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Enjoy Group Riding

Enjoy Group Riding

Riding a motorcycle is often a solitary affair; just you and your bike on the open road. While satisfying, I think riding with an organized group is way more fun. There are benefits to joining a riding group. Aside from enjoying riding with like-minded people, you’re sure to discover new roads and take trips you might not take on your own.

Some groups are very organized. They have a charter or bylaws that they follow. They wear “colors,” leather vests with embroidered logos of their organization. They have elected positions like President, Vice President, and Treasurer. Other groups are just a collection of enthusiastic riders. A great way to find riding groups in your area is Many groups use Meetup to host pictures, announce rides, and stay in touch with one another.

Enjoy Group Riding

Once you’ve found a group or two in your area, you should go on a ride with them. A good group will have an experienced ride leader, ride in formation, use hand signals, and generally make safety paramount. A group may also be just a collection of individuals riding with little discipline, each person essentially riding solo in a cluster of other bikes. I hate to stereotype, but folks riding crotch rockets are guilty of this far more than cruiser riders. They want to race each other, pop wheelies, and weave through traffic like a swarm of angry bees. If you end up with a group like this, it’s probably best to look for another group. Group riding is no place for showing off and taking chances.

As I said, most cruiser groups don’t have such problems. In fact, most rides will take longer than they would if you had ridden the route solo. The ride leader will be trying to keep the group together as much as possible and this translates into a more leisurely pace. Many groups will plan a ride to somewhere, but as often as not, it’s just a restaurant for a meal. Usually, it’s more about the ride than the destination.

Enjoy Group Riding

If you get active with a riding group, it may be worthwhile to invest in a CB radio for your bike. These are quite popular in riding groups because they let the riders stay in communication while riding. In addition to helping keep the group together and indicate upcoming turns, there is a greater sense of camaraderie when riders can talk to one another rather than just ride in silence. I’ve been on organized rides where they point out scenic details and provide historic information or interesting trivia along the way.

Some groups plan rides once a month, others more frequently. In addition to riding regularly, many groups perform some kind of community service or fund raising for various charities. If you find a good group, you’ll make new friends, ride new routes, and if you aren’t careful, become an officer or ride leader yourself. Yes, group riding is contagious and the more you do it, the more you seem to enjoy it. The more involved with your group you become, the greater the satisfaction of belonging to the group.

Don’t take my word for it. Find some riding groups in your area and try it out. You’ll be glad you did.

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