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Planning Your First Harley Davidson Rental? Read This Guide First!

Planning Your First Harley Davidson Rental Read This Guide First_1

There is something extraordinary about riding a Harley Davidson motorcycle on wide-open highways and uncharted roads. The image of your Harley parked next to your tent in a scenic camping site just makes you want to jump on your motorcycle, rev the Milwaukee engine, and hit the road.

1. What Is the Appeal of a Harley Davidson Rental?

What is it about Harley Davidson motorcycles that make them so appealing to riders? For Americans, riding a Harley gives them a sense of belonging in the thriving American motorcycle culture. When they meet other Harley riders on the highways, they form friendships based on their shared love for the motorcycle brand.

Unfortunately, many Harley fans are unable to purchase their own bikes because of their exorbitant price tags. For some motorcyclists, buying a bike that will only be used for about a week every year is not worth the price. Not to mention, the cost of maintaining a Harley Davidson motorcycle can be taxing on one’s budget.

However, hardcore motorcyclists are able to live their dreams of riding a Harley Davidson on beautiful motorcycle roads at high speeds through Harley rentals.

Big motorcycle rental companies possess large fleets of the latest and most exciting Harley models, allowing you to pick and enjoy the dream ride you want.

2. Harley Davidson Rental Companies

Depending on your budget and the Harley Davidson motorcycle you want to rent, you can book your reservation with any renowned motorcycle rental businesses operating throughout the United States, opt for small-scale Harley rentals that provide services in only specific regions, or borrow a Harley motorcycle from peer-to-peer motorcycle sharing platforms.

You can also approach any Harley Davidson dealership in your area, search for a local motorcycle rental online, or scan the Harley Davidson official website to find nearby rental locations.

Big Harley Rental Companies

  1. EagleRider
  2. Hertz Ride 

State Specific Harley Rental Companies

  1. Vegas Motorcycle Rentals
  2. Ademic Harley Davidson Rentals
  3. Miami Motorcycle Rentals

Motorcycle Sharing Platforms

  1. Riders Share
  2. Twisted Road

These options make it possible for anyone to rent almost any Harley Davidson model, travel on interstates, and explore gorgeous highways.

3. Harley Rentals Requirements

Before approaching a motorcycle rental to rent a Harley motorcycle, make sure you fulfill the following criteria:

  1. You should be at least 18 or 21 years old depending on your state’s driving age limit.
  2. Possess an unrestricted Class A license.
  3. Possess a valid credit card.

4. How to Prepare for Your Harley Davidson Rentals?

With several motorcycle rentals being available, minimum prerequisites, and rental procedures, it may seem as easy as making a phone call to rent a Harley motorcycle. But the process of renting out a Harley model is not that simple. Before you make a payment, think about the whys and hows.

Renting out a Harley Davidson motorcycle is a big decision that requires a great amount of planning. Even if you are a licensed rider with enough credit balance and adequate understanding of insurance policies, you need to consider the risks that could happen while operating your rental.

5. Define the Purpose of Your Harley Rental

There are various reasons why people rent a Harley Davidson models. As discussed above, many riders owe their experiences and memories to a motorcycle rental.

Moreover, many riders rent a motorcycle because they want to see if it suits their needs and lifestyle before deciding to make a purchase. By experiencing what it’s like to ride a bike, they are able to better determine whether it is a worthwhile investment.

Some riders rent a bike because they want to test a better motorcycle than the one they currently own. For example, someone riding an entry-level Harley Davidson Street 750 may want to rent a heavier and faster Harley Davidson Softail Fat Boy 114.

Or perhaps they are tired of riding their urban cruiser and want to experience touring on a Harley Davidson’s Road King or a Harley Electra Glide.

Harley rental businesses have a wide selection of bikes, exposing you to new Harley models. If you know where you are going and why then you won’t have trouble finding the appropriate vehicle.

Therefore, you must analyze the motorcycle you wish to rent based on your need and the mileage and distance of your trip before renting.

When traveling long distances, rent a Harley designed for touring. Touring Harley motorcycles should offer better riding comfort, storage, and mileage. On the other hand, avoid baggers and heavyweight cruisers when you are going on a sightseeing trip with friends or planning an urban cruising trip.

6. Harley Rentals Near Me

When looking for a Harley rental, finding a location near you is the best option because you can get authentic information about the rental’s reputation.

While online platforms feature reviews, it is difficult to know just how reliable those reviews are. Moreover, since the rental office would be nearby, you can inspect their fleet and negotiate the price and insurance terms more effectively in person.

7. Read Reviews & Research Harley Specs

If the Harley rental near you does not offer the bike you want, then you should consider looking at larger rental services.

  1. Harley Rental Service Reviews 

Often, bikers hire Harley motorcycles based on their looks, ignoring the specifications and mechanical condition of the bikes. It is recommended you read the reviews of the rental company - especially if you are renting from a small regional rental service - to see how well-maintained their fleet is.

EagleRider Harley Rental is a popular choice for rentals and tours but even this service has some unsatisfied customers. So do your research and choose wisely to avoid renting a motorcycle suffering from unexpected mechanical problems that might ruin your trip.

  1. Harley Davidson Model Hires 

Here is a quick overview of the Harley Davidson motorcycles that you can rent:

Lineups Category Models Quick Specs
Dynas Custom Cruiser
(Low Mileage)
Street Bob Chopper Style
Switchback Windscreen
Glides Tourer Road King
Electra Glide
Extra Storage Capacity
Music Stereo
Sportster Sporty Cruiser Sportster 883 Small Frame

883 cc Evolution Engine

Softail Custom Cruiser Heritage Classic
Fat Boy 114
Fat Bob
Heritage Classic 114
1868 cc V-Twin Milwaukee Eight Engine.
Monoshock Chassis
Street Entry-Level Cruiser
Street 500 500 cc Revolution Engine

Low Riding Stance

Street 750 750 c Revolution Engine
Low Riding Stance

  1. Additional Features in Harley Rentals 

Look for advanced features in a Harley Davidson motorcycle, such as heated grips and seats if you are planning to explore colder regions.

While traveling on uncharted roads, you may need a functional GPS. If you are into photography or video making, then you would also need large saddlebags to store your camera gear.

8. Consider the Ergonomic Design

Harley motorcycles feature comfortable low-slung seats that are perfect for a shorter rider. Always rent a bike with an ergonomic configuration best suited to your height. The positions of the handlebars and footpegs should be within reach of the rider’s limbs.

9. Rent for an Extra Day

It is common practice for riders to hit the roads the same day they rent out their bikes. However, this is unwise because rented bikes are used bikes. There may be technical issues that you need to have checked out before you can embark on the road.

Moreover, if you are switching from one motorcycle category to another, then you will need to adjust your riding style so you can better handle the different bike models.

Furthermore, you need to see how well your bike operates with all of your stuff packed in the motorcycle luggage bags. Carrying all that extra weight, you need to check how well the bike's suspensions work. See if your bike can handle your aggressive riding style or has trouble turning corners. The clutch and braking setup are also different for each motorcycle. Some bikes are easier to handle at lower gears, while other bikes need you to be at second gear to keep the engine running. Try to put aside one day to adjust your bike’s riding setup before hitting the highways.

10. Check the Calendar & Your Budget

Harley rental companies tend to increase the price to rent motorcycles during famous motorcycle bike weeks and events such as Daytona Bike Week, Laconia Motorcycle Week, and the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally.

Instead of shipping their motorcycles to the event’s location, riders like to rent motorcycles from the nearest rental service close to these events. Not surprisingly, Harley Davidson motorcycles tend to be the most popular rental choice.

If you want to learn all about the Harley Rentals for America’s largest motorcycle rallies, click here.

However, if you do not plan to attend these events, then try to avoid renting a Harley during these events. Wait for the events to conclude and the rates should go down by the time you’re ready to reserve a ride.

Similarly, avoid renting a Harley from the services located close to popular tourist destinations as they tend to raise the price of rentals during vacation seasons.

Also be careful of hidden charges as most rental services charge for helmets, backrests, luggage, or riding gear under the “it's included in the motorcycle rental” guise. Whenever you are offered any extra gear, do not forget to ask about the extra charges included.

11. Discount Offers

Most Harley rental companies offer discounts for rentals that are more than three days. Moreover, if you ride with your friends, including them in your rental plan allows you to take advantage of a 10% to 20% discount for a group of four or more bikers.

12. Lighter is Better

While Harley touring bikes come with maximum storage capacity, it is best not to fill the luggage to capacity. It is recommended that you travel light if possible. Try to pack only the essentials to avoid putting an extra load on the bike’s suspensions and tires, and/or making it more difficult to maneuver at slower speeds. If you are traveling with a partner, then you need to be careful about the amount of weight you are lugging around. Uneven weight distribution could make it difficult to keep your balance while riding.

13. Explore Roads & Freedom

Motorcycle tours offer true freedom and allow you to explore routes you have never visited before.

If your rental motorcycle’s fuel tank or any other part is not equipped to take you to your intended destination, then look for the nearest “must-see” roads and landscapes instead.

14. Plan Your Return

Before you rent your Harley Davidson motorcycle, plan out how you are going to return it. You can either make a one-way trip or a round trip. Some Harley rental companies such as EagleRider allow you to do both options, while other services require you to return the motorcycle at the same rental location you rented it from.

If you are renting a motorcycle to enjoy the amazing weather or nightlife of a city, then this won’t be a problem. But for long interstate travels, the return policy of the motorcycle rental businesses can make planning your route difficult.

In such cases, large-scale motorcycle rentals such as Hertz and EagleRider will allow you to rent a Harley from your travel location and return it at the rental office nearest to your final destination.

15. Takeaway

Riding a Harley Davidson has always been a fun- experience for Harley fans. Thanks to Harley rentals, Harley fans who don’t own a motorcycle of their own now have a large variety at their disposal.

Riders not only get to explore places they’ve never seen before, but they can also ride the latest Harley motorcycles that they wouldn’t have been able to afford otherwise.

While planning your Harley Davidson rental, you should pay attention to the kind of bike you are hiring. So do thorough research and weigh all your options before finalizing your Harley Davidson motorcycle rental.

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