Honda Motorcycle Handlebars

Honda Motorcycle Handlebars

Though many standard motorcycle parts can be replaced or fitted with aftermarket motorcycle parts or accessories to customize their appearance or improve their capabilities, some required motorcycle components are irreplaceable. There is the engine, the beating mechanical heart necessary to power all motorcycles. There are the wheels and tires, the ring-shaped rims that allow motorcycles to glide over roads and highways. Then, there are the motorcycle handlebars, the handholds that allow riders to control the direction their ride is heading. Without motorcycle handlebars, you would be unable to maintain balance while riding, maintain stable control, and safely maneuver around obstacles or traffic. If you are the owner of a Honda motorcycle, you likely chose this vehicle because of its reputation for having reliable safety features, a cool aesthetic, and beginner-friendly handling. But you can never truly appreciate the capabilities of a Honda model if it does not come with reliable Honda handlebars. Depending on the kind of Honda model you purchase, it should come already fitted with standard motorcycle handlebars suited for only shorter, medium, or taller riders. But these stock handlebars built at an average height and size may not provide a comfortable riding position. If you are dissatisfied with the factory-made handlebars that initially came with your Honda model, try looking for other handlebars for your specific Honda motorcycle on the market.

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Features of Viking Honda Handlebars

Viking Bags’ Honda motorcycle handlebars need to be as durable as your vehicle’s plating, so they are built with a solid steel structure. Because the length of the Honda handlebars is solid and firm, they will withstand mild to moderate impacts from incoming debris, stationary obstacles, and other vehicles without getting bent, dented, or scratched. Despite being made from steel, this equipment is lightweight, making it easy to carry and lift during installation or storage. The finish covering the surface of the handlebars for Honda offers an extra layer of protection, making the handlebars waterproof, rustproof, damage-resistant, and weather-resistant. Even when exposed to the elements, your Honda handlebars should continue working correctly despite being subjected to heavy rainfall and strong winds. This equipment works fine in urban or wilderness areas and will still work whether the weather is clear or stormy.

Design of Honda Motorcycle Handlebars

Viking Bags’ handlebars for Honda are constructed in the shape of an imperfect V with a horizontal bottom, created as a single piece of equipment with several interconnecting stainless steel bars. The steel bars have a rounded shape and a length of either nine or 12 inches depending on the version you choose. Whether you pick the shorter or higher version, both have a hybrid design combining characteristics of older motorcycle handlebars. They all have the downward-facing handlebar grips of the mini-ape bar, the narrow space between the forks of the drag bar, and the edgy aesthetic of the Z-bar. Though the Honda handlebars are nearly entirely made of stainless steel, the exterior is painted over with either a glossy or matte finish. The glossy finish provides a shiny and reflective surface, while the matte finish is more muted and has a rougher look. The Honda motorcycle handlebars come in either a black or chrome color scheme. Because this equipment needs to connect with the electronic controls towards your motorcycle’s front, there are openings at the handlebars’ base, length, and underneath the grips. These openings make it possible to insert the wiring protruding from the top of your motorcycle’s fork and guide them up all the way to the ends of the handles.

Why You Should Buy Viking Honda Handlebars

Though the simple design and tough build of the handlebars for Honda ensure that they will stay in good condition for several years, you never know when they will suddenly stop working. It is not recommended you put off getting new Honda handlebars if your current set isn’t working correctly. If you head to Viking Bags, you are guaranteed to find quality Honda motorcycle handlebars that have been field-tested, carefully designed, and come at a low price. At Viking Bags, you can find motorcycle handlebars for these Honda models: Shadow, VTX, Valkyrie, and Rebel.

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