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Pros & Cons of Harley Motorcycle Rentals for Adventurous Trips

Pros & Cons of Harley Motorcycle Rentals for Adventurous Trips

Have you ever wanted to ride your Harley Davidson motorcycle on the Pacific Coast Highway (CA-1) but didn’t want to ship it over? With EagleRider, Rider Share, and other authorized Harley Davidson dealerships, you can simply borrow a Harley Davidson motorcycle for the duration of your motorcycle trip.

However, there are a few issues with Harley rentals that you need to take into consideration. Renting a Harley Davidson motorcycle might not be feasible for every vacation, especially if you are planning to ride on uncharted roads. Before you go and reserve your Harley Davidson rental, you need to weigh the advantages and disadvantages of renting a Harley Davison motorcycle for adventure tours.

1. The Pros of Harley Rentals for Tours

Harley Davidson has manufactured some of the best touring motorcycles in the world. The power, stability, comfort, and looks of Harley Davidson motorcycles make them popular rentals for tours. Other than these qualities, a Harley rental is a good choice for tours according to the reasons listed below:

1.1 Absolute Road Freedom

Freedom is the key element of any memorable road trip. You can choose the routes you want to travel on, how much time you want to spend exploring a particular route, and whether you want to ride off course to discover hidden treasures.

Public transportation does not offer such luxuries and a car rental doesn’t give you much time to admire the view. On the other hand, motorcycle rides offer panoramic views of the scenery that you can immerse yourself in. Plus, a motorcycle rental gives you the flexibility to make changes to your itinerary.

Not to mention, the stunning looks and impressive performance of Harley Davidson motorcycles improve the riding experience. If you like to venture out in the unknown and want to plan a trip, then renting a Harley motorcycle may be the best choice for you

1.2 Guided Tours

Major Harley rentals near you may offer well-planned guided tours. Examples of major tours include Route 66, the Pacific Coast Highway, Prudhoe Bay, Best of West, and other seasonal tours. These tours tend to be mapped out, offer services if your motorcycle suddenly breaks down, or have affordable accommodations for you to spend the night.

The motorcycle-guided tours offered by EagleRider, Motoquest, Hertz Ride, and other rental services are great options if you are still planning a motorcycle vacation.

1.3 Insurance Coverage

Over the years, Harley Davidson engineers have managed to improve the engine, power output, and technology of these iconic motorcycles. The latest models are quite robust and require little maintenance.

Still, the maintenance cost of your Harley Davidson motorcycle can cost around $400 after every 5000-mile mark. Moreover, the annual insurance coverage can cost up to $1,853 and $2,675 for cruisers and tourers respectively.

By borrowing a Harley motorcycle, you do not have to worry about paying these costs as much. A guided tour will also take care of any mechanical issues that your rental may suffer. Your rental and tour package will include liability coverage for accidental damage or theft. Additionally, supplemental insurance is also offered, providing a more comprehensive liability coverage plan.

1.4 Storage for Camping & Long Hauls

Harley Davidson touring lineups come with large saddlebags or panniers, luggage racks, and sissy bars, allowing you to easily carry your belongings when traveling over long distances or going on a relaxing camping excursion.

The storage capacity of Harley Davidson touring motorcycles makes them a popular rental option for vacations. But be careful what you lug around. It is worth mentioning that Harley Davidson touring bikes are quite heavy and your luggage will add to its overall weight. Since extra weight can make it difficult to handle your bike at slow speeds and while turning corners, it is recommended you pack as light as possible.

1.5 Affordable

Buying a motorcycle can be expensive. With new models being launched every year - featuring new features and improved technology - it can be difficult to buy a new motorbike if you plan to go on a trip.

If you want to ride a Harley motorcycle without spending too much, then rent one instead. Renting is convenient, cost-effective, and allows you to expand your range of possible Harley Davidson motorcycles you can ride. With Harley rentals scattered nationwide, you can easily find a Harley Davidson rental service near you.

1.6 Access to Latest Harley Models

Even if you already own a Harley Davidson motorcycle, the desire to ride a premium Harley model designed for a luxury touring experience is always there. With Harley rentals, you get to ride the latest Harley bikes that you wouldn’t have been able to afford otherwise.

EagleRider Harley Rentals have a spectacular collection of Harley touring giants including:

If rentals at Eagle Riders Harley Rentals exceed your budget limit, then you can approach a Harley Davidson dealership near you or search for similar rides on motorcycle sharing platforms such as Twisted Road or Rider Share.

2. The Cons of Harley Rentals for Tours

2.1 Rideability

Most Harley Davidson motorcycles are cruisers or large touring bikes loaded with saddlebags,fairings, a windshield, tail bags, a trunk, and other motorcycle luggage bags.

Harley cruisers or tourers feature a low-slung seat, ensuring a low center of gravity for stable cruising. The wide tires and low engine height also add to the stability of these bikes. Even with maximum stability, most motorcyclists are unable to handle Harley Davidson cruisers due to their large frame, bulky touring accessories, and heavy engine. In addition to the weight, Harley’s V-Twin Milwaukee Eight engine creates harsh vibrations at high speeds, a factor that can make riding difficult.

When choosing your Harley rental, your criteria should be based on your riding skills rather than the motorcycle’s capabilities. For an inexperienced rider, even the most agile Harley Davidson motorcycles can prove hard to handle when turning corners on twisted highways, riding on bumpy roads, or on uneven landscapes. Make sure you rent a Harley motorcycle that matches your size and suits your riding experience.

2.2 High Accident Rate on Uncharted Roads

With the growing popularity of motorcycle roads as perfect vacation destinations and how easy it is to rent a motorcycle, an alarming increase in the rate of motorcycle accidents has been observed.

The number of fatalities has been increasing for the past five years.

Although Harley Davidson motorcycles offer better road traction, stability, and balance, fatal motorcycle crashes still happen. Moreover, some motorcycle roads such as the Hana Highway and similar routes can be dangerously slippery during rainy seasons. Consequently, handling a heavy bike such as a Harley can be quite challenging for riders with intermediate riding skills.

To steer clear of legal complications that may arise due to a motorcycle crash, it is recommended you seek legal counsel before renting a Harley motorcycle. If a cruiser or tourer seems too much for you to handle, opt for a moped or scooter rental instead.

2.3 Strict Riding Rules Adds to Costs

To rent a motorcycle, you need to meet age, license, and riding experience requirements. You also need to review the road laws of the state you are renting your motorcycle from and the road laws of the state you are visiting. Moreover, you need to have a good understanding of the state’s motorcycle-specific laws, speed limits, and road signs.

Other than Illinois, Iowa, and New Hampshire, almost all U.S. states have strict helmet laws. Some states may require you to wear a helmet certified by the Department of Transportation.

Luckily, most Harley rentals provide DOT-approved helmets free of cost. However, some might add extra charges for your helmet, making your Harley rental even more expensive.

3. No Personal Touch

Harley motorcycle rentals cannot be customized which does take away some of the fun of preparing for a motorcycle tour. Some motorcyclists like to add travel accessories and luggage bags to their cruisers when planning a week-long trip to a far-away location. But renting a Harley cruiser means you have a limited storage capacity. On the other hand, a Harley tourer may feature factory-installed panniers and saddlebags that don’t match your preferences. Also, most renters spend their vacation worrying about keeping their motorcycles in good condition.

4. Conclusion

Based on the content written above, it is clear that the pros of renting a Harley Davidson outweigh the cons. A Harley Davidson rental is arguably the most convenient option if you want to explore the scenic landscapes and motorcycle roads of the U.S. with minimal planning. But it is recommended you analyze the pros and cons before booking your Harley motorcycle. Your rented vehicle should be suited to your riding ability, destination, and storage needs. For example, a motorcycle trip to the Canadian Rockies or Yukon Alaska might require you to rent a bagger, while a street bike or a moped would be best if you are exploring the streets of Maui or Las Vegas.

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