Honda Motorcycle Sissy Bars

Honda Motorcycle Sissy Bars

Buy Honda sissy bars for your motorcycle and it will change the way you ride. Honda motorcycle sissy bars are great for long distance motorcycle riders because they add more style, beauty and comfort. VikingBags offers different types including high, tall, medium and short quick release detachable sissy bars which are available in stainless steel matte, chrome and black finish. These motorcycle sissy bars for Honda can also be used to hold the sissy bar motorcycle bag for more luggage without letting the passenger seat go. Mounting our best Honda sissy bars is very simple and easy. It does not require many tools to install or uninstall, so you can do that easily and quickly. Riding with the sissy bar when you need and taking it off instantly when you want is simpler now. Because of our lockable Honda sissy bars you don't have to worry about them loosening up. Our affordable sissy bars are weather resistant and durable too. Hence, they can hold on to heavy luggage and still provide you with a strong base to lean back on. The harsh and changing weather cannot damage our best Honda sissy bars either. We offer specific motorcycle sissy bars for Honda Rebel, Shadow, VTX and Valkyrie.

Honda motorcycles have a reputation for being distinct in their style, thanks to their brand having a large variety of models and designs available. Because of this variety, you may find the amount of space available on the Honda you own may differ from other motorcyclists.

If you believe your Honda model does not have enough space on the chassis or close to the fender to store all the luggage you want, you may want to consider getting a Honda sissy bar.

If you prefer company when riding your Honda, a Honda motorcycle sissy bar could work as a backrest for your passenger.

At Viking Bags, you can browse for the best Honda sissy bars on the market in terms of customizability, functionality, and pricing. Listed below is a summary of the types of Honda sissy bars available, plus a general description of their features and designs.

What Do You Ride?

Select your bike to see handpicked collection of motorcycle sissy bars, handlebars, crash bars, fairings, seats and more.

Engineered For Freedom

Aerodynamic Fairings

Our lightweight and aerodynamic fairings will help you manage the wind efficiently while giving you bike a fuller. more customized aesthetic.

Foldable Sissy Bars

Our patent-pending foldable sissy bars maintain the sleek look of sissy bars with a foldable luggage rack that can be used to carry luggage.

Stylish Handlebars

Explore our wide variety of motorcycle handlebars designed to make each bike unique. Whether you like 14'' hangers or sporty z-bars, we got you covered.

Features of Honda Motorcycle Sissy Bars

Models for Honda Motorcycle Sissy Bars

Shadow Sissy Bars

The rounded steel bars that make up the structure of Shadow sissy bars can weather small to medium-sized debris. If you feel it is necessary to add extensions to hang your baggage, it is possible to include an easily detachable luggage rack.

VTX Sissy Bars

It is possible to have a heavy pad included in a VTX sissy bar that is soft enough to cushion your passenger yet also be dense to support his/her full weight when leaning back.

Valkyrie Sissy Bars

Valkyrie sissy bars rely on a key and lock mounting system not only to keep it fastened securely at the rear of your motorcycle but also to make it difficult for thieves to try and steal it. Despite the complex security measure, it is easy to remove this type of Honda sissy bar by simply lifting the mounting brackets and giving a strong pull.

Rebel Sissy Bars

Rebel sissy bars can be made for aftermarket Honda motorcycle seats, but they still utilize the factory-made mounting hardware. The mounting brackets have a curved design so that they stay close to your motorcycle’s chassis.

Motorcycle sissy bars for Honda models must be built tough since they can be subjected to harsh weather and road hazards. To ensure your Honda sissy bar holds up for a long time, it is manufactured out of solid steel bars. Unless in the most severe of wrecks, the frame of the Honda motorcycle sissy bar should stay intact.

Because it never hurts to improve the durability of the steel bars, even if just by a fraction, the Honda motorcycle sissy bars have a finish applied. You can select either a chrome or black matte finish.

Depending on the individual Honda sissy bar, there may be enough space in between the bars to fit a back pad. Because the pad gets in the way of storing belongings, it should only be used if you transport another person. Your passenger thank you for the comfort instead of having the edges of the bars digging into their shoulder blades.

Design of Honda Motorcycle Sissy Bars

All Honda motorcycle sissy bars are similar in their appearance as they have two long steel bars that meet at the top, but they branch out towards the bottom where there are two long yet flat brackets.

At the top of the Honda sissy bars, you will find the end has either a rounded or pointed tip. The rounded tip can be safer since you will not poke yourself painfully by accident. The slim design ensures ease of movement when strapping on or sliding down any motorcycle luggage. The pointed tip becomes more angular the higher up you go. Because the top of Honda sissy bars is at a slight angle relative to the rest of the structure, it forms a slight hook that prevents your cargo from coming loose.

The long steel bars that make up most of a Honda sissy bar’s structure can come in different heights from short, medium, or high. Your Honda motorcycle sissy bar must be at the right height so that the padding will rest against the center of your back.

The mounting brackets must be spread apart at the correct width so that both sides constantly remain in contact with the back of your motorcycle. If the Honda sissy bar cannot contour around your vehicle’s chassis, it will not be possible to fasten the nuts and bolts.

To help you get out on the road with your new Honda motorcycle sissy bar as soon as possible, Viking Bags makes sure that an installation guide and mounting hardware are included with purchase.

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