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Honda 1500 Valkyrie Standard: Detailed Specs, Background, Performance, and More

Honda 1500 Valkyrie Standard Detailed Specs, Background, Performance, and More

Have you ever ridden on a bike that sounds better than a Ferrari? The majority of motorcycle enthusiasts always look for the same things when buying a powerful and responsive cruiser: the high revving engine with a large displacement, low maintenance features, comfortable and roomy seating capacity, and the thundering sound of the exhaust. The combination of all these traits gives you the pleasure you want while rolling on scenic highways and long motorcycle roads.

The Honda 1500 Valkyrie Standard has it all with a liquid-cooled six-cylinder engine, a maintenance-free shaft drive system, a highly comfortable two-piece custom seat with a detachable passenger seat section, and a six-into-six exhaust system that sounds like music to your ears. If you have already fallen in love with this bike, have a seat and read on to know everything about the Honda 1500 Valkyrie Standard: detailed specifications, background, performance, and more.

1. A Brief History Of Honda 1500 Valkyrie Standard

Honda manufactured the Valkyrie motorcycle in 1996 and designated it as GL1500C in the U.S. market; F6C in other markets. The F6C was an abbreviation of Flat Six Custom. The company designed the bike with a 1520 cubic centimeters (93 cu in) liquid-cooled, horizontally opposed flat-six engine.

The Honda GL1500C Valkyrie engine was not like any other V-twin engines generally seen fitted to cruiser-style motorcycles. It evolved from the Honda Goldwing engine, but there were a few notable changes, including the camshaft and the change to six individual 28 mm carburetors, one for each cylinder. The changes were made to increase power and torque.

When it was introduced in 1997, it was termed as Valkyrie Standard or a naked Standard. Later, a Valkyrie Tourer model was offered. This model had a factory-custom windshield and lockable hard saddlebags which the company designated as a GL1500CT.

The Honda Valkyrie was sold in Japan with a reverse gear, but it was made in the United States at the Honda motorcycle plant in Marysville, Ohio. The bike remained in production from 1996 to 2003.

1.1 1997 GL1500C Valkyrie

  • In 1997, it came with four color schemes: Pearl Majestic Purple, Pearl Glacier White, Black, and American Red.
  • The engine was carefully tuned horizontally facing six cylinders displacing 1520cc and had six carburetors.
  • Its serial number started with 1HFSC340*VA000001.

1.2 1998 GL1500C Valkyrie

  • The 1998 GL1500C Valkyrie came in one of four color schemes: Pearl Coronado Blue with Pearl Ivory Cream, Blaze Yellow with Pearl Ivory Cream, Pearl Sedona Red with Pearl Ivory Cream, and Black.
  • Its serial number began with 1HFSC340*WA100001.

1.3 2000 GL1500C Valkyrie

  • In 2000, the GL1500C Valkyrie came in Pearl Blue/Pearl Silver two-tone metallic.

1.4 2001 GL1500C Valkyrie

  • In 2001, the bike was available in Black, Black/Silver, and Blue/Silver.

1.5 2003 GL1500C Valkyrie

  • The 2003 model year only included a Black color scheme for the GL1500C Valkyrie.

2. Honda 1500 Valkyrie Standard At First Glance

The Honda 1500 Valkyrie Standard is powered by a liquid-cooled 1520 cc six-cylinder engine that produces excellent power and extreme cruising comfort. It is transplanted from a previous generation Gold-Wing engine and had six carburetors, ultimate camshaft timing, and a streaming exhaust system to significantly increase engine output.

It has specially designed chrome engine highlights, including a timing belt cover and reshaped headcovers and manifolds, which adds more custom styling. This powerful engine is fitted with a five-speed transmission that features close gear ratios for amazing roll-on performance and a maintenance-free shaft drive.

Moreover, the engine has simple-to-service screw-and-locknut valve-clearance adjusters. This massive engine breathes through a six-into-six exhaust system that has three individual outlet pipes surrounded by a single muffler-like casing on each side. Its six-separate pipes will reverberate like music to your ears with a unique and exciting sound, along with high-end performance.

The engine has a lot of maintenance-free features, including electronic ignition, belt-driver camshafts, hydraulic clutch, and shaft drive which minimize the servicing time and cost. Best of all, the electrical accessories of this bike obtain plenty of power from its powerful 546-watt alternator.

The Valkyrie standard has a tuned chassis featuring a solidly mounted engine for confident handling. Its large 45 mm inverted forks provide 130 mm of luxury, well-controlled travel, and massive-section aluminum alloy top and bottom triple-clamps which increase the stiffness of the fork. Meanwhile, the dual rear shocks with five-position preload adjustability provide 120 mm of wheel travel.

This bike rolls on the road with its massive radial tires, providing the rider with extra grip and an excellent ride, while its polished aluminum hollow-cast wheels offer a sweeping design. The bike has amazing stopping power which comes from its dual-front and single-rear disc brakes, both equipped with twin-piston calipers.

The Honda 1500 Valkyrie Standard has the capacity of taking you across dozens of miles with its long-range 20-liter fuel tank and highly comfortable two-piece custom seat with a detachable passenger seat section and rear backrest. A wide, low, large-diameter handlebar and a low seat height of 735 mm provide you with a comfortable and relaxed riding position over miles and miles of traveling.

Additionally, the bike has the following features:

  • A heavy-duty 60/55-watt halogen headlight with a special eyebrow-style chrome cover and multi-reflector-kind lens.
  • Chrome-case surrounds by a tachometer and speedometer with catchy white-colored faces.
  • Relaxed, large-diameter handgrips.
  • Reliable push-to-cancel turn-signal switch.

3. Honda 1500 Valkyrie Standard: A Buyer’s Guide

3.1 What Is The Top Speed Of A Honda 1500 Valkyrie Standard?

The Honda 1500 Valkyrie Standard is powered by a liquid-cooled 1520 cc six-cylinder that produces excellent power and extreme cruising comfort. It is estimated that this bike can reach a top speed of 180 km/h/111.8 mph.

3.2 How Much Does A Honda 1500 Valkyrie Standard Weigh?

The Honda GL1500C Valkyrie engine evolved from a previous generation Gold-Wing engine and had six carburetors, ultimate camshaft timing, and a streaming exhaust system to significantly increase engine output. It is estimated that this bike weighs around 681 lbs OR 309 kg dry.

3.3 How Much Does A Honda GL1500C Valkyrie Cost?

You cannot buy a brand new GL1500C Valkyrie because the bike has been discontinued by the company since 2003. So it is difficult to name a specific price for this bike, but thanks to the second-hand market, you can look for a mint condition bike in any second-hand bike showroom or on an online motorcycle selling website.

4. Honda Valkyrie GL1500C Specifications

4.1 Engine Specs

Engine Type Four-stroke, liquid-cooled, horizontally opposed, six-cylinder
Displacement 1520
Bore x Stroke 2.8 x 2.5 in OR 71 mm
Compression Ratio 9.8:1
Fuel System Six 28 mm diaphragm-type CV carburetors

4.2 Transmission Specs

Gearbox Five-speed, manual, wide-ratio
Clutch Wel multi-disc, manual
Final Drive Shaft

4.3 Chassis Specs

Frame Steel
Front Suspension 45 mm inverted fork, 130 mm travel
Rear Suspension Dual shocks with five-way spring preload adjustment 120 mm travel
Front Brake Dual 296 mm floating discs with twin-piston caliper
Rear Brake Single 316 mm disc with twin-piston caliper

4.4 Dimension Specs

Seat Height 28.9 in OR 734 mm
Wheelbase 66.5 in OR 1689 mm
Weight 681 lbs OR 309 kg
Fuel Capacity 5.3 gallons OR 20.1 L

4.5 Tyres Specs

Front 150/80R - 17
Rear 180/70R - 16

5. Aftermarket Parts And Luggage Options For Honda 1500 Valkyrie Standard

Honda designed the Valkyrie 1500 Standard with plenty of comforts and muscular power. This bike has plush suspension, a roomy seat, and allows you to transform this performance cruiser into a long-haul tourer with the number of aftermarket parts available. Also, you can make this bike more suitable for you by attaching fairings, luggage racks, handlebars, rider passenger backrests, crash bars, etc.

Many riders claimed that this is the best touring bike ever made. If you are ready to take this bike on an adventure touring long highways, don’t forget to attach and enjoy the benefit of its detachable passenger seat. Or you can replace it with a highly comfortable solo and passenger seat. Installing a sissy bar to your bike will also give you a relaxed sitting position and mounting a luggage bag gives you the advantage of carrying your travel items with you.

After returning from your memorable tours, you can replace the luggage items with a pair of premium quality saddlebags for daily commutes around the urban areas. These ideas can boost your riding experience and comfort while keeping the lavish looks of your bike.

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