings in the luggage already at your motorcycle’s sides or front. Installed above the rear fender, the best aftermarket Indian racks will help increase a two-wheeler’s carrying capacity. To better evaluate how useful Indian luggage racks are, it helps to become familiar with their design and features.

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Indian Motorcycle Luggage Racks Design

Indian motorcycle luggage racks have a wide rectangular design with a semi-runged base. Constructed from stainless steel material, this equipment provides a flat platform that rests atop Tour-Pack lids. To ensure the Indian luggage racks have a stable foundation, they rest on and connect to the Tour-Pack lids with four short pegs. Despite being made with a copper base and rungs composed of nickel and chrome, these add-ons are surprisingly lightweight and easy to carry. 

Viking Blade luggage racks are the smaller variant best suited for carrying smaller and medium-sized baggage. Built with a length of 11.5 inches and a width of 13.2 inches, this equipment has six evenly spaced rungs shaped like fan blades. The fan blade-shaped rungs have a streamlined curve that helps to reduce air drag and improve aerodynamics. The open space between the rungs is narrow, which helps prevent luggage from falling through. 

Viking Voyage luggage racks are the larger variant best suited for carrying medium and large baggage. Built with a length of 20.5 inches and a width of 15 inches, this equipment has four evenly spaced thin yet round rungs. The rods form a basket-shaped bottom with the outer rim forming a fence to prevent your belongings from sliding around or falling off. The open space between the rungs is wider to make it easier to wrap around and fasten mounting straps. 

Viking Indian Luggage Racks Features

Luggage racks for Indian motorcycles are constructed from high-quality steel with impressive durability and extended longevity. When on the road, any incoming debris that impacts the luggage racks will hardly leave a dent in the structure. The surface is covered with a chrome or glossy black finish that provides a rustproof and weather-resistant coating. As long as you provide maintenance regularly, the Indian luggage racks should remain in good condition for several years. 

Why You Should Buy Luggage Racks for Indian Motorcycles

If you are looking for affordable and well-made luggage racks, you can find the best Indian luggage racks at Viking Bags. Our luggage racks for Indian motorcycles are made of high-quality materials, built to last, and have both aesthetic and practical functions. Mounting a luggage rack will be easy for any Indian model due to an installation guide and mounting hardware included with the purchase. Viking Bags’ inventory of the best aftermarket Indian racks includes Indian Chief Bomber luggage racks, Indian Chief Classic luggage racks, Indian Chief Deluxe luggage racks, Indian Chief Dark Horse luggage racks, Indian Chief Roadmaster luggage racks, Indian Chief Standard luggage racks, Indian Chief Vintage luggage racks, Indian Scout luggage racks, Indian Scout Sixty luggage racks, Indian Scout Bobber luggage racks, Indian Scout Bobber Twenty luggage racks, Indian Springfield luggage racks, and Indian Springfield Dark Horse luggage racks

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