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How To Meet Other Motorcycle Riders?

How To Meet Other Motorcycle Riders?

Many motorcyclists prefer riding alone as solo riding has its share of benefits and risks. However, motorcycle riding is best enjoyed when in the company of fellow riders.

If you are a new rider, riding with more experienced riders will help you develop your riding skills and learn how to deal with the challenges of riding. Other motorcycle riders can also encourage you to push your limits and try new adventures you never would have tried alone. 

This article will discuss the 13 ways to meet other motorcycle riders.

How To Meet Other Motorcycle Riders

1. Motorcycle Clubs

Motorcycle clubs are organizations that allow individuals who share a common passion for motorcycle riding to connect with other riders and attend events. These clubs provide opportunities to make new friends and learn from more experienced riders. Motorcycle clubs frequently organize huge group rides and events for fun or charitable causes.

Many motorcycle clubs organize fundraisers and charity rides in support of various causes, especially the ones club members have a personal stake in.

You'll have the opportunity to give to charity and promote a good cause in addition to making new motorcycle friends.

If there are frequent sightings of large motorcycle groups, there are likely a few motorcycle clubs in your area. To find out when and where they meet, you might need to do some research. You should also learn what sort of motorcycle club it is before you try to join.

You can also use a tool called the Riders Club to discover the adventure motorcycle riding clubs in your area.

2. Motorcycle Show

Motorcycle shows are fun events and opportunities to expand your network. Going to motorbike shows is a great way to meet new people, especially owners of motorcycles on display who may be eager to talk and make friends.

At these exhibitions, you will meet other motorcycle riders, get to know them, ask them specific questions about motorcycles, and can learn information about upcoming events and new motorcycle clubs.

3. Motorcycle Safety Course

A motorcycle safety course allows you to interact with other riders and improve your riding skills. Even though not all states require a motorcycle safety course to obtain a license, there is no shortage of locations where you can take one. Keep in mind that it does at least cost $200 to enroll in a motorcycle safety course.

The course allows you to practice riding with another person or help assist your fellow classmates. In this environment, making motorcyclist friends is easier and is an ideal opportunity for riders who have trouble being outgoing.

Observing how your classmates ride might help you decide what kind of riders you would prefer traveling with, whether you prefer riders with a leisurely or aggressive riding style. You can determine whether certain riders are too reckless or too slow for your liking, helping narrow down the list of potential riders you would be able to get along with.

4. Motorcycle Dealerships

Motorcycle dealerships often organize activities throughout the year that encourage high attendance.

You can look for new riding partners at your local motorbike dealer. Dealerships and businesses that supply motorcycle gear like to plan events and group rides.

For example, local adventure rides organized by BMW dealerships are well-known for encouraging new riders to get out and socialize with other riders in the local motorcycle communities. Even fans of different brands are also welcomed on these group rides. To learn about upcoming motorcycle events in your region, contact your local motorcycle dealership.

5. Group Rides

Group rides involve traveling to popular motorcycle-friendly regions and allow you to discover new riding locations nearby. Additionally, the group rides are well organized, with pre-planned routes, breaks at gas stations, and evening accommodations.

Usually, you are provided a GPS tracker and map to help you navigate by yourself if needed. You'll have several chances to meet other riders with similar riding skills similar as you. Smaller motorcyclist groups will be more willing to let you join if you demonstrate being able to ride at their pace.

6. Organized Tours

For organized tours, join a tour group to go on different riding adventures with other riders. Some tours last at least a week or longer, allowing you to form connections with other adventure riders. Using the tour search tool on Horizon Unlimited, you can locate motorbike tours worldwide.

7. Motorcycle Forums

Online forums can help you find other riders currently interested in going on a ride. Examples of popular online forums include the HUBB, Pashnit, ADV Rider, and Adventure Bike Rider. You may meet other riders with similar riding skills as you who might be interested in going on a ride based on the information you post about your riding style. You can also use online forums to search for planned group rides in your region.

8. Motorcycle Rallies

Motorcycle rallies are large motorcycle gatherings that offer trip preparation seminars, adventure motorcycle products, off-road training, and group rides. These rallies usually involve outdoor camping near motorcycle routes and destinations. For the duration of a motorcycle rally, you can mingle with other riders and make new riding buddies.

9. Off-Road Riding School

Off-road riding schools are perfect places to meet other motorcycle riders with similar skill levels. You can improve off-road riding skills and travel into remote areas. It is easy to find compatible riding buddies during classes, and off-road riding schools allow you to test your riding skills.

10. A Bike Night

Most communities hold weekly or monthly motorcycle nights. They often are organized in conjunction with other vehicle shows. Most riders attend these nights to have conversations and meet other riders.

11. Social Media

Social media is a great way to find and contact motorcycle enthusiasts and clubs you want to meet up with. Popular social media platforms you can use for this purpose are Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. Search for groups dedicated to adventure riding and join their chats for updates on gatherings or group rides. You can also search for riding groups in your region or riders with similar riding styles and interests. There are also motorcycle-specific networking apps like the We Ride App.

12. is one of many online websites you can use to network with fellow motorcycle lovers. This website posts motorbike forums, blogs, and event details from around the United States. This platform constantly updates information and provides complete information regarding when and where events will be held.

When using, you only need to type your location in the search bar to find a list of nearby events.

Additionally, the website’s forums can help you find, contact, and converse with other motorcycle riders. You can ask other riders questions about motorcycle groups, events, etc.

13. is a network that organizes gatherings for people who share similar interests. Though not motorcycle-specific, this website can help you find and connect with motorcycle groups you may be interested in joining.

Go to, enter your location, and search for local motorcycle groups. Once you join a group, you may connect with a like-minded rider.

14. Last Words

If you wish to meet with other motorcycle riders, you can visit motorcycle clubs and shows, take a motorcycle safety course, go to motorcycle dealerships, check social media platforms, and use online websites to learn about riding groups, tours, or events. Viking Bags has several luggage and parts available, including sissy bars, fairings, crash bars, handlebars, sissy bar bags, and saddlebags for a better touring experience.

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