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Honda VTX 1800 Tourer: Specs, Background, Performance & More

Honda VTX 1800 Tourer Specs, Background, Performance & More

Honda takes pride in providing versatile engineering, advanced technology, and classic style in its motorcycles. Year after year, the company has introduced exquisitely designed two-wheelers of high quality in the market.

We have witnessed high standards in Honda’s V-twin 1800 series. Today, we will discuss the Honda VTX 1800 Tourer, perfect for anyone wishing to explore new roads and destinations.

Let’s take a tour of the VTX 1800 Tourer. From detailed specifications and features to the background and performance, we bring you all the important information on this bike’s profile!

1. A Brief History of Honda VTX 1800 Tourer

In 2002, Honda garnered a lot of praise and laurels for its daring move of creating a muscular VTX 1800 lineup. The bikes left the world awe-struck as they housed a powerful 52° liquid-cooled four-stroke V-twin engine capable of displacing 1795 ccs. With the perfect engine configuration in place, Honda experimented with the paintwork and style of its VTX cruisers, managing to produce a conspicuous, high-performance VTX 1800 family that consisted of unique members.

In 2002, the VTX 1800 R, VTX 1800 S, and VTX 1800 C graced the retail floors. After their remarkable success, Honda added the VTX 1800 N to the lineup in 2004.

The year 2005 witnessed the launch of the Honda VTX 1800 F. Then, in 2007, the highly awaited bike which was a perfect blend of unparalleled VTX strength, immense power, and touring fun was introduced.

The tourer motorcycle was called the VTX 1800 T and was equipped with essential touring accessories to ensure a comfortable touring experience for all Honda fans. It did extremely well on the market but was discontinued after 2008.

1.1 2007 Honda VTX 1800 Tourer

For the 2007 VTX 1800 T model, Honda converted its well-loved cruiser into a tourer by loading it with stylish and purposeful comfort attachments and accessories. An all-new custom windscreen was added to provide a comfortable touring experience to the rider and passenger. The 24-liter leather saddlebags were added to allow the riders to conveniently carry their luggage. A beautiful chrome backrest enhanced passenger comfort and the unique tourer badging on the front fender greatly improved the styling profile of the bike.

The 2007 VTX 1800 T cruiser motorcycles were also given a striking color scheme:

  • Black/Red
  • Dark Blue Metallic/ Metallic Silver
  • Black

Unlike the other models of the Honda VTX 1800 series which were available in three build variations, the VTX 1800 Tourer was available in two build variations. 

Spec 1

  • The crankcases, cylinder, and starter motors were available in a silver finish.
  • Cast aluminum risers and caps with a satin-brushed finish could be added to the handlebars .
  • The clutch and brake levers featured a smooth cast-aluminum finish.
  • The inverted fork tubes had a satin-brushed finish and satin-brushed caps.
  • Upper and lower triple clamps were made of cast aluminum. The clamps also featured a hairline satin-brushed finish for a sophisticated metallic touch.
  • Switch housings featured a smooth cast-aluminum finish.
  • The radiator cover came with a gloss-black finish.
  • Floorboards with a hairline satin-brushed aluminum finish were available.
  • The final drive housing featured a silver finish.
  • The cast-aluminum wheels were satin-brushed.
  • In 2007, the Spec 1 was available only in black color. 

Spec 2

  • The crankcases, cylinders, and starter motors came with a satin-black finish with milled cylinder fin edges.
  • The handlebars could be customized with chrome-plated aluminum handlebar mounts and a stylish VTX-logo cap.
  • The clutch and brake levers had a highly polished aluminum finish.
  • Chrome steel covers and chrome caps were used to accentuate the fork tubes.
  • The upper and lower triple clamps also boasted a highly polished cast-aluminum finish.
  • Switch housings with a hairline satin-brushed finish were another unique customized option.
  • The radiator cover had a gloss-black finish and gave the VTX 1800 T an elegant profile.
  • Floorboards were available in a hairline satin-brushed aluminum finish.
  • The final drive housing had a beautiful silver finish.
  • Cast aluminum wheels with a satin-brushed finish that looked expensive. 

1.2 2008 Honda VTX 1800 Tourer

The 2008 Honda VTX 1800 Tourer model kept the comfort accessories first introduced in 2007, but also saw the addition of a low-slung 27.4-inch seat that was decorated with gorgeous chrome-plated steel studs to enhance the cruiser’s allure, modern feel, and comfort. The same year Honda VTX 1800 T was launched in three classic colors:

  • Black/Candy Black Cherry
  • Black/Metallic Blue
  • Black

The 2008 VTX 1800 Tourer motorcycles were available in two distinctive custom-build options: Spec 1 and Spec 2. 

Spec 1

The Spec 1 variant of the 2008 VTX 1800 model was the same as the 2007 VTX 1800 model. The main difference between the two variants is as follows:

  • In 2007 VTX 1800 Tourers, the crankcases, cylinder, and starter motors were available in a silver finish. Whereas in the 2008 Spec 1 trim, the crankcases, cylinders, and starter motors had a satin black finish with milled cylinder fin edges.

Spec 2

The Spec 2 trims for the years 2007 and 2008 were exactly the same.

2. Honda VTX 1800 Tourer at First Glance

Honda VTX 1800 Tourer at First Glance
Photo Credit: @cycletrader

At first glance, the VTX 1800 T can be seen as a travel-friendly reiteration of the VTX 1800 Retro model. The nostalgic retro style and modern touring function are in absolute harmony for the Honda VTX 1800 T.

The VTX 1800 Tourer is a stunner with its custom-inspired styling available in two distinct trims (Spec 1 and Spec 2), the gorgeous paintwork, modish valanced fenders, and heavy chrome accents, and the metallic satin-brushed finish. The insertion of a wide and comfortable saddle, ample shielding from the wind, and classy leather saddlebags add more character to the VTX 1800 T.

The windshield doesn't hinder the view in clear conditions and also acts as a barrier between the falling raindrops and the rider.

The V-twin engine is impressive. One cannot emphasize enough its efficiency and power. The Honda VTX 1800 tourer’s motor is liquid-cooled with a displacement of 1795 ccs. It features four-inch cylinder bores and the largest connecting rods and cylinders, but surprisingly the bike does not produce any deafening and teeth-chattering vibrations.

The VTX powerplant’s rubber mounting system is specially engineered to further support this phenomenon. It utilizes matched hangers and mounts to alleviate any unwanted noise and vibration but still allows the engine to exude that soul-satisfying deep rumble. Just the sound of the engine is enough to make your heart race.

A large 41.4 lb offset dual-pin crankshaft and an advanced fuel injection system (PGM-FI) work together to produce the maximum horsepower of 107 hp at 5000 rpm and an impressive peak torque at 3500 rpm.

The bike rules the city streets and highways with its five-speed transmission and an extremely low-maintenance final drive shaft, which is responsible for moving the thick rear tire. The gearbox allows smooth transitions even at the lowest rpm. The wet, multi-plate hydraulic clutch also ensures a smooth and comfortable ride. The 45 mm inverted front forks and the swingarm twin rear suspension offer a stable and comfortable ride.

The Honda VTX 1800 T weighs approximately 800 pounds with a strong, fool-proof braking system installed to help match the weight of the cruiser. The dual 296 mm disc and three-piston calipers in the front, a single 316 mm rear disc, and a twin-piston caliper work together through a linked braking system (LBS). The VTX 1800 Tourer’s braking system improves the overall handling of the bike.

This linked braking concept provides generous stopping power and increased safety.

With a 67.5-inch wheelbase, 32° rake angle, and features mentioned above, the VTX 1800 T can conquer any system of motorways. 

3. Honda VTX 1800 Tourer: A Buyer’s Guide

3.1 Does Honda VTX 1800 Tourer Has an Anti-Brake Lock System?

The Honda VTX 1800 Tourer does not have an anti-brake lock system. However, the cruiser utilizes a linked braking system that combines the function of the dual 296 mm front disc and a single 316 mm rear disc to generate substantial stopping power. 

3.2 How Much Fuel Does a Honda VTX 1800 Tourer Hold?

The Honda VTX 1800 has a large flangeless fuel tank that can hold 5.3 gallons of fuel. 

3.3 What is the Top Speed of the Honda VTX 1800 Tourer?

The Honda VTX 1800 Tourer is capable of achieving an estimated top speed of 135 mph.

3.4 What is the Average Mileage of the Honda VTX 1800 Tourer?

The Honda VTX 1800 Tourer uses a programmed fuel injection system (PGM-FI) and gets an estimated mileage range between 35-45 miles per gallon. 

4. Detailed Specifications (Honda VTX 1800 Tourer)







67.5 in



Ground Clearance


Seat Height

27.4 in

Dry Weight

793 lbs


6.4 in

Fuel Capacity 

5.3 US gal



Double cradle steel

Front Suspension, travel

Inverted telescopic fork 45 mm, 5.1 inches travel

Rear Suspension, travel

Swingarm with twin shock, 3.9 in travel

Adjustable: five-way spring preload

Front Tire Size 

150/80 R 17 radial

Rear Tire Size 

180/70-R 16 radial

Front Brake 

296 mm Double disc with a linked braking system, three-piston calipers

Rear Brake 

Single 316 mm disc with a linked braking system, twin-piston caliper 



Liquid-cooled four-stroke

Bore & Stroke

101.0 x 112.0 mm


1795 cm

Cylinder arrangement 

Two-cylinder V-twin

Compression Ratio


Valve Train

SOHC, Three valves per cylinder

Fuel System/ Induction

Fuel injection, PGM-Fi, 42 mm


Maximum Power 

107 hp / 5000 rpm

Maximum Torque 

163 Nm / 3500 rpm

Acceleration 0 to 100 km/h (0-60 mph)

3.81 sec

Top Speed 

217 km/h (135 mph)

Drive Train


Wet, multi-plate hydraulic (operating)


Five-speed constant mesh

Final Drive 


Primary Reduction


Final Reduction 


Gear Ratio 1st


Gear Ratio 2nd


Gear Ratio 3rd


Gear Ratio 4th


Gear Ratio 5th




Solid-state digital, two spark plugs per cylinder


400 W at 5000 rpm



Battery Capacity 

12 W - 18Ah





Black/Candy Black Cherry

Black/Metallic Blue


Base Price 



12 months / Limited 

5. Aftermarket Parts & Luggage Options for Honda VTX 1800 Tourer

With a Honda VTX 1800 T in your garage, you can hit the highway for a peaceful, adventure-filled road trip anytime you want. With a functional windshield, comfortable 27.4-inch seat, a backrest, and already installed saddlebags, one can never go wrong.

However, many riders still prefer to add some aftermarket parts to the bike to spice up its “bagger look.”

Their main focus is usually on the saddlebags. This is because the already installed 24-liter saddlebags are often considered small and the owners end up replacing them with more spacious ones. The change gives a more upgraded look to the bike similar to the latest cruisers available on the market.

The VTX 1800 T is known for its exemplary long-distance comfort. The seat is low, plush, and firm. The backrest also works well for the rider and passenger. You can easily travel with this in-built seat for up to 1000-2000 miles. But if you are considering traveling for an even longer distance perhaps you should consider adding a more fluffed and supportive seat. No need to spend exorbitant amounts of money on typical showroom seats. There are plenty of online stores such as Viking Bags

that are offering an affordable range of amazing custom seats that will be a perfect addition to your Honda VTX 1800 Tourer.

The VTX 1800 T comes with a backrest but it lacks much-needed sissy bars for passenger comfort. In case you are traveling solo, the custom part will provide space for the motorcycle luggage. Therefore, you may want to consider installing good-quality sissy bars on your bike.

With these aftermarket changes in place, you are all set to have adrenaline-filled fun on the most beautiful roads of the United States of America!

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