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How to Become a Motorcycle Club Member

How to Become a Motorcycle Club Member

If you are passionate about motorcycle riding, you probably have heard about motorcycle clubs. These clubs are formed by groups of riders who share similar interests and want to do different activities with their motorcycles. There are motorcycle clubs that ride just for fun, while other motorcycle clubs support a cause. If you want to ride with a group of individuals who share an intense love for motorcycles as much as you do, joining a motorcycle club may be perfect for you. However, if you have a job and can only spare a few hours on the weekend, you should join a riding club instead.

1. The Difference Between a Riding Club and a Motorcycle Club

Riding clubs are about riding motorcycles for fun. Riding clubs do not require commitment or requirements to join the club. You can join or leave a riding club whenever you want to. In a riding club, people gather with their motorcycles to meet new people and get the chance to improve their riding skills.

On the other hand, motorcycle clubs require loyalty, commitment, and attendance at meetings. The motorcycle club is not only for fun; it works as an organization and requires time and money.

2. Types of Motorcycle Clubs

There are different types of motorcycle clubs based on the type of motorcycles, the club’s purpose, and the social or cultural backgrounds of the members. There are motorcycle clubs that only offer membership to those who are fans of a particular motorcycle brand, like Hells Angels who only recruit riders who own a Harley Davidson. There is also a motorcycle club for BMW owners known as the BMW Motorcycle Owners of America. There are motorcycle clubs representing gay and lesbian communities known as the "Dykes on Bikes."

There are motorcycle clubs like the Patriot Guard Riders that offer funeral escort services for military personnel.

Most motorcycle clubs offer membership to people of a particular culture, race, gender, or social background.

3. How to Become a Member of a Riding Club

Joining a riding club is much easier compared to joining a motorcycle club. All you need to do is find the local riding clubs in your area. This could be done either by searching through Facebook, Google, or club websites. You can get in contact with the riding club to learn the procedure to become a member. There will be an application form that you can fill out and submit online. After doing this, you wait for the approval and become a member of a riding club.

There are typically no requirements to join a riding club other owning than a motorcycle license. Some riding clubs only accept applicants who have a specific type of motorcycle, like a sports bike or a cruiser.

4. How to Become a Member of a Motorcycle Club

4.1 Find a Member of the Motorcycle Club in Your Area

Becoming a motorcycle member club is not easy. There is no application form to submit to join a motorcycle club. You will need to do research about the motorcycle club and check how gaining membership works. You will have to get in touch with a member of a motorcycle club in your area and ask about the procedure.

4.2 Keep An Eye Out for 1%er Motorcycle Clubs

Certain motorcycle clubs are considered dangerous because they are involved in illegal activities like drug trafficking. These clubs are called the 1%ers or outlaw motorcycle gangs. The Outlaws, Hells Angels, the Bandidos, and the Mongols are a few examples of outlaw motorcycle clubs. If you do not want to get in any trouble with the law, you should research the motorcycle clubs you are interested and choose a legal group that best suits your needs.

4.3 How Can You Identify a Motorcycle Club?

Through Patches

You can identify a motorcycle club by the patches that members have on their jackets. All motorcycle clubs can be identified by their unique names, patches, and logos.

4.4 It's Not Just a Club, It’s a Family

The motorcycle club members act like a family. Every member respects each other and supports one another during challenging times.

4.5 There Can be a Test

There are different ways to judge the ability of a new member or prospect. Sometimes the more experienced, or patched members, make the new entrants go through a test to see if they fit the club’s standards.

4.6 How Long Does It Take to Become a Member of a Motorcycle Club?

After a member considers your request to join a motorcycle club, you may be invited to ride alongside the motorcycle club members. Though, you will not be allowed to take part in any formal meetings. If you keep hanging around for a while, the patched members might promote you to a trial club member.

It can take three months of probation or up to a year to become a patched member.

During this period, you are expected to show your worth and prove that you are eligible to join the motorcycle club. If you successfully pass your probation period, the motorcycle club members will vote on whether you are eligible to become a patched member based on your performance.

4.7 Things to Do That Can Help You Become a Patched Member

There are a set of rules that you need to abide by to become a motorcycle club member. Some members are responsible for making sure that every member follows the rules at all times.

You have to complete a specific number of miles or rides in a given duration as decided by the motorcycle club’s leader(s). You are expected to attend all events and meetings organized by the motorcycle club.

Being a prospect, you may be asked to do various tasks by the patched members. You are expected to perform these tasks without fail. Doing so will earn you more points amongst the full members and improve your chances of being accepted.

4.8 There is a Strict Hierarchy in Motorcycle Clubs

There is a Strict Hierarchy in Motorcycle Clubs
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A motorcycle club works like an organization, following a strict hierarchy. There are different members who perform different tasks.


All meetings are presided over by the president, who holds the highest rank in a motorcycle club.

Vice President

After the president comes the vice president, who is responsible for assisting the president and acting as a leader in the president’s absence.

Sergeant at Arms

The sergeant at arms ensures that the laws of the motorcycle club are being followed.

Road Captain

The road captain is the one who leads during rides.


The secretary has the role of arranging meetings and keeping records of past meetings.


The treasurer is responsible for keeping a record of the club’s finances. The treasurer is also responsible for the payment of the club’s expenses and bills.


The enforcer’s role is to make sure that all the members are following the rules. He protects the members of the motorcycle club from and during conflicts.


Motorcycle club members are the individuals who have earned their patches after their probation period has ended.


Prospects can be termed as interns or trial members who want to become full motorcycle club members.

5. Takeaway

Becoming a motorcycle club member is not an easy task. You need to show commitment and loyalty to the motorcycle club you intend to join. It is fun to be part of a motorcycle club if you love motorcycle riding and have a social circle of people who share the same interests. However, you are expected to prioritize the motorcycle club like a family over everything else, even over your own wants and needs.

Becoming a motorcycle club member means that you are expected to keep the motorcycle up-to-date at all times. You are required to go on tours and long drives with the club members. To enhance the storage capacity, Viking Bags has different LUGGAGE options for your motorcycle like the SADDLEBAGS and SISSY BAR BAGS. Other aftermarket parts available at the Viking Bags include FAIRINGS, CRASH BARS, SISSY BARS, and HANDLEBARS.

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