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5 Best Motorcycle Rides in America for Harley Davidson Rentals

5 Best Motorcycle Rides in America for Harley Davidson Rentals

Motorcyclists are free spirits who love to explore the beauty of this world on two wheels. While you can enjoy the beautiful scenery by making a cross-country trip in your car, the experience is not the same. Most people prefer touring on a  motorcycle because it offers a better view of the road. With no windscreens, doors, and hood obscuring your view of nature, you will experience a new sense of freedom that you have never felt before. The best motorcycle to help you achieve this would be a Harley Davidson tourer. If you don’t own a  Harley Davidson motorcycle of your own, then it is possible to rent one.

Experienced riders and motorcycle enthusiasts can rent a Harley at a number of authorized dealerships and motorcycle rental services throughout the United States.

In this article,  Viking Bags brings you the top five motorcycle roads where you can find Harley rental services and explore a Harley rental.

1. California Highway 1 & Harley Rentals

The iconic Highway 1, or the Pacific Coast Highway, is not only considered the best motorcycle road in the United States but also the best motorcycle road in the world.

The 656-mile route offers a beautiful view of the shore, which starts from Orange County near Los Angeles, then ends near San Francisco. If you have the stamina, you can also extend your ride to San Diego by heading further south.

While riding on Highway 1, the possibilities are endless. You can watch the golden sunset, enjoy the breathtaking view of the Pacific Ocean, explore the Redwood Forests, and visit the beautiful beaches. The sharp twists in the road along the cliffs add to the thrill of the ride.

Try starting this multi-day trip from Orange County so you can visit the gorgeous Laguna Beach and San Juan Capistrano. All Harley Davidson fans who want to try surfing should head over to Huntington Beach.

Continue heading north and you will ride through Santa Monica Pier in Los Angeles, a location marking the end of Route 66.

From Route 66, you can either ride back toward Orange County or continue riding toward Santa Barbara. This lush valley is located at the base of Santa Ynez peaks. From here, keep heading north and you will eventually arrive at the most romantic place, Big Sur. At Big Sur, stop at the magnificent Hearst Castle.

Once you reach Leggette, you will get off California Highway 1 and transition onto Highway 101. You can continue your ride if you want to explore the Redwood Forests or simply head back if you have had enough.

1.1 Rent a Harley for Highway 1

With scenic spots and tourist destinations to visit, you should rent a Harley motorcycle from a rental service that allows you to drop off your motorcycle at a different location. For Highway 1, you can go rent a motorcycle from Hertz Rider and Rider Share .

You can also rent expensive Harley Davidson motorcycles from EagleRider in San Francisco, Los Angeles, and San Diego.

Los Angeles 11860 S. LA Cienega Boulevard, Hawthorne, CA 90250, United States
 San Diego  46-45 Morena Boulevard, San Diego, CA 92117, United States
 San Francisco  1635 Valencia Street, San Francisco, CA 94110, United States

2. Harley Rentals in Hawaii - Visit the Hana Highway

The beautiful Hawaiian islands surrounded by the deep blue waters of the Pacific Ocean are located about 2,500 miles away from California. Hawaii is home to the world’s most beautiful sandy beaches, rugged and active volcanoes, and a hospitable community.

But that’s not all. Hawaii has unique motorcycle rides that attract American motorcycle enthusiasts throughout the year.

However, the Hana Highway stands out the most among all the other motorcycle routes in Maui, Hawaii. The town of Hana is an uncrowded community located on the eastern coast of Maui. The Hana Highway is a 112-mile loop passing through Hana, known for its 620 turns and 59 long bridges. As you ride along the Hana Highway, you should notice the landscape constantly changing. From thick rainforests and high waterfalls to deep pools and flowing rivers, every inch of the Hana Highway has pleasant scenery.

Inexperienced riders should rent a lightweight Harley Davidson motorcycle for this route as it has some challenging twists, narrow roads, and slippery bridges. Since Hana Highway leads to the town of Hana, a large tourist attraction in Hawaii, you may have to maneuver around dense traffic.

To spend more time on the road, get on the route early in the morning for a more peaceful ride.

The legendary St. Sophia’s Church will mark the end of Hana Highway and your arrival in the town of Hana. Once there, you can rest at the Hana Resort, enjoy the local cuisine, swim at Hamoa Beach, or visit the Waianapanapa State Park, a one-of-a-kind beach covered with black sand.

2.1 Rent a Harley for Hana Highway

For an incredible Hana Highway riding experience, EagleRider is offering amazing Harley Davidson rental motorcycles at a competitive price. You can book your ride from two locations:

Maui Lahaina 30 Halawai DR A-3, Lahaina, HI 96761, United States
Maui Kihei  1975 S. Kihei Road 5, HI 96753, United States

You can also check out the authorized Harley Davidson Motorcycle Rentals in Honolulu if you plan to travel on the Hana Highway.

3. Harley Rentals in Las Vegas - Dive in the Valley of Fire

The Valley of Fire is a state park located a short distance away from Las Vegas, Nevada. To reach this park, riders can opt for the main highway, NV 169, that passes through the Valley of Fire or take the six-mile White Domes route.

Both routes offer spectacular views of red rocky landscapes, petroglyph canyons, short narrow trails, and picturesque desert views.

At the Valley of Fire, you can learn the history, geology, and ecological importance of this park through engaging exhibits. A great place to hike, you can enjoy the desert scenery while off your motorcycle. Covered with fossils, red sandstones, and other artifacts, the Fire of Valley will leave you awestruck.

3.1 Rent a Harley for Valley of Fire

To visit this scenic valley, you can rent your Harley Davidson motorcycle from EagleRider in Las Vegas.

Las Vegas 7660 Dean Martin Drive, Las Vegas, NV 89139, United States.

In Las Vegas, you can also find a Harley Davidson motorcycle rental at Twisted Roads and Riders Share at a great price.

Looking for more motorcycle rental options in Las Vegas? You might be interested in checking out the motorcycles at Hertz Rider, which is a renowned BMW and Harley Davidson motorcycle rental.

4. Harley Rentals in South Dakota - Unravel the Black Hills

Anyone who has ever heard about the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally is well aware of the unparalleled beauty of motorcycle roads in the Black Hills of South Dakota.

It is quite challenging to pick the best motorcycle road in the Black Hills region as each road offers a unique riding experience.

For an exhilarating ride, head over to Wyoming through South Dakota Highway 34/24WY. The road leads to the Devil’s Tower via the scenic highway that passes through towns like Aladdin, Alva, and Hulett, and the city of Belle Fourche.

To get back to South Dakota, simply take the U.S. Highway 14/1-90.

For a leisurely cruising experience, ride on Highway 14A which takes you along the scenic Spearfish Canyon Byway. The highway boasts picture-perfect scenery, indigenous wildlife, the Bridal Veil Falls, and sharp curves in the road.

Custer State Park is another favorite spot for motorcycle riders. Located along the Iron Mountain Road and Needles Highway, this beautiful park is a popular tourist attraction. The switchbacks and daunting twists also offer an inspiring view of Mount Rushmore.

4.1 Rent a Harley for the Black Hills

You can easily rent a Harley in Denver by approaching local Harley rental services. For a convenient rental experience, you can rent a Harley Davidson near the Black Hills at five different EagleRider locations.

Sturgis 19942 SD 79 Vale, SD 57788, United States.
Denver 4710 Lipan Street, Denver, CO 80211, United States.
Grand Junction 2060 East Main Street, Grand Junction, CO 81501, United States.
Greeley 3010 W. 29h Street Greeley, CO 80631, United States.
Durango 750 S Camino Del Rio, Durango, CO 81301, United States.

Midwest Motorcycle Rentals also offers a selection of Harley Davidson rentals near the Black Hills that you can choose from. For more information, visit their website here.

5. Harley Rentals in Texas - The Twisted Sisters

The Twisted Sisters, also referred to as the Three Sisters, is the most dynamic and challenging motorcycle road in Texas. The highway connects three county routes: TX 335, TX 336, and TX 337 which forms a 100-mile loop.

The devilish twists on the flat Texas landscape offer an exhilarating riding experience for riders. You can engage in either active touring, high-speed racing and relaxed cruising on this route.

You can start your Twisted Sisters trip from Medina, Texas after filling up the fuel tank and eating at a local eatery like Keese’s Cafe & Bar-B-Que.

As you ride on the TX 337, or the “First Sister,” you will eventually find relaxing motorcycle-friendly lodging with a vibrant ambiance in the towns of Rio Frio or Leakey.

Other than navigating twisties, you get to see beautiful canyons and steep hills and may even have an opportunity to swim in the Frio River at Leakey. Moreover, you can transfer onto Route 187 to visit the Lone Star Motorcycle Museum.

If a museum isn’t your thing, head north from Leakey along the TX 336, or the “Second Sister”, which intersects with TX 335, or the “Third Sister” via Route 41.

Once you arrive at TX 335, keep riding south until you arrive at Barksdale and Camp wood. Enjoy the delicious food, stunning vistas, exciting twisties, and wildlife. Deers are common in the area so make sure you watch the road ahead carefully.

From Campwood, you can head back to Medina by taking the TX 337.

5.1 Rent a Harley for Twisted Sisters

For a convenient rental process, go to EagleRider as the service allows you to rent Harley Davidson motorcycles for a trip to the Twisted Sisters at the following locations:

Austin 10917 S Interstate 35, Austin, TX 78747, United States.
San Antonio 7230 NW Loop 410, San Antonio, TX 78245, United States.
Dallas 1845 N Interstate 35E, Carrollton, TX 75006, United States.
San Antonio East 11005 North IH-35, San Antonio, TX 78233, United States.

6. Takeaway

All over the United States, there are plenty of beautiful motorcycle roads waiting for you to explore. Hopefully, this article will make it easier to rent a Harley Davidson motorcycle at Harley rental services near iconic motorcycle routes in the United States. Just keep in mind that the motorcycle roads and locations mentioned here are not the only ones worthy of your attention.

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